Evolution Re:start

Evolution Re:start


Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

An alien virus changes things on earth for good.

William is given a second chance at life, to go 15 years into the past in order to stop humanity from completely falling apart. If failing that, he at least wants enough power to protect those important to him this time around.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Word Count (8)
Top List #1000
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
49 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
001 - Homecoming ago
002 - Moving On ago
003 - Getting the Ball Rolling ago
004 - Heritage ago
005 - An Old Friend ago
006 - The Virus ago
007 - Birds ago
008 - Forging Ahead ago
009 - Spending Money ago
010 - A Short Trip ago
011 - The Neural-Chip Corporation ago
012 - A Little Operation ago
013 - Back Again ago
014 - Preparations ago
015 - The Day Arrives ago
016 - A Cold Dish ago
017 - A Long Day ago
018 - Star Fall ago
019 - News ago
020 - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life ago
021 - Next Stop ago
022 - The Ground Station ago
023 - Fight Night at the Ground Station ago
024 - Surveying the Land ago
025 - The First Evolution ago
026 - The First Evolution (2) ago
027 - State of Affairs ago
028 - Bloodline and Abilities ago
029 - New Developments in the City ago
030 - Visitors ago
031 - Rush ago
032 - Waiting in the Park ago
033 - Returning with a Haul ago
034 - Starlight Colloquy ago
035 - Mall of Hope ago
036 - Entering Nirvana ago
037 - Toronto Water & Zombie Crisis Conference 2027 ago
038 - First Parasite, Going to Green Water ago
039 - Clearing the Way ago
040 - Ups and Downs at the Plant ago
041 - Final Day at Green Water ago
042 - Alien? ago
043 - Put to Rest ago
044 - Leaving Green Water, Diana's Evolution ago
045 - Reminiscing ago
046 - Coma ago
047 - Updates ago
048 - A Typical Day ago

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I dislike the main character

Reviewed at: 036 - Entering Nirvana

Alright, this review is pretty annoying to write, because the premises are pretty cool, and the technical writing is done very well. However, it fell apart for me, and I don't think I can keep on reading, for one specific reason : the main character. 

I'm not the type of person to obsess over the best possible choices, or acting perfectly rational, but his actions just are so extremely frusturating, over and over again, and there isn't any progression either; he seems to learn nothing despite literally coming from the future. 

I apologize for the relatively low rating, but I do want to express my frusturation with this story without leaving an anonymous rating and no feedback. 


Fantastic new twist to Lit/Evo stories

Reviewed at: 048 - A Typical Day

The author does a great job of putting a twist on the LitRPG/Evolution genre.

The grammar and writing is well throughout, with the occasional typo.

The world building is great, with small switches in perspective it shows the readers just how drastically the Earth has CHANGED. There is also flashbacks in Will's memory (flash forwards?) that give the reader an idea of what the world will turn into with this virus running rampant.

The characters have been very enjoyable. Donny's my boy! The author does well at adding in many characters but depicting which few are the important ones.

So far this first arc has been intense and absolutely fascinating! I find myself curious about the changes Will has caused and what potiential parasites are lurking out there with unique abilities! While it may seem to start slow things pick up very quickly.

Overall this was a really good read and I have very high hopes for its future. It felt refreshing to read something new and unique. I couldn't put it down and ended up finishing it in a few days. I am very excited for the next arc of this story and hope the quality stays consistent.

If you are debating checking this story out... DO IT!!!


Solid Idea Ruined By Details

Reviewed at: 017 - A Long Day

The story idea is solid.  A post-apocalyptic survivor sends his consiousness back in time fifteen years to prepare for the future.  While it isn't explained how his knowledge is sent back that is okay.  Also the symbiotic parasites that have been mentioned seemed really promising.

The problems are what he does when he goes back.  He starts hoarding cash, since the Canadian Dollar is going to remain strong when most of the world dies.  He does stockpile food, which his buddy shows on social media, making them huge targets.  His idea of weapons is two pistols, which could be okay since superpowers have been hinted at.  The authors stereotypical Chinese family I found rather insulting, especially the depiction of the main characters mother.

Overall an OK story premise, but the annoying details made me stop reading.


Overall: A rather solid story lacking a thorough plot. There's conflict to survive, but many characters fall into insignificance and are more placeholder and plot elements than characters. The viral enhancement and parasitic "cultivation" is rather novel compared to most progression fantasy mechanics. There is aspects of LitRpg but it's been well relegated to being an easy way to keep track of powers and progression, rather than being a senseless list to bloat words and enhance the power fantasy.

Style: The least part of the story. Really cripples my immersion into the story, the author focuses on the right things but doesn't describe enough depth for my immersion. As well a lot of Dialogue feels stilted and artificial. Still comprehensible but a significant detractor.

Story: Quite enjoyable. The basic plot of trying to prevent the worst detractors of humanity while preserving your morality, is a great conflict and plot. While many of the antagonists are currently lacking, and the plot line would be a mess, the basic premise is used really well. 

Grammar: There isn't any intrusive errors, though the style may be covering up some of it.

Character: Lacking, while the small bits of characterization goes rather far, only the deuteragonist has any noticeable personality. All other character have been ignored and the protagonist is lacking in a personality.

Additionally: While knowing the big names of future importance makes sense there's a lack of locational villains. Of future relevance we have Canadian Bioterrorist Supreme, Captain Canada, and Two Pricks that did Something. There is nothing personal that happening.


Unique System and Setting

Reviewed at: 013 - Back Again

I quite like that it's not the standard introduction of a system. The author also uses technology that's already available or soon to be developed (in a believable way) to introduce or expand it.

I'm quite curious how it will turn out from this baseline.

Stylewise I don't mind anything, but I'm using mostly the phone, so I don't know how it is for Fullscreen PC reading. 

I rly hope this story continues, I'm always glad when I see it updated.


The world is paper that offers no resistance to MC's actions. This sort of snaps the suspension of disbelief as soon as you start encountering things that you've seen before. Other characters just sort of yield before the main characters actions, which isn't really great for making them seem like more than just cheap filling.


This is the first time I've encountered this method of gaining power and I find it interesting if a little gross. The MC is driven as most in restart situations are and I found some of his preventative measures to be very appropriate. How the differences occur in this timeline due to the MCs actions will be a big factor in going forward. Still not sure about the chicken...


The world building in well done.  You get the info but not all at once so you can absorb it.  The main charicter is relatable, with good and bad points to his personality. He is very human and not so overpowered.  Like many driven people his harshest critic is himself, he knows he has weaknesses and strives to compensate for them.  He leverages his best advanage which is knowledge not power to move forward toward his goals.

I would like to see more moments/flashbacks with the girl friend (Sarah?) of happy times they shared.  We know he loves her but if we see flashes of the happyness they shared we can get a better insight into what is feuling his impressive determination? I liked what I saw of her in the begining even though it was brief.  At her death but she used it to save him (standard story line) but what struck me is that not only did she save him she expressed both love and possessiveness, she wanted him back.  So many times the female charicters do not state clearly what I think everyone wants to hear, especially men "I love you, I want you, this one is MINE." We see laced through the story times when he thinks of her and thinks so highly of her.  Could show us a moment were she she strait up tells him she wants him to be her friend, partner, and lover.  I think that would make it a stronger story. I am looking forward to the next chapter to be posted.


A cool, unique and realistic? system

Reviewed at: 036 - Entering Nirvana

I like this series for the system, this system is essentially a virus that acts as a catalyst that speeds up evolution, plus parasites and symbiotes.

This system is, IMO, probably the most realistic growth/personal power system ever? cuz we as living beings evolved with parasites and symbiotes that (although mostly cellular in size) expand our capabilities.

TL;DR: I like the series cuz system is unique and mostly realistic


Very solid story and main character

Reviewed at: 018 - Star Fall

Really like where the story is going. MC makes interesting, practical and realistic choices given their jump back in time. 

I'm enjoying the MC abandoning the consequences of their actions due to the impending semi-apocolypse. 

I really like the authors style and hope they dive into some other characters viewpoints deeper.