Soul of the Warrior

Soul of the Warrior

by Kyfe

In a world where Classes, Stats, and Levels are the everyday norm, Reivyn has a secret.

He was unusually aware of his surroundings from an incredibly early age, and Skills and Stats were acquired easily. He was just the son of an ordinary village family, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary on the surface. But below the surface, dreams of another life help shape his mentality and growth. Why does he have some remembrance of a past life, and what is his purpose in this new one?

"Soul of the Warrior" is what I call a Semi-Isekai LitRPG. I say "semi," because Reivyn's past life is remembered like a dream, and very incomplete. It is still Isekai, though, as he remembers enough that it directly shapes his personality and his sense of self.

The System that governs the world of "Soul of the Warrior" is a combination of modified versions from Selkie's "Beneath the Dragoneye Moons" and Kosnik4's "Magic Smithing." I have changed enough of these Systems and combined them in a way that is unique that I'm mostly sure it's fine, but I still have requested permission to use these ideas. They have both graciously granted me permission.

Winner of the April Writathon Challenge.

Release Schedule is Mon, Wed, Fri on Royal Road.

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Universe Emperor

Word Count (13)
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
Top List #80
6th Anniversary
Table of Contents
50 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Dreams in the Void ago
Chapter 1 - Awakening ago
Chapter 2 - A Normal Family ago
Chapter 3 - Down with the System ago
Chapter 4 - Step by Step ago
Chapter 5 - A Swing and a Miss ago
Chapter 6 - Adventure! ago
Chapter 7 - The Struggle is Real ago
Chapter 8 - Classical Accident ago
Chapter 9 - Rabble Rabble ago
Chapter 10 - Regular Guy ago
Chapter 11 - Advancing ago
Chapter 12 - Hazy Assimilation ago
Chapter 13 - Sunny Day ago
Chapter 14 - Promising Prospects ago
Chapter 15 - We Don't Need Roads ago
Chapter 16 - Whistle While You Work ago
Chapter 17 - Home on the Range ago
Chapter 18 - Cooped Up ago
Chapter 19 - Turn and Meet ago
Chapter 20 - Aide and Attendance ago
Chapter 21 - Down into... ago
Chapter 22 - A Ring of Fire ago
Chapter 23 - Cult of Personality ago
Chapter 24 - Smooth Transition ago
Chapter 25 - Looking Forward ago
Chapter 26 - Table Manors ago
Chapter 27 - Ambition ago
Chapter 28 - Family History ago
Chapter 29 - On the Horizon ago
Chapter 30 - Movers and Shakers ago
Chapter 31 - Leavetaking ago
Chapter 32 - Arrival ago
Chapter 33 - Dungeon Town ago
Chapter 34 - Might and Magic ago
Chapter 35 - Magical Mashup ago
Chapter 36 - The Dark Damp ago
Chapter 37 - Hollow Escapade ago
Chapter 38 - The Dungerums ago
Chapter 39 - A Day in the Life ago
Chapter 40 - Coming to the Light ago
Chapter 41 - Interlude: Princess Amily and Brave Sir Fenrix ago
Chapter 42 - Classist ago
Chapter 43 - High Muckamuck ago
Chapter 44 - Desperation ago
Chapter 45 - Agony ago
Chapter 46 - Return ago
Chapter 47 - Lucky Draw ago
Chapter 48 - Too Easy ago
Chapter 49 - Solo Run Get! ago

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Fantasy semi-isekai done right

Reviewed at: Chapter 34 - Might and Magic

Very much enjoying this novel so far, it takes on classic tropes with some memories from a previous life and doesn't try and do something crazy or convoluted in an attempt to stand out, it just does what it needs to do and it does it well. The pacing for me is great with some nice time skips that allow for the story to progress without missing details, there's some solid world-building and the memories he gets don't dominate the story or focus on it as they are a only a part of what makes reivyn who he is, it gives him an advantage but only if he works hard himself which is what he does, obviously there are quite a few standard tropes involved but it doesn't try to be something it's not and doesn't let it dominate the story. He isn't some battle crazed madman that focuses everything to go and fight he spends significant portions of his time with his family and you come to appreciate the other characters in his life as well without taking away from the mc's story and efforts. Overall I like the way this story is developed and progresses and look forward to reading more !


Great charactars& story telling-weak worldbuilding

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 - Coming to the Light

Very well written LitRPG story with great charactarization and story telling, although I'll grant the world building is a bit weak, especially in the early parts of the story.

The story unashamebly uses tiers and levels for everything, with Dungeons and treassure spans, but has the characters react realistically to these being real, with the various exploits and tricks for dealing with them known and explored long before the MC came on the scene (as opposed to the MC discovering some trick no one else knew about ).

The MC is a reincarnate, but while this leads to them becoming aware and starting to gain Skills and Experiance while still in the womb they do not have any clear memories of previous lives, only some dreams that the readers get shown but the character does not remember so I would not call it any sort of Isekai story, not even "semi-Isekai" the author describes it as.


It's a pretty average LitRPG. The protaganist dreams of his past life as a soldier when in the womb and gets an advantage in leveling skills. Typical skill grinding story continues.

The system despite it's inspirations, isn't anything special as it doesn't seem to have any interesting limits. The first three chapters or so are only worth reading for the system information, so they could likely be skipped with out issue. 

The story picks up when the protaganist gets out of toddlerhood and is able to be more proactive and interact with his peers. He's then conscipted by the army which removes any proactivity in order drive whatever plot the author is cooking up. 

If your really into the LigRPG stories it's worth a try, but the author doesn't quite seem to get that increasing levels and skills doesn't make a good story by itself. The protaganist has two younger sisters who are presumably important, but readers know almost nothing about. 

The world really needs to be fleshed out more, perferbly without an infodump. The main character needs some goals and motivation. Hopefully that causes some interesting tension to enjoy. 


Semi Isekai with a great system and a functional w

Reviewed at: Chapter 31 - Leavetaking

It is a semi isekai meaning the mc only has fleeting memories of his past life and they dont define the mc, they only help in shaping his personality.

The story needs some editing (ch3 and ch4 specifically), otherwise its very decent and you will love it if you are into litrpg.

There are no problems in grammar and the author is developing the characters slowly. The world is also being developed slowly,  the author also has a military background so there will be inspirations drawn from it. (There is also a military arc in the start which is done very well).

My main concern was that author needs to chill on infodumping (especially happened in ch3,4) , but author has acknowledged it and is working on rewriting those chapters.

Other than that I love the story, the foreshadowing and have great hope for its future.

There was a 'young master' in the military who while testing mc's skills.(they check every recruit's) went too far when mc blocked his attacks at first and nearly killed the mc and got promptly punished for it, mc's squadmates also intervened in the fight when they noticed.

The young masters family also left him to his own after he got his military rank stripped and got himself humiliated.


Fuck the word limit, it is too long.

It should only be 100-120 words.






How did it get so many 5 stars??

Reviewed at: Chapter 4 - Step by Step

First, a disclaimer: I have never read the entirety of the story and had never caught up to the latest chapter due to one simple reason

How the heck the mother came up with the idea of infodumping an entire in-universe's laws on the system on a less than a year old child? It simply beggared disbelief that not only were they accepting the absurdity that a child has the mental capacity to understand all that. They didn't even react so strongly about the fact that a child has so many skills, not even entertaining the thought that the child must've counted wrong, or even understand the entire concept of counting in the first place. To anyone out there who actually had the experience of teaching a toddler, the mental gymnastics one has to do in order correlate a finger to a singular inclusive existence, and to do that over 10 times is simply impossible to a dozen month old child, even with the assistance of stats.

I feel like there could be more, the father's Rare class for example, and the mother's seemingly out of the blue savviness when it comes to the system and the weird segueing in getting random skills, but I haven't read the future chapters so I'm reserving judgement


Excellent military story (so far)

Reviewed at: Chapter 26 - Table Manors

This is my new favorite story and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Things I like:

- I like how the MC and his family interacts with each other. In this genre, the MC often has a strained or traumatic family experience, but here the family is supportive and loving. It is refreshing to see a MC that has an optimistic view, and it is clear that the bedrock for that view comes from his family 

and the snippets of his past life that we are shown.


- I love the descriptions of the military. It is clear that the author served in the military. His descriptions of military training, marching, chain of command, and the MC's observations of how orders are given, commander's intent, and interactions with military officers, are so realistic. I loved that the military units are described as competent, the commanders actually care about their troops, and the little details of the soldiers being assigned duties, from cleaning latrines to cooking, to patrol. These realistic descriptions and the favorable view make these chapter a joy to read.  I like how this story doesn't fall into the tropes of the military being corrupt or nefarious. I like how th MC is part of a team instead being a lone adventurer or in a small party. 

There are hints that he will go do the solo adventurer thing, but I kind of hope he stays in the military and rises through the ranks. 

- The characters:  The characters are flushed out individuals. It is clear that the author has really thought about what each character's motivations are. These are not just shells, but fully fleshed out individuals. 

Things that could be improved: These couple of things are why I didn't give the full 5 stars, and for me they are not deal beakers, it is clear that the author was writing during the writathon and I think he'll fix these issues I further revisions. 

- The first couple of chapters were a little wierd. The author uses grandiose language that doesn't really fit his style. 

Once the MC is born and is interacting with the real world instead of the void, the simple straightforward style settles in and is very easy to read.


- Sometimes it seems the MC (and maybe the author) overlooks some simple things that are obvious. For example, when working as the Aide to the Knight Lieutenant, why doesn't the MC think about writing home to tell his parents how things are going? It seemed strange that for such a young boy he never really thinks about missing his parents or being concerned about them know that he's ok. This could be explained in a line or two, maybe there is no post that are carrying messages out of camp, maybe he can't afford it, maybe he has reasons he doesn't want to, but it seems strange that it doesn't cross his mind.


Overall, this is a solid story and an absolute joy to read. The plot is interesting, the characters are awesome, and I can't wait to see what happens next.



If you've been on this site for longer than a few minutes, you've read a story very similar to this one. MC is born into a magical litrpg world, and uses adult brain/past experience to become OP. 

You may think to yourself...why are there so many of these? No matter how many I've read, there always seems to be another one. can blame this author for that. Cause no matter how many times I've read a story with an almost identical premise, there always seems to be another one that's better than the last. This is that latest amazing story.

Nothing particularly new compared to others in the same genre, at least not so far. But that's fine, because it's amazing as it is.

Main character is strong without being ridiculously OP, characters are empathetic and logical, and the system is well thought out. There are a few grammar mistakes in each chapter ('to' instead of 'too', etc.), but nothing major, and the chapters are being pumped out amazingly fast, so it's easily forgivable.


Only minor pet peeve (not really an issue, but just as feedback for the author...) is that the author makes the world use a different calendar with longer years than the one in our world. Which is fine...but I have trouble identifying anyone's ages. The MC is currently 10, but is early teens(?) in earth years. He meets someone who's a teenager...does that mean 16 in earth years or 16 in this world's years(~20)? I haven't done all the math, but I have a hard time really picturing everyone's respective ages because of this.


The short of it: It's a lit rpg reincarnation , it doesn't bring anything new to the table but neither makes any serious blunders, the one serious problem is the style, the author is clearly non native speaker and while made significant and noticeable efforts to write well a lot of his sentences, setence structure and word usage are kinda weird and wonky, it isn't bad enough to significantly detract from the story though.

The long of it:

It's a lit rpg/isekai/cultivation story which is the fad these days and it has all the hallmarks, the tiered classes, the skills, the advantage of early development, the different level areas with varying "mana density", the mc is as usual somewhat of a special snowflake but as of the current chapter it isn't enough to invalidate his struggles and achievements so it's okay.

As is written in the description the mc is a mix between child and adult with his previous life memories solid enough to affect him but not enough to take the child out of him and all it entails.

The plot is the typical accumulation of skills, getting to know people, leveling up, moving between locations and etc that you will see in any of these stories but engaging enough to keep reading.

The characters aren't very developed but get a 5/5 currently because the sotry doesn't focus much on character interaction so at these early stages of the story there isn't enough to seriously judge the characters, what there is is pretty decent and shows promise for furhter development.

The grammar is very respepctable, it's clear the author has put in the effort to learn English and correct any mistakes he finds, grammatical errors are rare enough to be irrelevant. 

The style is where the main downside of the story lies currently, while it flows well enough to be read (in my opinion a rarety already on the site) the author is clearly non native English speaker and there are a lot of repetetition of the same words, awkward sentence structure or word combination choices and etc.


This is a fairly well written work, if perhaps a bit niche.

The basic premise of the story is a semi-reincarnation at birth into a LitRPG world with a system. The protagonist's early awareness and maturity means he's on track for being rather over-powered, though already we're shown that the scale of power in the world is rather tall (not quite xianxia levels). 

The plot itself appears to be a military fantasy story, something which also emphasizes a number of themes that show up. There's a lot of training with various weapons, and eventually the protagonist ends up

conscripted into the military.  

He spends a lot of internal monologue (actually, it might technically be narrative now that I think about it) observing how a military works in this world specifically and under this particular System. 

The System is definitely on the crunchy end of things, for better or for worse. 

The writing style is fairly straightforward and easy to read, with just that tinge of something common to a lot of military fiction. (...I actually can't be more specific than that.  If you've read more than like 3 military fiction stories, you know what I mean). 

The grammar is very good. 

The characters are fairly well written.  The protagonist and his parents are rather well formed personalities, as are a few of the military servicemen that he interacts with significantly. The younger twin sisters seem a little flat, and the "childhood friends" that the protagonist has aren't terrible well-formed either, given that they appear rather abruptly, have like 2-3 chapters of adventures, and then the protagonist ends up leaving town. (The caveat there is that he's with one of the friends, but it's a little fuzzy on that point because they're near each other for now, but it's clear that the literally and figurative distance between them is growing). 


I truly enjoy this story. It is thought and and the writing is solid. The most recent chapter gave the MC a significant power boost that allowed the story to advance and lay the groundwork for future stories. I am wish the updates were faster, but as long as the quality remains I can be patient.