The subtle World of Terraria

The subtle World of Terraria

by FreiPixelz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Evan Langford, wakes up one day to find himself in the game world of Terraria. Confused with no understanding on how he got there, he slowly brings himself up and swears that if there is a way how he got into this place, then there must be a way on how he can get out of this place. He already knows all the inn's and out's of Terraria, how hard can it be?

He then realizes that all is not what it seems since there are skills, stats, different races, a working community and many more things that aren't present in Terraria.

Which begs the question. Is he really in Terraria?


1) Cover art was made by a friend of mine for this story and I have his permission to use it. Thank you, @centryNEL
2) I wrote this story a long time ago when I was still an aspiring writer but it was really bad so I'm re-writing it here.
3) While this is a fanfiction about a game, you don't need to know anything about the game to enjoy this story as almost everything is explained in a simple way that even those who have not heard of Terraria will enjoy this story.

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Neko Overlord

Group Leader (V)
Word Count (8)
Table of Contents
34 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
0. Prologue ago
1-1. Waking up. (Arc 1: Terraria Problems - Start) ago
1-2. Skills and Slimes ago
1-3. Preparation and Ambush ago
1-4. Berserk ago
Side story: Author Note ago
1-5. Surviving and Aims ago
Side Story (Tifa part 1) ago
Side Story (Tifa part:2) ago
1-6. Human Kingdom ago
1-7. Adventurer's Guild ago
1-8. Time to work (Arc 1: Terraria Problems - Finish) ago
2-9. The Past catching up. (Arc 2: Cultists Problems - Start) ago
Side Story (Princess Luna part 1) ago
Side Story (Princess Luna part 2) ago
Side Story (Princess Luna part 3) ago
2-10. Interrogation ago
2-11. Preparation ago
2-12. A bit more preparation ago
2-13. An odd pair of Alchemists ago
2-14. Disciples and a Misunderstanding ago
2-15. The Elven lead. ago
2-16. To the Elven Kingdom ago
2-17. The misunderstanding with the Elven Queen. ago
2-18. Fallen Silver Daemon ago
2-19. The Eye of Cthulhu (Part 1) ago
2-20. The Eye of Cthulhu (Part 2) ago
2-21. The Silver Daemons legacy. ago
Short Notice about future and previous releases. ago
2-22. A new Family (Arc 2: Cultists Problems - Finish) ago
3-23. A rude awakening. (Arc 3: Kingdom Problems - Start) ago
3-24 The Queen and the fated Duel ago
3-25. Trish's Burden ago
Short notice ago

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It's fine, but the grammar is bad. There is constantly changes in the tense, commas in the wrong place, and poor structure overall. The characters are interesting but there is way too many pov changes for my personal taste. Then the main character, up to where I read, is just very two faced. I'm constantly unsure of his personality and where his development is leading. We get lots of backstory, but it's about the dead guy the main character has taken over for. I had to stop when he got a skill for intimidation and immediately tried to "intimidate" a girl by saying he'll rape her, and then it's all okay because he said sorry I thought you were someone else. 

My final gripe is about the dialogue, it uses brackets and parentheses, e.x. [What do you mean?] (Me) 

Makes for a very immersion breaking read whenever they talk. 

The world however is interesting and I like what the author has done with the way terraria works and how this world is subtlety different and why that's important. Maybe with a good clean up, and a few big changes to the dialogue this would be a great read. 


Hey Frei, 

Love this story, ever since I first read it on wattpad and I will continue to love it even after! 

You're welcome friend. 

Also, I'm sure you'll get your writing spirit back someday. And you aren't what people call you. 

I'll be posting my story here soon since this place is professional 


This is a pretty good fanfiction, better than most out there. The world is interesting, the characters aren't clones of a cardboard box, and it's mostly readable. The grammar could use some improvements, like some spelling checks and correct comma placement. But I don't think I'm really allowed to judge that, because my own writing is a biohazard.

Anyone could enjoy this comedic fanfiction, even if you don't play Terraria. You might understand things a bit more if you do, but it's fine if you don't. 


Exelent story if i do say so myself. I do quite enjoy the aspect of a character being transported to my favorite video game, terraria. As per the fact that this review must apparently be formal and have at leats 50 words, i shall be writing this as formally as posible. As i have mentioned before,the story is quite exelent and funny. I feel that anyone who likes the video game 'terraria' may enjoy this comedic fiction. This story is overall a funny story about a fictional character,being magicly transported to a midevil-esk world. I only have critic and that is the grammar of some parts, but i am quite sure that it will improve ober the course of the story being written.