Bizarre Fate: An Urban Crime Xianxia (Stand Cultivation)

Bizarre Fate: An Urban Crime Xianxia (Stand Cultivation)

by Zach Skye
Editor: Crownfall

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Luca is a seventeen-year-old delinquent who just needs one roll lucky roll of the dice to strike it big to drag his family outta Southside hell and into the life of a highroller. 

He can’t trust anyone in the Brass Kings, especially not that asshole lieutenant that’s been breathing down his neck for the better part of a year. Without more power, wealth, or allies, he’ll just be another street rat.

Only he’s been saddled with an ability little better than a coin flip in a city with immortals and sects that rule above all. He’ll push past it all–and join those at the top. 

Hope you guys enjoy this fiction, it's a mix of Urban Fantasy and Xianxia, and I'm excited to launch it.

I drew inspiration from Jade City, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the Godfather, Tokyo Revengers, and the Cradle. 

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Zach Skye

Zach Skye

2nd Anniversary
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Table of Contents
65 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Devil Town ago
Chapter 2: Paint it, Black ago
Chapter 3: Verbatim ago
Chapter 4: Happy Face ago
Chapter 5: MAMMAMIA ago
Chapter 6: The Cult of Dionysus ago
Chapter 7: Baby's On Fire ago
Chapter 8: A Little Messed Up ago
Chapter 9: Do It All The Time ago
Chapter 10: Hayloft ago
Chapter 11: Killer Queen ago
Chapter 12: Beggin' ago
Chapter 13: ZITTI E BUONI ago
Chapter 14: jealousy, jealousy ago
Chapter 15: Lonely ago
Chapter 16: I'll Make You Love Me ago
Chapter 17: Mess Around ago
Chapter 18: Play Date ago
Chapter 19: Night Running ago
Chapter 20: Dreams Where Ur Murdered ago
Chapter 21: Breezeblocks ago
Chapter 22: Every Little Thing ago
Chapter 23: no friends ago
Chapter 24: Fire Drill ago
Chapter 25: Oh No! ago
Chapter 26: Portuguese Knife Fight ago
Chapter 27: This Is Love ago
Chapter 28: Cigarettes & Feelings ago
Chapter 29: E-Pro ago
Chapter 30: LEMONS - Demo ago
Chapter 31: All The Things She Said ago
Chapter 32: Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts ago
Chapter 33: I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE ago
Chapter 34: Black Sheep ago
Chapter 35: Loser ago
Chapter 36: Cold Cold Cold ago
Chapter 37: Sex with a Ghost ago
Chapter 38: CORALINE ago
Chapter 39: People I Don't Like ago
Chapter 40: What If I Go? ago
Chapter 41: Roundabout - 2008 Remaster ago
Chapter 42: Up To No Good ago
Chapter 43: End of It ago
Chapter 44: Lotus Eater ago
Chapter 45: Cadence and Cascade ago
Chapter 46: Future Me Hates Me ago
Chapter 47: FOR YOUR LOVE ago
Chapter 48: Alrighty Aphrodite ago
Chapter 49: I Like (the idea of) You ago
Chapter 50: Let's Go (CORRECT VERSION) ago
Chapter 51: Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb ago
Chapter 52: Marceline ago
Chapter 53: arrow ago
Chapter 54: Firefly ago
Chapter 55: Games ago
Chapter 56: I'm Not Ok ago
Chapter 57: Mars, the God of War ago
Chapter 58: Love$ick ago
Chapter 59: Cinematic ago
Chapter 60: She Doesn't Get It ago
Chapter 61: Wishful Drinking ago
Chapter 62: LA PAURA DEL BUIO ago
Chapter 63: Morirò da Re ago
Chapter 64: Trouble ago
Afterword ago

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Daoist Enigma

It's fresh. Now no idea is truly hundred percent unique, but what I mean by when I say fresh is more the approach the novel takes, the approach in world building, and the overall fun factor--- makes it for a very enjoyable experience that stands out from the rest. If you're a binge reader, this is one novel that's gonna stay with you and you'll definitely want more chapters. 


Binge read it, that I did. It was good enough to pull me in, and not let me even have a decent meal between the chapters. Also, it's 2 AM where I live now. I would be writing this review even later, but I finished reading already.

I feel like it ended in the right place. A lot of people would go and try milking their fictions until nothing is left to write, but the way this ended was nice, didn't feel like a cliffhanger, yet gave the writer a way to easily start a sequel, if they so desired.

The Winterer

Honestly this is an amazing story. It's engaging, well written and has a unique take on the usual cultivation tropes. The different aspects of the story all work together to create a really amazing story with heaps of potential, whether that be the family situation of Luca, the gangs which he's involved in, or even his gambling and cultivation itself, all of these different details work together to build this fantastic story. I can't wait for more


The is a interesting and different stories

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Devil Town

So far I have really enjoyed this series. I like that the characters feel real and relatable. MC is a uneducated street kid who really doesn't have anything going for him. All he has is his luck and family. The cultivation system is pretty seemlessly used in the story. Some people are lucky to be born with a gift that they can grow. The poor are kept on a leash by giving them crumbs to grow their power. People who are extra strong, shoot fire, very fast, are the norm. The idea of gang bangers and thugs who can tear up a city block is really powerful. I really want to see how MC's  luck power will grow and where his journey leads. There is that epic universe shaking power potential hinted by their being people who end up god level, and I'm excited for it. I feel the slums and even this planet is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to see MC stumbling his way to be a top tier power and potentially leading humanity. I have read plenty of wuxia, LitRPG, Western Fantasy. And I have not seen a story like this with a magic system like the one in this world. My fingers are crossed that this series can keep its momentum and there will be a satisfying ending to this story. 

Commander Kane


It's decently written, I suppose. The author isn't heavy handed with the exposition -- only writing details relevant to the scene at hand -- but is often repetitive with what he tells us. It's burned into my brain now that the sects only care about certain districts since it's said every other chapter (sometimes multiple times).


I'm really digging the concept. So far the 'cultivation' aspect hasn't come into play besides talking about Soul Seeds and various daos, however, the author's done a good job of showing us the abilities of more advanced/talented cultivators than the MC, so good job.

So while the cultivation aspects are rather lacking, the MC's relationship with the Brass King and the things he's forced to get into (or gets himself into) is going forward rather well. There's always a moment where something is happening, regardless of whether I like what's happening or not.


One of Bizarre Fate's weakpoints. There are some sentences that just sound rather clunky and various errors here and there. Nothing too immersion breaking (especially for my standards) but it's definitely noticeable.


Probably my least favorite part. I don't really mind any other character besides the MC and Eve.

Reading the MC is like having that one...friend, I guess? in your life that just can't seem to wrap his head around good advice. He knows that doing certain things is stupid or that he should back off but then his pride gets in the way and ruins everything. For once I don't think plot armor would be a bad thing. This story does a really good job of portraying a dumb teenager who doesn't wanna listen to people who know better than him, though. Kudos to that.

And then Eve. Eve's just a prick. Don't be like Eve.


It's a decent read. While the MC is kind of annoying, I'm looking forward to when finally decks him so hard common sense is knocked loose. I recommend if you're in the mood for a (very) light cultivation story, a deliquent cast of characters, and a loveable musclehead.



Zach Skye pushes the limit of what a Xianxia is

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

I've read the ARC copy of the story.


It's been a long time since I've really seen any innovation in the Xianxia genre. Sure, there are lots of stories that bastardize it and create something they call Xianxia, but I often find most of those authors do not even read Xianxia. This story changes what I define Xianxia as and pushes the envelope forward. I'm very glad to have him as part of my critique group


Zach Skye has well defined characters, each with their own motivations, interesting backstories, and internal conflicts. Over the story we see them change. One of my favorite executions in a story is a character mastering their powers further as they overcome the internal struggles they're facing.


Zach Skye manages his story's conflict well, building up to a conclusion that I think will satisfy all readers.


Zach is extremely meticilous in finding errors in his work, posting it through corrections and soliciting feedback. He loves it when readers point out errors so he can fix them.


I think Zach is in the top 5% if not the top 1% for prose on RRL. Mans crazy talented and I cant wait to read more. I hope everyone enjoys as much as I do


A very nice reinterpretation of the genre. Interesting characters so far, a fun world building, nice fights with powers aplenty. Who'd ever thought of mafia cultivators? Amazing, for real. Give it a try!

I am very excited to see what comes next in the tale of Luca, the Immortal of Gambling!


It's done, but I'm rereading it cuz

Reviewed at: Afterword

This was a blast. I came back here to reread it. It didn't overstay its welcome & ended well enough to read it again. That's just my opinion though.

I am The Willingly Ignant, & even I must meet the 50 word requirement to post this, as will you dear future reader after enjoying this.

All seriousness, I'm reading this like it's playing in a GTO Onizuka style animation, & I'm lovin it. Da duh da da da~ McDonald's jingle


This looks like is going to be an interesting story/ concept. Looking forward to reading more.  I have read one other of this author's books and I thoroughly enjoyed it.   I am hoping this one will be as good as his other. I am glad I found this authors writings. 


Oho, a new and interesting xianxia concept.

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Verbatim

A pretty cool concept, something new! I like the introduction so much! It's nice for a xianxia story to have subtle characterizations of the mc. I can appreciate some of the thematic references made so far. 

There you go! That is my disorganized thought blurb about the novel. I rec you give it a read!