Soul of the Warrior

Soul of the Warrior

by Kyfe

In a world where Classes, Stats, and Levels are the everyday norm, Reivyn has a secret.

He was unusually aware of his surroundings from an incredibly early age, and Skills and Stats were acquired easily. He was just the son of an ordinary village family, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary on the surface. But below the surface, dreams of another life help shape his mentality and growth. Why does he have some remembrance of a past life, and what is his purpose in this new one?

"Soul of the Warrior" is what I call a Semi-Isekai LitRPG. I say "semi," because Reivyn's past life is remembered like a dream, and very incomplete. It is still Isekai, though, as he remembers enough that it directly shapes his personality and his sense of self.

The System that governs the world of "Soul of the Warrior" is a combination of modified versions from Selkie's "Beneath the Dragoneye Moons" and Kosnik4's "Magic Smithing." I have changed enough of these Systems and combined them in a way that is unique that I'm mostly sure it's fine, but I still have requested permission to use these ideas. They have both graciously granted me permission.

Winner of the April Writathon Challenge.

Release Schedule is Mon, Wed, Fri on Royal Road.

Cover Art by: Jay Graphixx ([email protected]). His work can be found on under JayGraphixx.

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Universe Emperor

Word Count (13)
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
Top List #80
6th Anniversary
Table of Contents
69 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Dreams in the Void ago
Chapter 1 - Awakening ago
Chapter 2 - A Normal Family ago
Chapter 3 - Down with the System ago
Chapter 4 - Step by Step ago
Chapter 5 - A Swing and a Miss ago
Chapter 6 - Adventure! ago
Chapter 7 - The Struggle is Real ago
Chapter 8 - Classical Accident ago
Chapter 9 - Rabble Rabble ago
Chapter 10 - Regular Guy ago
Chapter 11 - Advancing ago
Chapter 12 - Hazy Assimilation ago
Chapter 13 - Sunny Day ago
Chapter 14 - Promising Prospects ago
Chapter 15 - We Don't Need Roads ago
Chapter 16 - Whistle While You Work ago
Chapter 17 - Home on the Range ago
Chapter 18 - Cooped Up ago
Chapter 19 - Turn and Meet ago
Chapter 20 - Aide and Attendance ago
Chapter 21 - Down into... ago
Chapter 22 - A Ring of Fire ago
Chapter 23 - Cult of Personality ago
Chapter 24 - Smooth Transition ago
Chapter 25 - Looking Forward ago
Chapter 26 - Table Manors ago
Chapter 27 - Ambition ago
Chapter 28 - Family History ago
Chapter 29 - On the Horizon ago
Chapter 30 - Movers and Shakers ago
Chapter 31 - Leavetaking ago
Chapter 32 - Arrival ago
Chapter 33 - Dungeon Town ago
Chapter 34 - Might and Magic ago
Chapter 35 - Magical Mashup ago
Chapter 36 - The Dark Damp ago
Chapter 37 - Hollow Escapade ago
Chapter 38 - The Dungerums ago
Chapter 39 - A Day in the Life ago
Chapter 40 - Coming to the Light ago
Chapter 41 - Interlude: Princess Amily and Brave Sir Fenrix ago
Chapter 42 - Classist ago
Chapter 43 - High Muckamuck ago
Chapter 44 - Desperation ago
Chapter 45 - Agony ago
Chapter 46 - Return ago
Chapter 47 - Lucky Draw ago
Chapter 48 - Too Easy ago
Chapter 49 - Solo Run Get! ago
Chapter 50 - Brave, Brave Sir Reivyn ago
Chapter 51 - He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled ago
Chapter 52 - The Calm Before ago
Chapter 53 - The Storm ago
Chapter 54 - It's Darkest Before ago
Chapter 55 - The Dawn ago
Chapter 56 - After Action ago
Chapter 57 - Dance, Dance Revolution ago
Chapter 58 - The Party ago
Chapter 59 - Interlude: Princess Amily and Brave Sir Fenrix, Part 2 ago
Update: Cover Art Added ago
Chapter 60 - Tier 2, Too ago
Chapter 61 - Mama Bear ago
Chapter 62 - True Power ago
Chapter 63 - Meticulous Weaponry ago
Chapter 64 - Eternal Training ago
Chapter 65 - Unwanted Attention ago
Chapter 66 - Foot, Meet Mouth ago
Chapter 67 - Admission of Luck ago

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I've read this story before. Not exactly but the story beats were so familiar that the feeling of deja vu was strong throughout. Its a 'from womb' story but doesn't make the mistake of keeping the MC as a baby for an extended period of time...except then traps the MC at age 9. Its whatever. You have to suspend disbeleif with all these stories imo. 

Overall, its fine. The genre carries it, but the writing quality leaves something to be desired. The author tends to tell rather than show, then remind you three more times before the end of the chapter. Can be skimmed without loosing understanding.

The one thing that it does 'differently' is that it looks at the military. The iron discipline is amusing, though there is a shocking amount of long-winded explaining to a 9 year old recruit. The battles are ok, though the MC's tendency to start daydreaming during them is annoying and bleeds the tension.   

Style: Terrible. Relies heavily on exposition, tends toward passive voice, tells more than shows. Heavy and slow to read. 

Story: Fine. Baby is born, somehow manages to enter into a grueling training program for the first decade of his life, then goes on to the wider world. Doesn't have the stupid let's not trust our parents trope which is nice, but doesn't do much else interesting otherwise. 

Grammer: Perfect.

Character: Fine. The MC is a little insert and a little overpowered. Doesn't really want things. The other characters are better but they are also a little bland. The family revolves around him, and somehow so do the later segments. 

For a mindless litrpg its fine. I recommend skipping the first few chapters. It sadly doesn't have any skills since the MC's build is about as anti-build as you can get. 

Mute Reader

As far as I am concerned this book should be among the top 5 most interesting fantasy book to read in the WORLD, it's Generic yet so Unique that am sure any writer can pick so many different ideas from it and still make their book interesting, It's a work of ART, the blue box style is still my most favourite thing about this book along with all the meticulous explanations of how just about everything and anything came to be, there's no second guessing how sh*t came about, and everything the MC does and or doesn't do remains that way, there's no "and he packed in the bombs before leaving the loo" and all that unexplained plot armour acts. I love the characters, and how they are depicted, like you can tell their characters and disposition just from their words and interaction with the MC. The point of views are also quite insightful and relevant in the world building, which makes it more than just accepted, plus they are not invasive and help in the character's development. Then there's the Grammar, i have three words for this, SIMPLE, EFFICIENT and EENGAGING. 

This is like a must read for fantasy book lovers and if you think solo leveling is the best yet? Well you're gonna have to think again. Honestly I check for a new update so often it's almost like the days are just not moving 😭, I hope the updates come in two's or three's.


I truly enjoy this story. It is thought and and the writing is solid. The most recent chapter gave the MC a significant power boost that allowed the story to advance and lay the groundwork for future stories. I am wish the updates were faster, but as long as the quality remains I can be patient.


As of this review, I've read to chapter 27.

Story is interesting wish-fulfillment isekai. Magic system is consistent so far, with no major loopholes found. The plot device of MC having the imperial bloodline is a bit distracting and doesn't feel like it should be really necessary for the story. Character development is decent. Grammar is okay; some misspellings but not enough to distract from story. Overall a fun diversion if (like me) you're into the litrpg genre.

As a former military guy, I enjoyed the attention to detail on the military aspect. It came across as more authentic than most of what I read. 


Ruined by info dump that makes no sense.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4 - Step by Step

I can tolerate info dump because it is a necessary evil in fantasy. The reader is exploring a whole new world afterall with its own set of internal rules and natural law. But how the author does the info dump does matter.

In Chapter 3 the mother explained the whole RPG and levelling system to her infant. Paragraphs long of exposition told to an infant as if the infant is a college student attending a lecture on Akashic Record. Genius or not (and at that point the parents have not fully recognized their child as one) it defies suspension of disbelief that you would talk to your barely 1 year old child who just learned to talk complete sentence.
After this atrocious chapter, I just powered through, and tried to read chapter 4 and I just gave up after that. MC a few months into his second year (barely a todler) asked his mother where skill comes from, then the mother again dump a paragraph of exposition. I stopped reading after that. The mother seems like a normal housewife, why is she talking like a highschool teacher to her todler?

I think it would have been better if the author just info dump it outright to reader. He tried so hard to incorporate it in dialogues between the characters, which does not makes any sense.


Story has a nice pace of events and storyteling,

BUT the main character does not age up.
once he hits 10 yeras old he became an adult, behaves like an adult but does not age. thats my biggest peeve about this story,

it has a good narrative, good Grammar there are few times i am ever left wondering what am i reading about.

events are well paced and you understand what is happening.

it has potential to be great or just a good first 50 chapters.


I don't often write reviews on stories but have to say that this is one of the most enjoyable reads that I have come across on RR. The character build up and fight scenes are great. Highly recommend this story. Thanks for writing and I am looking forward to reading more


Mostly good grammar, pretty readable.  I find the main character and setting both likeable, and it manages to have multiple characters of both genders without turning into a harem.  I can mostly follow what's going on in the combat and in the system mechanics.  Some things could use smoothed out if it were going to be published, like that on chapter of info dump where the mom explains the system to the mc when he has barely spoken his first full sentence, lol.  Also the MC basically never thinks about this feelings of friendship or whatever toward the other characters, would be nice to add a few lines about that here and there.  At the current RR chapter 43, I'm kind of wondering if the MC, despite disliking zealots, will sort of wander his way toward being a Paladin. It has be shown as an objective fact that demonic mana is really gross and pretty much anti-life, and demonic cultists would be a seriously evil threat if the local group weren't centuries or millenia undead.  Normally I don't like paladins precisely because they are zealots, or follow a warlike god.  But I've never seen an mc Paladin of a goddess similar to Gaia or Demeter or Mother Magic, so that might be interesting.


Gave it a 5 simply because of the sharing. So So tired of these kinds of stories but the mc never shares his info with anyone like not even his parents but this does that. Not to mention the mc isn't an auto hero who has to save everyone. I also enjoy that not everyone bad? Stays bad. Not all the nobles seem like power hungry morons.I also really enjoy the  side characters they actually interact with each other and have there own personality which is great. I think overall the story is really well done and if not already been planned out at least shows some idea of whats is going on. Very nice change of pace.


Standard slice of life litrpg, but very well done

Reviewed at: Chapter 60 - Tier 2, Too

The story is very well written and compelling, the characters not especially complex but with just enough depth to be people rather than cutouts, and a standard story well told.

This brands itself a reincarnation litrpg, but it isn't really - the MC doesn't have any real memories of another life, just dreams that are little more than an excuse for his motivation and quick power up. Unfortunately, that is also where this story falls down - no matter how well written, I can't quite get over the fact that the character is only 9 years old when he is recruited into the army and stands shoulder to shoulder with older warriors, sworfighting 7-foot tall orc berserkers. Your average 9 year old is 4ft tall and weights 30kg, and I don't care how high your strength stat, ye cannae beat the laws of physics! And yet, everyone treats him like an adult - he gets promoted to officer, deals with politics, and generally acts like someone in their 30s, which never stops seeming weird.

From the author notes, I believe the author is a soldier, probably a marine, and the story comes across very much as "what I would do if I were there" which is fun but conflicts with the main character being, again, 9 years old with no real memories of his other life. Honestly I think the story would have been a lot better off if he just did a straight portal/isekai into the story - cut the chapters with his parents, change his age from 9 to 25, nothing else needs to change and you'll get rid of the dissonance.