Hero In A Monster Academy

Hero In A Monster Academy

by Rithus

Vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beasts are thought to be fiction, but that was not true. It may look like humans are the only ones in the world, but that's because the other races have hidden themselves well, adapting to the changes made by the humans. The said beasts enter academies that teach them on how to live with the humans, and one of those is Sky Academy.

On the new school year on 2016, Sky Academy invited a human to the academy, Rain Leonhart, a sixteen year old girl who was poor and doesn't have a place to return to.

Rain was to make the other races accustomed to humans, like making vampires stop their urge from draining their blood or making the werewolves stop from seeing them as food, but it's not that easy.

With different races that see her as someone inferior, Rain's life was always at risk, or that's what they think. Little did everyone know that Rain was far more special than them.

She's one of the three remaining heroes in the world, and she's strong enough to eradicate the whole academy.
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You got me at “P-please don’t fire me.”

There seem to be no grammatical errors, weird ass character names, psychopaths (there is one pervert teacher tho XD). I know its waaaaayy too early to make a good opinion but damn that was a nice synopsis and prologue.  The story shows good promise so I decide to invest in this early on. I will revise this after a few chapters.


P.S. The first arc just ended at chapter 6! Note that this is an amateur work of the author. He writes this for fun like Saitama so don’t expect  a heavy imersive story. It’s more of a casual read type. 

The story has a lot  to improve on. And will have plenty chances to improve in the upcoming chapters.

Overall 6/10. For now.


For your first fiction you're doing well. Do your best, Rithus!