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Battles are lost by commanders who are too damn stubborn to retreat, and wars are won by generals who are too damn stubborn to lose.
-'Smiling' Bill Goodfellow, misquoting Tactonius

"…Vix Altorelli… Tizzie Drake… Shavish Levina… Mailyn Watt. Now… get moving!" I skipped forward to accept my new class assignment from Solomon, our bunk proctor. Other students approached with more trepidation. I was doing acceptably well in my Collegium classes.

To provide context: when I was five years old, my father arranged to have Elzie, our house stewardess, teach me my letters. By that point, I'd already taught myself to read, though I hadn't told anybody. Elzie found out soon enough. Perhaps my mother suspected already, because she would read me stories from the same book every night (Mrs. C.M.E. Caravelli's Illustrated Tales of Wonder & Disbelief), and I could recite each and every story ad verbatim. When a precocious child knows every word of a story and spends significant time flipping through the pages of said story and looking over the print, she doesn't have to be a genius to teach herself to read. But it helps.

Incidentally, I am very humble, too.

When Elzie revealed that I already somehow knew not only my letters but how to read at least as well as children two years older than myself, I was brought into my older sister Angelika's lessons. I was constantly frustrated by the fact that, no matter how well I did, my sister did better than me at arithmetic, recital, dancing lessons, and so on… until I started demolishing her at memory drills.

"I'm only letting you win," she would sometimes grumble after our memory recitation. At the time, I believed my sister was telling the truth. It turns out, though, that I have an uncommonly good memory. A very uncommonly good memory. And it turns out that this is very uncommonly useful for memory drills and learning new languages… though not so good for forgetting about the time two bullies almost drowned you in the Largotto.

On the first day of memory lessons, Mrs. Varizelli walked me through how to visualize my imaginarium, a sort of 'mind villa' for storing and organizing memories and then tasked me thus: "For each item you wish to remember, I'd like you to imagine putting it into a spot in your imaginarium. Try to put it alongside similar items that you've already put there to give yourself categories…"

The technique Mrs. Varizelli taught us was a bespoke variant of Euphemiso's 'Psychic Villa', the ancient Turan technique for superior memory through self-reference and context-indexing. Euphemiso's introductory exercises are very simple: throughout the course of the day, you pay special note to five items (they can be any person, place, or tangible thing). At the end of the day, write down the five items in order of experience along with two things you noticed about each object when you saw it and two things you remember about your environment or your own thought process at the time. Euphemiso recommended that the student visualize placing their memories as items in an imaginary villa, but that concept isn't introduced until later.

Most people without training have difficulty at this starter exercise, but an average student will work their way up to intermediate exercises after a few months' practice - recalling three things about twenty different items and three things about their surroundings or thoughts a full three days later. Eventually, if you progress to mastery of the practice, you can recall minute details about any item you've paid explicit attention to many months later. I reached this level of skill about two weeks before my seventh birthday. About seven weeks before the Lapis-Crowns enslaved my family and forced me into exile…

If we are being pedantic, it was forty-three days and thirteen hours before the Lapis-Crowns and twelve days before my seventh birthday. Convention dictates that we pretend not to have these nattering details at our beck and call, but I do and probably always will.

Mailyn waved her paper around excitedly. "What classes did you advance?" she asked. There was never a question of either of us backsliding.

We were both already tier five in our Memory class - Mailyn had already mastered Mr. Inglone's 'grid memory' technique, but it would be some time before she mastered Mrs. Varizelli's technique under my tutelage. I examined my own sheet before handing it to her. "Tier three in Perditalog, tier three in Religion, tier five in Languages," I said.

Mailyn frowned. "How come I'm tier four in Languages and you're tier five? I did great in our last language class…"

"Yeah, but we were learning Gionian for a month and you come from Gionia," I observed.

"Sure, but so do you." And, I had to admit, she'd learned a lot more Gionian than I had - she'd had quite a few errors to correct. Her yokel brogue was still present but had retreated to a respectable drawl and she rarely made grammatical mistakes in her native tongue.

I shrugged. "Who can say? You'll get it next time."

"Yeah, I will," Mailyn said with a frown.

The Languages class for Scamps consists of lessons in four separate languages that cycle every four months, one month per language. Thus, if a Scamp takes three years to progress to Sneak, she'll have taken nine months for each of the four languages: Gionian, Old Turan, Mouldevican Slartic, and Wext. Sneaks are expected to be conversant in all four languages (plus Perditalog) if not necessarily fluent, and most become quite fluent. Many of our Memorization classes involved memorizing new vocabulary for whichever language we were currently learning - the courses were designed to synergize so we could learn vocabulary quickly and hone our memories at the same time.

"I didn't advance in anything?" Aldo fumed. It wasn't that he never studied, but he studied less than the average student, and it was a credit to his own abilities that he remained stable rather than falling behind in his class tiers.

For the fifteenth time, I said, "You can practice with us…"

"…In the morning. Yeah, I get it," he sighed. "Thanks. But nope. I'd rather be average."

We headed out to our classes. I skipped along and Mailyn hummed happily, neither of us aware that we'd just kicked the hornet's nest. Hell, we didn't even know there was a hornet's nest to kick when advancing in our classes. However, in each class where I advanced, that meant another student had to drop back a tier since the upper-tier classes had limited enrollment. Most students didn't take this personally.

And most students weren't Tizzie Drake.

It wasn't until the next day, my first day in the tier three Religion class, that I understood the enormity of my change in schedule - I now shared a class with Oltzen, Thero, and Nima, three of the four members of my 'Tetrad of Terror'… and no Tizzie Drake. My advancement to their three had bumped Tizzie back to two. Honestly, why would she have expected otherwise? I studied three times as much as her.

It may not surprise you to learn that none of the Tetrad were especially enthused about studying. That's not to say they weren't bright - all Collegium students are - but there were no early mornings or late nights huddled under the ruddy light of a discount glowglobe to ensure they'd truly mastered their course material. What can I say? I was a suck-up to my teachers and reveled in their praise, while most Scamps just wanted to avoid trouble from adults. The Tetrad were very much in this camp - they were mostly middling in their classes, comfortably hovering around the third tier and occasionally bumping up or down one tier. And I'd just 'bumped' Tizzie Drake. The four had shared their tier three Religion class since they'd started as Scamps… and now they didn't. Apparently, Tizzie's poor scholarship was somehow my fault.

"This isn't over, princess," Nima snarled before our class discussion of altruism and noblesse oblige as taught by the Temple of the Darkstar.

"What did I do?" I asked meekly - though I quickly put two and two together. Since Tizzie and I had both been called for class reassignment that morning, it didn't take much imagination to discern the problem. "I didn't do anything to Tizzie!"

I feared reprisal that day, and yet reprisal never came… not until that evening, when Nima accosted me outside of Scamp Hall #5 as I returned for the evening. She didn't ambush me, not exactly.

She stormed over to me as my friends and I approached and started shouting. Feeling very on-edge from that morning, I'd returned with a group of friends, and any fight would have turned into a gang pile. Even if Nima brought her friends of backup, I had enough friends around to deter unprovoked aggression. Instead, she just berated me for being a 'fake Scamp', a 'Gionian princess', and a 'shifty Seelie'. That last one hurt the most because, while there wasn't any anti-Selenite sentiment in Floria, the small Kronojic contingent of Scamps was quite biased against us. I doubt there were more than three hundred of us in all of Floria, half of us rescued from the Auspicio, but that hardly mattered to the students from Kronoj, who still had very set opinions on my people.

"I'm not shifty, you… you dunce!" I shouted at Nima.

"I'm not a dunce, you rich Seelie snake!" Nima shouted back.

"I'm not a sna-"

My friends had to hold me back, or else I would have leapt at Nima and probably got myself bloodied up in the process. I was taller than Nima and we probably weighed about the same, but she had an innate scrappiness borne from living on the streets that I hadn't yet absorbed. Street kids usually know how to fight and, beyond that, they know how to fight dirty. Eventually, Nima and I calmed down, she stormed off, and that was that…


Of course, it wasn't just that - Nima had been serving as a distraction while her friends were inside. When we returned to our bunk, I found that the lock to my locker had been cracked open, my clothes scattered about, and my bunk pad stomped and spit upon. And my precious collection of books from my messenger work for Mrs. Choso? It was gone! I turned to see Tizzie Drake gloating over me with a self-satisfied smirk, and the look on her smug face shattered my veneer of composure.

"You stole my books!" I shrieked, and this time there was nobody to hold me back as I leapt at Tizzie.

As I've said before, Tizzie knew how to fight - and at the time, I didn't. Even so, she wasn't prepared for the insane fury of Alvixia Altorelli deprived of her precious books. I slammed into her, knocking the bigger girl back and clawing at her face, my little nails sharp and strong enough to draw blood. Tizzie cried out but soon regained her composure enough to push me back and sock me right in the mouth, hard enough to knock a loose baby tooth right out of my head and send me stumbling to the floor. She leapt on top of me, but I squirmed free and punched right back - though, from my poor position, all I managed to do was bloody her lip a bit. Then our evening sub-proctor, Hilaire, was on us, tossing the two of us apart, and shouting,

"Break it up - now!"

"She attacked me!" Tizzie shouted.

"She stole my books!" I screamed back.

"I don't care!" Hilaire snarled. "You want to act like little animals? Fine! Then you can spend the night outside like animals!"

"But-" I started.

"No buts! Out!"

And, with that, he grabbed me by the collar and dragged both of us right out of Scamp Hall #5, depositing us on either side of the front stoop before storming back in and locking the door behind him. And, at that very moment, lightning flashed across the deepening evening sky and it started to rain. I shot Tizzie the most hateful glare I could muster, she glared back, and then she flashed a bloody smile and tromped off into the evening.

And as for me? I was probably being foolish, but I followed her.


A note from CLRobison

The Greycloaks who provide marginal oversight for the Scamps do so as their work assignment. Most Greycloaks are given some form of leadership/administrative position, sometimes more than one. This can include:

--Responsibility over a Scamp Hall (generally shared with 2 other Greycloaks, with 3 Sneaks as assistants)
--Responsibility over a bunk crew (two Greycloaks plus twenty or so Sneaks)
--Responsibility over/within a Society (the specialty extracurricular groups within the Collegium)
--Working under a faculty member (e.g. library work, managing an alchemy lab, etc.)

The Greycloaks overseeing the Scamps are usually 15-16 years old, and so the level of consideration and nuance you can expect from them is on par with that of a competent camp junior counselor. That is to say, they take their jobs seriously, but they're still just reasonably competent and motivated teenagers. Thus, when they break up a dispute between Scamps, they're more interested in keeping things from escalating to where they'd need to involve an adult with authority than in discovering the nuances of who was responsible for what and who's bullying/attempting murder against whom.



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MrPappy ago

I hate to say this, but I honestly can’t hate the other kids for bullying Vix. Before I get burned at the stake, think about it from the other kids perspective. You’ve been going to this school for a long time, then all of a sudden this Gionian ‘princess’ comes in wearing a nice pretty dress, who can’t speak your language. She’s someone you don’t understand, but someone you know has more than you. The collegium also breeds a hazing culture, so it’s understandable that she’s pushed around a bit. Now this can be debated if this is a good or bad thing, however it exists, so for our purposes that’s all that matters.

Now fast forward a few weeks. This person who you’ve been hazing, specifically so that they would fit in, continues to alienate herself from you by creating a material divide between the two of you. From your perspective she is insistent on being better than you, and having nicer clothes than you. That difference between you is something you begin to hate, and you continually try to bring her down to your level. However the instructors around her, the people who breed the culture that you’re trying to make her fit into, are always on her side, and support her in going against the grain, going as far to reward her at your expense.

Hopefully in the chapters to come Vix can realize their perspective. However If she ends up cruelly beating them down I feel it would be an assassination of her character. She’s intelligent, and she should be able to solve this problem without bullying her bullies. Looking forward to see where this goes.

    CLRobison ago

    I'd push back on a few points. First, I wouldn't say the Collegium breeds a hazing culture so much as they tolerate it. This may be pedantic, though - to paraphrase Desmond Tutu: remaining neutral in matters of injustice is to side with the oppressor. There's no rule against hazing, so long as it doesn't step out of bounds... and, indeed, the very point may be to see when it does go out of bounds and who instigates it.

    I don't think Vix is being hazed to make her fit in, at least not explicitly. She's being hazed because she doesn't fit in, but bullying is more about forcing social submission out of somebody than it is to enforce conformity. In fact, bullies are often (but certainly not always) nonconformists themselves; violence itself often goes against the mores of 'polite' society. And I don't think the authorities are always on Vix's side. After all, when Oltzen and Tizzie tried to drown Vix (or maybe just scare her into thinking she was going to drown), the proctor was equally angry at all of them.

    That said, I think you're mostly on point with this critique on Vix and the events surrounding her bullying. The manner in which Vix responds to her aggressors is every bit as telling as the bullying itself is telling of the character of her bullies. If she responds to violence and social opprobrium with an escalation in violence and opprobrium, that means she accepts the basic validity of her bullies' methods and the question is only who can gain the upper hand using underhanded methods. If she tries something different, then it means something else, depending on the approach used.

    For my money, I'd guess that Vix's knack for leveraging social structures to her advantage may come into play.

      MrPappy ago

      Very true. I shouldn’t have assumed that the collegium builds a culture of hazing in the first place, however I do think that bullying is an integral part of their early education method, whether they mean for it to be or not. You can not be on the side of justice if injustice doesn’t exist, and it makes sense to expose them to injustice early on so they build a sense of justice. Sadly it seems that some of Vix’s classmates, personal reasons aside, have not cultivated that sense just yet.

      However, I do find it interesting, that if flipped around that statement “remaining neutral in matters of injustice is to side with the oppressor” applies to both Vix and her some of her bullies. While I do think that her early bullies are simply being mean to make themselves feel better, her new bullies (if they are entirely separate people. I’m quite bad at remembering names), have a very real reason to think there is an injustice being done to them, since there technically is. It’s a injustice of the system, yes, but they’re just kids, and they need someone to blame. Them attacking Vix and her friends because of this supposed injustice is actually in line with the collegium’s belief’s.

      It could be interesting in the future to see Vix realizing how she has affected Tizzie, and come to an agreement with her while learning something valuable about perspective and others. You could take it one step further, and have Vix help her with her studies so she can get back into the class. Simply put, Vix is a lot better at making friends and helping others, rather than beating them down and putting them in their place. Really looking forward to seeing how Vix solves this issue, and what she learns from it.

      Brell ago

      The class promotion/demotion system certainly makes for rivalries between students. Depending on personality, this can help with academics. It can also lead to friction, cheating, and despair in the students.

      I can see why the school does this. They fully expect to lose a fifth of their students before they reach their teens. The job the students are preparing for must be incredibly brutal to teach them such lessons.

      CLRobison ago

      That's certainly true. While there are good educational reasons for adjusting difficulty according to each student's advancement, having the advancement or demotion of each student be public and visible can be a source of rivalry and humiliation - and, like most people, kids don't like to be humiliated. Kids who can't deal with the hardships of being thrown right into the proverbial deep end might have plenty of potential in any number of areas, but they aren't well-suited for what Nurass and the Collegium are trying to build... whatever that might be.

    TenThousandSuns ago

    I considered reporting you for this honestly. This is pretty digusting victim blaming. "She’s intelligent, and she should be able to solve this problem without bullying her bullies." This is absolute nonsense. You could debate back and forth about the "fault" of young children in bad circumstances. Not really worth getting into. But a smart pre-teen child is almost never capable of resolving this level of bullying. The authority also isn't "always" on her side. Multiple instances where authority figures punished her or did the classic "everyone gets punished because I'm incapable of figuring out who was wrong" thing. Even the friendly priest basically told her her best bet was to beat them up.

    Sure in a totally artificial "story" she might find some clever trick by author fiat but for practical purposes this stuff never ends because the victim uses some fluffy big brain strategy. And this isn't even boring suburban inequality bullying. Her whole family is dead or enslaved. They all live a relatively sweet life at this, for the surroundings, fancy school. Are they gonna find some common ground and be bros? Please.

      MrPappy ago

      First off, I do not think what these characters are doing is right, rather I can see where they are possibly coming from. The big word here is perspective. These are just kids, all of whom are self centered in some way. IF you look at it from the bullies perspective, Vix is being pampered by authority, much like Vix may see that the adults are not punishing her bullies as much as she'd like. To the bullies, these instructors are always saving Vix and siding with her, since stupid bully brain says "If they stop me they are against me". Now, I will admit, that is a bit of a reach, so in total fairness It wasn't a great take, and I apologize for that.  However, I still don't think that the idea of beating up the bullies to make them stop is a good thing.

      If we look at this situation the people who need help here aren't Vix, but the bullies, because unsurprisingly perfectly happy people don't just bully others. Also, isn't it better to stop a problem at the source? While Vix is the one being bullied, and that's obviously bad, the bullies likely have a lot of issues too, and they handle those issues in bad ways, taking it out against others. But their issues don't matter, and their issues are ignored because they handle them differently, and they are the villains for it. Should bullying be accepted? Of course not. Bullies should obviously be stopped. However should the end all be all be to beat the bullies up? No, that's barbaric. Instead of bullying the bullies, isn't it better to at least TRY to help them. Vix's actions aren't what annoy me here, it's every other commenter's insistence on simply beating the bullies up, and acting like that's the only viable option! Vix isn't alone. She has friends who are smart and resourceful and she's smart herself. It is perfectly viable for her to handle this situation like a rational adult, and having an actual moment of character growth. Bullies aren't mindless animals to be beat down and triumphed over, they are people with a different life and a different perspective, and it's wrong to just beat them up and forget about them.

      Now, I can understand doing this in the real world, and I honestly would too. Self preservation comes first. However, this is a story, first and for most, and in my personal opinion it is a lot more engaging to see a characters work things out as individuals, instead of just beating each other to the ground. Simply beating up the bullies doesn't further Vix's character in any meaningful way, other than once again alienating herself from her peers. In my opinion, having her solve this in an actually intelligent way you be much more beneficial to her character. Your opinion may differ, however there isn't a whole lot I can do about that.

      TLDR: what the bullies are doing isn't right, but it's something I can understand. Their actions are somewhat understandable from their perspective. Just because I can guess where they are coming from, doesn't mean I agree with any of their actions. Also, just because they're bullies doesn't mean they aren't people. They have just as many problems as Vix does. Having Vix confront them in a non violent way would be more engaging to me than her just beating them to a pulp.

      D. Redbeard ago

      I'd agree and sympathize with everything you said, if they hadn't tried to drown her. The story is told by Vix in first-person, so everything is understandably seen through her eyes and colored by her emotions and perception of events, but a simple bully doesn't try to drown someone - this is attempted murder. I got roughhoused in the water plenty as a kid, but this was beyond extreme.

      Perhaps the author had written this part to be too real, which is a compliment if anything, but no argument can make me feel a shred of pity for her bullies and I hope they're not-so-peacefully dealt with.

      MrPappy ago

      I was going to argue that they did just get only bit rough, but upon re-reading the scene I do have to agree that they went WAY to far. However I still do think that they’re kids, making stupid decisions, and should be treated as such, even if those decisions are more dangerous than normal. Neither do I think beating them up will be the best course of action for either parties. I simply hope that Vix can triumph over them without indulging into poorly written power fantasy.

      D. Redbeard ago

      It's understandable for Vix to try to resolve things in an acceptably non-violent way, even if only for character growth and storytelling.

      I can only imagine how I'd deal with it in the same situation, but that's me considering things from an adult's perspective. It's difficult to really contemplate while trying to stay immersed in a kid's point of view because of how out of the norm it is for someone of that age, to my sensibilities at least.

      MrPappy ago

      Yeah having things being told from the perspective of a child can really muddy the waters, since your also dealing with a biased narrator.

      And honestly from a real world standpoint I can both see and not see kids doing something like this. I can probably say I did much worse to my brothers when I was a kid, but I definitely didn't mean to nor was it out of a bad place in my heart. Obviously thats a different situation but thr point still stands. Kids can get really angery sometimes and do stupid shit, or simply even be mean to others for fun. While they should be punished for that behavior i don't think they shouldn't be treated like villains. That does more harm than good down the road.

      TenThousandSuns ago

      You did much worse than attempted murder after a prolonged campaign of bullying? Well I guess we see why you side with the bullies so heavily. This isn't a back and for equal power kid fight. This is 1 person vs 6ish with one person not doing anything wrong.

      These kids are being trained as pirates and killers. You know that right? In a backwards shithole medieval world. They aren't gonna get 10 hours of therapy a week at $200 an hour.

      95% of all bullying is resolved in 2 ways. Retaliatory violence, though usually yhe bullies simply find a weaker target in this case, or physically separating, whether families moving, or changing schools or other stuff like that.

      Moreover Vix is not an adult. She is a child who had her entire family murdered or enslaved due to unfair racial/ethnic prejudice very recently. I won't name the obvious historical comparison to this situation. But yeah she should handle this like a rational adult. The dumbest part of what you said is that you imply there is a "rational adult solution" to this situation which there probably isn't.

      Even modern educational institutions don't resolve bullying in a mutually beneficial manner. Much less a child in the situation of the MC.

      MrPappy ago

      1: As a kid I inadvertently busted my brothers head open (busted is a rather strong word, however I’ll use it to further fuel your idea’s of me as a terrible person), chipped one of his teeth, got into fights with him countless times, and overall was a dumb kid. Kids do dumb shit, it’s a fact of life.

      2: Yes. I’m aware. Which is why I can understand their actions, and it’s why I don’t think it right to paint them as terrible villains who should be beat up. They’re kids, doing what society has taught them to do. I’m sorry but that’s just not evil to me. To answer you’re 1 v 6 fight point, I don’t think it’s fair. However life isn’t fair, for any of these characters, and by this logic nothing that the bullies are doing is wrong, because they’re doing what they’ve been taught.

      3: And is this the right way to do things? To me it looks like in 95% of cases absolutely NOBODY gives a shit about the victim or the bully, which is fucked up. Having to beat up the bully isn’t something we should be happy about. I’m aware it happens in real life, but in my opinion it’s just not compelling storytelling.

      4: In my opinion, having a character grow as a character is a lot more interesting than just beating up the bully and being triumphant. Now, can Vix beat up her bullies? Sure. As long as something actually meaningful happens afterwards, where they come to understand each other better as people, or Vix grows as a person, I have no qualms with it. That’s how you write a story. Character growth is what drives a story forward. Simply beating up a bad guy is not character growth, at least not in this case.

      5: Once again, this is an issue and it shouldn’t be taken as a matter of fact. If we settle for compliance nothing will ever change. As I’ve stated before, I don’t think that having her simply just beat up her bullies would be very good storytelling. You’re free to disagree.

      This turned out longer than I would have liked, however I find it necessary to defend myself here, especially when you’re attacking me when I’m just trying to have a discussion. If you want to have an actual debate on this topic, I will gladly oblige you, however throwing shade isn’t going to help either of us. If you want to insult me outright, be my guest, however I won’t be replying if you do.

      TenThousandSuns ago

      Look, you're the one who said you did worse stuff than intentionally trying to drown someone. So you personally attacked yourself? Woops.

      This isn't a 21st century elementary school. Yes, you could make up a totally insane plotline where somehow a bunch of street trash orphans trained as pirates will have character growth. I mean as an author the author can do whatever they want. Except make "solving" this bullying problem not ridiculous. Luckily the author has more sense than you and wrote a plot where the bullies are expelled. Because as we've covered before 95% of bullying, in 21st century first world countries even, much less the setting of this story, is resolved by separation or violence and not character growth.

      MrPappy ago

      I’m not really sure what your argument here is. First off I do enjoy the ending for this arc, and I think it handled the bulling in a compelling way. If that’s what your saying I agree with you. As for having character growth, yeah, a character better have character growth in a story. What’s the point of having the arc included in the first place if the character doesn’t grow from it? I’m not sure what your point there is.

      My original point was that I hoped the story didn’t devolve into power fantasy, which would happen if Vix cruelly beat up her bullies, which she didn’t. She cleverly concocted a plan to get back at them, which in this story is more entertaining than the other alternatives. She doesn’t have to be nice to them, as long as the story treats them as more than punching bags. If we both agree on that I don’t see what we’re arguing over.

      CLRobison ago

      I'm going to lock this thread, because I don't think any productive dialog is going to happen here.

XystOblivion ago

Man, I can’t stand bullies. Just reading about what Vix has to go through makes me see red, especially the last part where her belongings were trampled and her books stolen and possibly destroyed. I’ve only been subject to bullying twice in my life and both times I responded with utter vitriol to the other party, letting them know through less than gentle means that they would not be able to pick on me without inciting punishing physical violence. I look forward to the chapter when Vix ‘deals’ with these bullies in one way or another.

    CLRobison ago

    Yes, the bullying arc definitely got a lot of emotional responses. I experienced some instances of bullying in school, but nothing to the extent of what Vix did. I'm sure Vix will extract her revenge in one way or another, and I doubt she'll ever forget those responsible.

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