Forging his own destiny

by Anuel

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Warning This fiction contains:
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Story Author: Anuel

Flubbykin (active)

Chapters Proofread: 1-7; 28-39; 42-117; 120-133; 169-178; 197 - 211, 220-earliest)

Ah, the world, the multi-universe made of perfect cycles. Cycles, which the only purpose is to purify soul – release it from the burden of its memories and experience, the process, that would let the soul be reincarnated again, to experience new life.

The world is being born, it is being populated by souls, the smaller and bigger, the world would die and be reshaped anew. In a cycle. A never-ending process.

Since the dawn of time, since the countless cycles, the pool of soul was closed, a soul that died could be reincarnated only within a System of its Administrator. Until now.

Join us in our story of a single soul which because of certain events could no longer be reincarnated in its original world – being forced to be transferred into Universe ruled another Administrator – another God in world full of Fantasy and Magic, watch him casting aside his previous restriction and try living his life to the fullest… thought someone, somewhere, may have different plans for this weird, weird soul.

Ps. There are game elements here



Disclaimers and warnings:

-          This story uses clichés. Like, lots of it.

-          I am not a native English speaker, so my grammar may not be best (It actually is pretty horrible). First 80 or so chapters are a true butchery for eyes and I admit it. Shouldn’t I correct them then? I should. Why am I not doing it? Who knows. Maybe one day I will.

-          This story is pretty much an experiment. I try different perspectives, different styles, I can make some random Deus-ex-machina if I would consider that I made mistake in the story and decide to change it.

-          This story is written for pure fun, if you expect some mind-blowing plots and conspiracy of top-level authors – then you will be most likely disappointed.

-          Easter eggs. Easters eggs everywhere. Every now and then you will be able to spot single events, characters and lines of text that belong in different stories/mangas/movies/books and such. Of course, they do not belong to me but to the owners, though I am not listing them – I am sorry, but if you need to be told from where line comes, we won’t be friends.

-          And finally. The story is written for you and WITH YOU. If you have any suggestions, events, characters, skills, class… ANYTHING… you wish to see, please – tell me. In best case scenario I would use them, in worse – I would just not implement them, so what do you lose?



Guyz I owe my thanks for their contribution:


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  • Overall Score

First, let me say the novel is very good and I recommend you to read it. It is better than most of the novels on this site. I did not give the novel full score because the story does not have a future, in other words, a failed novel unless the Writer avoids it. So I will come later and fix my review if not then my review stand.


I am 100% sure the writer will not finish this story, it will just happen one day that he will stop and that all. If he decided to finish it will be a rushed conclusion.  He is going to finish it in just two chapters and this what I hate the most. when writers stretch their stories to an unbelievable length, for example, he spent more than 200 chapter just to make the MC gain 10 levels. The writer, later on, will Make the MC gain 1000 levels in one chapter and the story will end then because at the time the writer will be fed up from his own novel and he wants to complete the novel in any form. All of that because he wasted all his effort into useless things at the beginning of the novel. There are already more than 300 chapters and the MC level is 22. So please put a structure for your novel in regard to how many levels he can gain every few chapters.


You made him go in a journey to train and we have not seen any meaningful training just the opposite, the MC went on a journey to train but after he went on the journey he decided he does not want to train. I am sure later on you will make the MC stronger in one night after you spent your whole novel saying that strength comes gradually. So please do not make gaining power difficult because later you fell in the hole you dig by yourself.  


At the beginning of the novel, the MC refused his old world because he wants everything in life to be achieved by his own effort. After the Gods sent him to this new world but he has not accomplished a thing, everything was given to him and he is still complaining. The writer tried to Make the MC as an able person, and he is the biggest cheat in the novel. 300 chapters have gone and he has not used his body, magic, alchemy to the fullest of his capability and just been leaching on his cheat   

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Forging his own destiny?

Stopped at c25. The story started out great regarding backround and world settign but made its firsg mistakes fast. The MC's backround and personality were set up as very independant prideful to make it to the top with his own sweat and blood he was offered handouts but refused! But what happens is he starts getting handouts right away.. a good camp ground. Exp advantage. Healing of injuries. Berserk buff from a goddess when hes in danger. A freaking archdevil summon crow to watch over his ass. And so forth... The story background does not match the story. I still made it to the race change with lowering excitement, the race change and concept are quite good but the penalty for it in shifting emotions is very detrimental to the story after and quickly bored of overlooking backround flaws.  Props to the author for his writing consistency.

Gnome Dewplum
  • Overall Score

Worth the language barier.

Just finished catching up, and I'm thuroughly enjoying the story so far.  The language can be a bit more work, due to english not being author's first language, but totally worth the work.  Much appreciation to author-sama, hope you're getting the cuddles you deserve.

  • Overall Score
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I love it!! I agree that the grammar is not that amazing at the beginning, but the story and the comedy make grammar insignificant! The author is a brilliant person, being able to write something amazing from a cliché beginning. A well-deserved 5 star review from me!



  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

So. Rant time. I love this story, the world, the feel, and the characters. I thoroughly enjoy the authors notes and the pacing. Now, while its grammar starts off sub par (kinda hard to follow, but worth it) you can watch the progression of Anuel's English proficiency improve leaps and bounds from where it starts all the way to chapter 286, my current chapter. Now yes, there are some characters that could use more depth, there is always more world building that could be done, and there are more characters that could use more screen time (looking at you Sebastian), it's still an excellent story in and of itself. 

Props to you Anuel, you got me to only read one story for a week. Only think about one story for a week. Dammit I want moar chapters.

10/10 would read over and over.

Gisele is love. Pyrox is life.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

The story had a great beginning, and I was sucked in. The characters in the beginning were fun, the storyline was interesting ~ I thoroughly enjoyed the story. But now, after around the 100 chappy mark, it's getting really hard to read. The main fact is that the MC, while a smart, intelligent and clever young man is a whiner. During the entire story, he was a whiner. And seeing as there was no change in over 100 chapters, he may always be a whiner. He seems to hate training, and is wimpy the whole time. Keep in mind that his character wants to become as strong as the gods who sent him here. Seeing the entire book is 300 chapters atm, and that around chapter 100 he struggled against some kobolds I don't know how he's going to reach his goals. I'm going to give this the benefit of the doubt however, since I currently just dont have it in me to read the last chapters here (Meaning Im rating this a bit higher than I normally would). So look up readers, it may get better but I've lost interest. Good luck author ~  the story is good but the MC just doesnt seem to have it in him to reach his goals. He is wimpy. Everything else about the story is great. I love the way you made his alter egos a thing and for that I may just pick up the story later and rewrite this review. But in your next story give your MC some more will power - your current one has will power on and off and doesn't give a crap about training. That last fact is probably the most annoying for me. Ciao!

  • Overall Score
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Great story, I love how the character who came from our realm never lost his humor (puns, jokes, name drops) from earth. The break of the fourth wall is comical and refreshing. At a few points it confuses one and I have to reread to get clarification. But all in all, good development on story and character growth. I know grammar is a pain now and then and it sometimes breaks the flow and visualization of the story. But good rewards come when you continue with this story! I’m excited to read more!

  • Overall Score

so its a good story the author is not a native english speaker so early chapters are rough but luckily that improved alot with editors. Alot of the charecters a actually 3 dimensional but he refuses to drop POV's and keeps bringing them back for pointless filller which cluters the amount of people at times. Mc and his gf have a weird dynamic thats doesnt quite match his personality, yes he loves her but seriously that doesnt explain him turning into her bitch constantly. but outside him taking abuse even with his background without legitimate complaint they have a good chemistry. Action is done decently and so are the story arcs.

  • Overall Score

I love this novel it's got a unique main character with characters that actually ducking matter I like how the MC gave up on Ruby and now focuses more on just giving her a hard time instead of being a cocky hypocrite and killing what's his face I also like how the audience is actually listened to when asked for an opinion keep it up Anuel ur my favorite on RRL right now!

  • Overall Score
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Its improved a lot especially the grammar

I started reading this story when there were about 195 chapters out. As I was reading there were several issues I encountered to mention when I caught up as part of this review, almost entirely having to do with the grammer and the way things were organized on the page. By the time I cought up most of the issues I've had were fixed, the main one was dialog in the early chapters not using " " which made reading extremely difficult. The only current I can think of at the moment is the yellow for one of the sins, its very difficult to read especially on my phone and made me have to highlight the lines to understand what was being said.


As far as the story goes I like it. The main character has flaws and while powerful isn't extremely OP, he takes a pretty realistic approach and seems to still remember his goal of enjoying himself despite everyone urging him to devote all his time to training. Also I feel his developement is too sporatic. He has several branches of magic and a magical all powerful book of spells yet is focused on improving his strength and close combat skills. 

I like the familiars and hope they get a bit more screentime(page time?) but the whole devil thing it makes sense he doesn't bring them all out all the time.


Overall I really have enjoyed the story and most of the issues that truly bothered me have been improved upon by the time I caught up. It looks like this story has been going for almost a year and a half at this point and I hope it keeps going and keeps improving. If you get a chance consider going back through the earlier chapters and fixing some things mainly the dialog having "" around it so you can tell when a conversation ends and when thoughts begin. But since I've already gotten through that part just keep writing new readers can suffer just like me.