July 11, 2027 - 7:08 AM

After splitting up with Will, Donny drove off to another rental service. This one had smaller vehicles for rent. He rented out four ATVs, four UTVs, four off-road motorcycles, and four snowmobiles—two of each for Donny and Will to use and two as backup.

After leaving them the compound's address to transport the vehicles and ensuring that they would make the deliveries today, Donny went to yet another rental agency. This one, however, was a little more specialized and the website said that it was frequently used by diplomats. They rented out armored vehicles. Donny rented out an armored SUV and jeep, and had them sent to the compound as well.

Donny returned home afterwards.

"You're up awfully early today." His father commented from the kitchen when he walked in. "Are you joining us for breakfast? I'm making waffles."

Donny was about to decline but realized that they may not have a chance to sit down and eat with his family for a long time. Plus, they were having waffles.

"Sure." Donny agreed. "You still remember our appointment later today, right?"

"Of course. It's your future." His father said as he plated a waffle. "But I still think it'd be better if you get your diploma first before joining the army."

"I haven't decided on joining yet." Donny shook his head. "I want to check it out first before I decide. Daniel is still coming, right?"

"Don't worry, the family will be there for the tour. It's a big decision after all."

"Cool, cool." Donny said, turning around and heading upstairs to his room. He needed to pack his things.

"Wake your mother up while you're at it." His father called after him.


July 11, 2027 - 9:43 AM

<Hello?> A sleepy voice came from the other side of the phone.


<It's summer dude, why are you calling me so early in the morning?> Mikey let out a tired yawn.

"I'll be dropping by later at around four-ish. I'm giving you a heads up before you plan anything for today."

<Kay.> Mikey grunted, still half asleep.

"Remember, around 4, so don't go out and leaving me hanging, bro."

<I heard you.>

"You can go back to sleep now, princess."


Donny hung up and went down his contact list of close friends. He dialed the next number.

"Hey, Aaron."

The conversations that followed were very similar to the one he just had.

July 11, 2027 - 11:01 AM

Donny returned to the compound to see a cluster of vehicles parked outside the gate. He opened up the gate and took them all into the large garage, one by one. After finishing up, he brought all his luggage he had packed into his room in the house. Donny then armed himself and took out the armored jeep.

It was going to get dangerous from here on out.

July 11, 2027 - 12:35 PM

Donny was masked up and wore gloves as he drove into the underground parking lot of a building that his uncle worked at. He retrieved a box from the trunk and placed it into the dumpster before driving off.

He repeated this same task at a few other places, one of them a building that Will had told him to stop by.

July 11, 2027 - 2:14 PM

"Hello, Mrs. Lee? This is Donny."

<Donny? Do you know where William is? His cellphone is off and I can't call him.> Mrs. Lee asked, sounding a little angry.

"Yeah, that's why I'm calling you. I'm sending you an address and you need to go there right now, okay?"

<What? What happened?> Now sounding a little worried.

"You'll find out once you go to the address. I'm going to hang up and text it to you."

<Okay, text it to me.>

After hanging up and texting the address to Mrs. Lee, Donny took out a voice changer he used for his Halloween costume and found an isolated payphone.

July 11, 2027 - 2:25 PM

James Singh left the break room and was on his way back to his desk when he discovered a large commotion in the office. He noticed his supervisor having an animated chat with the branch manager as people began to leave the office.

"Hey, Chloe. What's going on?" He asked a co-worker who was passing by him.

"We need to vacate the building, someone called in a bomb threat! Mr. Hamilton wanted to ignore it but Lucas took it seriously and they found a box full of dangerous substances in the dumpster downstairs. Now they're evacuating everyone and the police are on the way."

A bomb threat! James was alarmed.

"Wow that's...crazy."

"I know, right? What kind of sick son of a bitch would target a company that sells paper and school supplies."

"Only a deranged psychopath." Another co-worker commented and James nodded in agreement as he joined them in evacuating.

Everyone hurriedly went downstairs and they cleared the area around the office building, standing a good distance away.

They stood around for a while as the police arrived, investigated and asked questions. They were soon sent home early and James couldn't believe what a crazy day he had. But when he arrived home, he found the last person he would expect to see getting out of their car.

"Mrs. Lee? What are you doing here?"

"Do you know where William is? His friend called me and told me to come here."

At that moment, James' phone rang.

"I don't know, but just give me a second." He said, pulling out his phone. The caller ID displayed it as an unknown caller. "Hello?"

<James? Are you at home?>

"Will? Yes, your mom is here too."

<Good. I need you to listen to me. Take her inside and don't let her leave, no matter what.>

"What's going on?"

<I'm not sure but I heard something about a terrorist attack or something.> Will said.

Terrorist? Does this have something to do with the bomb threat at work? James was a little terrified now.

"Is that William?" Mrs. Lee asked.

"Yes, just hold on a second, Mrs. Lee." James held up his hand. "What are you talking about, Will?"

<Something crazy is going on around the city, just stay inside and don't leave the house. Also, I was stashing a bag in your garage. You should go in there and find it, it might come in handy.>

"I don't understand."

<Just tell my mom I'll be there soon, I need to go now.>


"What did William say?" Mrs. Lee asked.

"He said he'll be here soon. How about we go inside first?"

The two went inside and Vivian was extremely surprised to see her mother. James went into the garage as Will had said and found a duffle bag in one of the cupboards. When he looked inside, he found a gun.

"What the hell is going on?"

July 11, 2027 - 4:03 PM

Donny's heart was still beating furiously when he arrived in front of the home of Will's relative. He almost jumped when his phone rang.

"Jesus." He picked it up. "Hello, dad?"

<Donny, where are you? We're already at the military base.>

"Uh...I'm stuck in traffic." Donny made up an excuse. "I'll be there soon, just wait for me. Uh, is Daniel there too?"

<Yes, he's here, do you need to talk to your brother?>

"Nope, I'm on my way right now."

<Alright, see you soon.>

Donny hung up and approached the door, he could hear howling coming from the other side. Will's grandpa opened the door before he could even ring the bell.

"Settle down, Little B."

Donny heard the old man say something to the dog in Cantonese.

"Yo, Grandpa Wong. I'm here to take you to Vivian's house."

"Vivian?" The old man was confused as to why they were going to his granddaughter's home but went along anyways. "Okay, go."

"We're taking Broski too." Donny said when the old man was about the close the door.

"Little B? Why?" Now he was even more confused. After some back and forth, Donny got the him to bring the dog along. But at the mention of bringing the dog food as well they had another back and forth. Eventually, Donny somehow managed to convince the old man to let him take some of the bags of dog food.

On the way to their destination, Donny ran into something that after all those months of planning, they had not accounted for. Toronto's traffic.

"Shit...there's actually traffic." Donny muttered.

After being stuck in traffic for a good 15 minutes and having to listen to Grandpa Wong hum to himself, Donny decided to pick up the satellite phone and dial Will.

"We've got a little unexpected problem on our side." Donny said.

<What is it?>

"We ran into traffic. A lot of traffic."

<How long do you think it'll take?>

"Not sure. A while?" There was a moment of silence as Will took his time to think on the other side. Donny checked the time on the dashboard—4:30 PM. When he looked up again, something immediately caught his eye. "Uh...I think we've got another problem. A big one."


"Take a look the sky."


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