How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis

by mooderino

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

What if you were transported to a fantasy world with no special abilities, no OP weapons and no status screen to boost your stats? Never mind finding the dragon’s treasure or defeating the Demon Lord, you only need to worry about one thing—how to stay alive.

A group of young Brits wake up in a strange, fantastical land with creatures from myth and legend. They are given archaic weapons they don't know how to use and told to do their best.

Convinced it has to be some kind of virtual reality RPG, all the people summoned form parties and set off on their adventures, leaving behind the people nobody wants in their group.

Story of my life, thinks Colin.


BOOK 10: Welcome Home

Chapters released twodays a week (Tuesdsay and Thursday).

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Where Are We? ago
2. Breathe ago
3. Welcoming Committee ago
4. Fight or Fight ago
5. Player One Ready? ago
6. FAQ ago
7. Equip Weapon ago
8. Dressed To Impress ago
9. Party Up ago
10. Welcome To Probet ago
11. Taking Stock ago
12. Let's Eat ago
13. Room For One More? ago
14. Game Plan ago
15. Walk On The Wild Side ago
16. Let's Make A Deal ago
17. Not Excalibur ago
18. Lock And Load ago
19. A Hunting We Will Go ago
20. Kill The Wabbit ago
21. May I Take Your Coat? ago
22. A Gift From Prometheus ago
23. Then There Were Three ago
24. Good Hunting ago
25. Let's Get Salty ago
26. Equipment Upgrade ago
27. Shrek 2 ago
28. Choose Your Own Adventure ago
29. Into The Woods ago
30. Got To Catch 'Em All ago
31. A New Challenger Has Appeared ago
32. Prepare To Fight ago
33. Monster Hunter 1.0 ago
34. Teach Me, Master ago
35. Monster Hunter 2.0 ago
36. Loot Roll ago
37. Behind The Curtain ago
38. Farewell To Probet ago
A Word From The Author ago
39. Journey To The West ago
40. Needs Must ago
41. The Farmer's Wife ago
42. There's No Such Thing ago
43. When You Got To Go ago
44. Then A Hero Comes Along ago
45. Sword Art Offline ago
46. Rogue Ogre ago
47. The Goodbye Girls ago
48. Fengarad City Limits ago
49. The Commander And The Princess ago
50. Welcome To Fengarad ago
51. The Emporium Of Needs And Desires ago
52. Man On A Mission ago
53. Frog Capture Plan ago
54. Win Lose Draw ago
55. It's Nice To Be Wanted ago
56. Wait For It ago
57. By Royal Appointment ago
58. A Wild Princess Appears ago
59. Book Smarts ago
60. Sword Smarts ago
61. Last One Out ago
62. Save The Frog ago
63. Gone Fishin' ago
64. Let's Talk About Sex, Baby ago
65. Dudley Done Right ago
66. Together Again ago
67. Meet The Family ago
68. Waiting For A Star To Fall ago
69. Trial By Fire ago
70. Tin Man ago
Another Word From The Author ago
A Little News ago
71. Lizard Blizzard ago
72. The Mandy Project ago
73. Night Of The Living Zombers ago
74. Zomber, Please ago
75. Hope Versus Expectation ago
76. Tunnels & Trolls ago
77. Breakout ago
78. Troll-In-Chief ago
79. Dungeons & Divas ago
80. Gutted ago
81. Sunny Side Up ago
82. Welcome To Dargot ago
83. Dinner With The Devil ago
84. No Deal Or Deal ago
85. A Word Of Warning ago
86. Trouble In The City ago
87. Kizwat's Silver Hammer ago
88. The Flossie Show ago
89. Locked In ago
90. Assault On Pickled Gherkin ago
91. The Doctor Is In ago
92. The Waiting Game ago
93. Stone Cold ago
94. Back To Mine ago
95. The Tao Of Colin ago
96. Blind Man's Bluff ago
97. The Word Of God ago
98. Walking Through Walls ago
99. She Afraid ago
100. Diplomatic Immunity ago
More words from the author ago
Book 4 Starts Tomorrow ago
101. Colin of the F.O. ago
102. Chain Gang ago
103. Tripping ago
104. Grief Encounters ago
105. A Bridge Too Near ago
106. Washed Up ago
107. Brassed Off ago
108. Welcome To Monsterland ago
109. Beware The Jabberwock ago
110. The Worm Turns ago
111. Heroes Of Myth And Legend ago
112. Dog Day Afternoons ago
113. Man Vs Wild ago
114. Get Lucky ago
115. Enola Gay ago
A Week Off ago
116. Follow The Leader ago
117. Blast Off ago
118. Dragon Ball F ago
119. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King ago
120. King Worm ago
121. Castle In The Air ago
122. Sympathy For The Archfiend ago
123. My Dinner With Angry ago
124. Way Of The Beast ago
125. Face To Face ago
126. Room For Truth ago
127. Mask ago
128. Welcome Back ago
129. Revelations ago
130. Here Comes The Bride ago
131. The Only Girl In The World ago
End of Book 4 Wrap Up ago
HTADDB Schedule Update ago
132. All At Sea ago
133. A Drop In The Ocean ago
134. One Up ago
135. Jester Of Your Dreams ago
136. Lay Of The Land ago
137. Death From Above ago
138. Head In The Clouds ago
139. Sorcerers Vs Warlocks ago
140. Time Of Your Life ago
141. Born To Run ago
142. All You Need Is Phil ago
143. How To Make Fiends And Influence People ago
144. Plan Of Attack ago
145. The Disorient Express ago
146. Yuqi Yuqi Yuqi ago
147. Back Once Again For The Renegade Master ago
148. Come Here Often? ago
149. Forever? Forever, Ever? ago
150. Destiny Calling ago
Short Break ago
151. Revolution Road ago
152. Say Hello To My Little Friend ago
153. Claire Knows It All ago
154. Democracy Inaction ago
155. Manual Override ago
156. Collision Course ago
157. Galvanise ago
158. In It To Win It ago
159. Face Your Demons ago
160. A New Hope ago
161. Welcome To Nekromel ago
162. Saviour Of The Universe ago
163. Walls Have Ears ago
164. Treasured ago
165. Block Rocking Beats ago
166. A Bad Feeling ago
167. Square Peg ago
168. Sweep The Leg ago
169. Dad Talk ago
170. Free your Mind ago
171. A Winning Plan ago
172. In The Huddle ago
173. Martyr Dome ago
174. Betray You, Betray Me ago
175. The Long Way Home ago
176. Roguelike ago
No chapter today ago
177. Better The Devil You Know ago
178. Out Of The Box ago
179. Yuqi In The Sky With Diamonds ago
180. Don't Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again ago
Book 5 Wrap-up Post ago
Book 6 coming soon ago
Nearly There ago
181. One Man Party ago
182. Dragon and Off Again ago
183. Welcome to Requbar ago
184. Escort Service ago
185. The Good Dungeon Guide ago
186. A Terrible Rebel ago
187. Two's Company ago
188. Girl Interrupted ago
189. Run Rat Run ago
190. Sonny With A Chance of Power ago
191. Heart of Dimness ago
192. Mr Sabotage ago
193. Escapology ago
194. Duck Hunt ago
195. Ratopolis Now ago
196. King Killer Confessionals ago
197. Re: Slime ago
198. Ghosting ago
199. Notes from the Underground ago
200. Never Go Back ago
201. Girl Man and Rat Boy ago
202. The Back Stabbers ago
203. Path of Most Resistance ago
204. Can't Make an Omelette ago
205. Choosing Sides ago
206. Fantastic Four and a Half ago
207. Together Again for the First Time ago
208. Newkie State of Mind ago
209. Down the Local ago
210. Working Girl ago
211. Head Start ago
212. Remember the Name ago
213. The Easy Way Out ago
214. Let Sleeping Dragons Lie ago
215. When Two Girls Go to War ago
216. The Naked Ape ago
217. Dudley Wa Hooo! ago
218. The Pursuit of Happiness ago
219. Love's Labour Lost ago
220. Battle of Five Armies (Part 1) ago
221. Beat the Retreat ago
222. Colin Ascendant ago
223. Rated, Baited, Delegated ago
224. Silent But Dudley (Side Story) ago
225. Requbar Revival ago
226. Gatekeeper ago
227. Killer Queen ago
228. Faithless ago
229. Resistance Is Fruitful ago
230. Elfen Lied ago
231. Sonny Days, Laney Nights ago
232. Bone to Pick ago
233. The Hard Carry ago
234. The Frenemy of My Frenemy ago
235. Gathering of the Clouds ago
236. Diamond in the Rough ago
237. From a Great Height ago
238. Dargot After Dark ago
239. Enemy Lines ago
240. Head Counsel ago
241. Dark Side of the Brain ago
242. Blow by Blow ago
243. Beware My Power ago
244. Hanging by a Thread ago
245. Battle of Five Armies (Part 2) ago
246. Eye on the Prize ago
Book 6 Wrap Up Post ago
HTADDB Book 7 update ago
Chapter 247. On the Hook ago
Chapter 248. The Hero's Jenny ago
Chapter 249. Pest Control ago
Chapter 250. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner ago
Chapter 251. Chinny Chin Chin ago
Chapter 252. The Touchables ago
Chapter 253. Tilted ago
Chapter 254. Guardians of the Greenery ago
Chapter 255. Flags Flying High ago
Chapter 256. Procrastination Agent ago
Chapter 257. Attention Please ago
Chapter 258. Party to a Lie ago
259. There Was an Attempt ago
260. Too Few To Mention ago
261. Grotto Life ago
262. Cash Me Outside ago
263. Childish Colino ago
264. Colin-Fu is Leaking ago
265. Land of the Setting Sun ago
266. God Tier ago
267. Welcome to Gorgoth ago
268. These Aren't the Druids You're Looking For ago
269. Chilling ago
270. WWJD? ago
271. Underdog Now, Overlord Later ago
272. I Have the Power ago
273. Pope Idol ago
274. Bad Sensei ago
275. Never on a First Date ago
276. Born Again ago
277. Every Cult Has a Silver Lining ago
278. A Man of Substance ago
279. Watching the Defectives ago
HTADDB Week off ago
280. Feel the Fear and Druid Anyway ago
281. Burnt Salad ago
282. Church of Me ago
283. No Refunds ago
284. Fear of Flailing ago
285. Dead Men Walking ago
286. The Unprincipled Certainty ago
287. Show Before Tell ago
288. Till Death Don't Us Part ago
289. Dead Gods and Englishmen ago
290. Vines of Communication ago
291. Don't Hate the Player ago
292. Losing My Edge ago
293. Freedom for All ago
294. God of Wut? ago
295. Hold the Moan ago
296. Be Nice to People on the Way Up ago
297. Lead Me Not into Temptation ago
HTADDB break for holidays ago
298. Never Prosper ago
299. Planning for the Future ago
300. Indignation Remix ago
301. Cockblocula ago
302. There's No You in Team ago
303. Shame on You ago
304. Sisters of No Mercy ago
305. Further Beyond ago
306. Paywall ago
307. The Older Woman ago
308. Wizard Bitch ago
309. Don't Forget to Breathe ago
HTADDB Update ago
HTADDB 8 Update ago
310: What a Time to Be Alive! ago
311: Death by Water Pistol ago
312: Another Fish Mess ago
313. The Stupid Fat Face of Adversity ago
314: World's Greatest Solo Player ago
315: A Good Quest Is Hard to Find ago
316: Twisted Firestarter ago
317: Personal Allowance ago
318: Second Prize in a Beauty Contest ago
319: Boss of This Gym ago
320: Pacifist Run ago
321: Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area ago
322: Expect the Unexpectable ago
323: Half-Life 3 Confirmed ago
324: Captain, My Captain ago
325: Welcome to Shrine Island ago
326: Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure ago
327: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ago
328: Voulez-Vous Trébuchet Avec Moi? ago
329: Meat Is Murder ago
330: Plenty More Fish in the Sea ago
331: New Model Army ago
332: The Popular Vote ago
333: On the Stump ago
334: Adapt. Absorb. Assimilate. ago
335: Compartmentalise. Compartwomentalise and Compartchildrentalise, Too ago
336: Woke AF ago
337: Not All Heroes Wear Capes ago
338: You Do That Hoodoo ago
339: Nothing Holding Me Back ago
340: How Was It for You? ago
341: I Am What I Am ago
342: Happy Endings ago
343: But Can You Do This? ago
344: Don't Smash It ago
345: Two Girls, One Ship ago
346: Out of Harem's Way ago
347: Here Be Monsters ago
348: Skin in the Game ago
349: Chopping Onions ago
350: Mother Knows Best ago
351: The Benefit of Doubt ago
352: Stepping Up ago
353: The Iceman Comet ago
354: The Reeducation of Maurice ago
355: Asking for a Friend ago
356: Brown Bread ago
357: Dearly Departed ago
358: Island Life ago
359: Tank Top ago
360: What Becomes of the Dragonhearted? ago
361: Backdoor Action ago
362: Planet Nerd ago
363: Horrible Good ago
364: Gone But Not Forgotten ago
365: Gravy Boat ago
366: The More the Merrier ago
367: Next to Nothing ago
368: Riding the Dragon ago
369: Wings of an Angel ago
370: Flight of the Phoenix ago
371: Drop the Pilot ago
372: Trust Fund ago
373: Offers and Promotions ago
374: The Ego Has Landed ago
375: Rise and Fall ago
376: Consorting with the Enemy ago
377: Lead by Example ago
378: A Lasting Legacy ago
379: Player Unknown ago
380: FQ Blues ago
381: Schemes of Mice ago
382: Charm Offensive ago
383: Fun Guy ago
384: Good for Nothing ago
385: Not on My Watch ago
386: Cloaked Ambition ago
387: A Way with the Fairies ago
388: Lust for Power ago
389: Triumph of the Won't ago
390: God Hand ago
391: All Fired Up ago
392: Technical Difficulties ago
393: Carnal Leakage ago
Short Break ago
394: Camelots ago
395: Growth ago
396: Clark Can't ago
397: The Truth Will Set You Back ago
398: Hello from the Other Side ago
399: Missile Command ago
400: Choking Hazard ago
401: Moth to Flame ago
402: Simultaneous Release ago
403: Quick Maths ago
404: Plus Ultra ago
405: Holding on for Dear Life ago
Change to Schedule ago
406: My Goku Experience ago
407: Hardcore Mode ago
408: The Get Go ago
409: The Road to Enlightenment ago
410: Strange Fruit ago
411: Mr Potato ago
412: Batman Rises ago
413: Two Fat Ladies ago
414: Will to Survive ago
415: Welcome to Fairyland ago
416: Fit for Purpose ago
417: No Hard Feelings ago
418: The Popular Vote ago
419: Unbendable ago
420: Harshcore ago
421: Losing the Thread ago
422: In a Bad Light ago
423: This Is Your Void Calling ago
424: Push Me Pull You ago
425: Back to Square Minus One ago
Book 10: Welcome Home ago
426: An Englishman's House ago
427: Preordered ago
428: Land of Shadow and Substance ago
429: Golden Dragon ago
430: Charles in Charge ago
431: Infernal Machine for Sale ago
432: Big Phoney ago
433: Baby Talk ago
434: Power Creep ago
435: Quantum Game Theory ago
436: First World Problems ago
437: Taking One for the Team ago
438: Choose Your Battles ago
439: Opportunity Culling ago
440: Crisis Actors ago
441: Take the Lead ago
442: Shuffle of Angels' Feet ago
443: Surprise Mechanics ago
444: No Smoking ago
445: Ducking Out ago
446: Leading Man ago
447: Habeas Corpus ago
448: Slam Dunk ago
449: Pro-Am Event ago
450: Just Kidding... Unless? ago
451: Wise Men Say ago
452: Redemption Ark ago
453: The Humanity ago
454: Light and Magic ago
455: Love to Bang ago
456: A Fellow Man of Culture ago
457: Three-Sixty and Out ago
458: Fight Off the Valkyrie ago
459: Believe All Women ago
460: Revolution of Our Time ago
461: Unsung Villain ago
462: Cultural Appropriation ago
463: Gamers Rise Up ago
464: Agency of Men ago
465: Asserting Dominance ago
Week off ago
466: Nope by Northwest ago
467: Jenny's Choice ago
468: Delusions of Gandalf ago
469: Critical Mess ago
470: Welcome Home ago
471: City Break ago
472: Slave Trade ago
473: Fit to Rule ago
474: Ineption ago
475: On the Shoulders of Giants ago
476: Deal Maker Breaker ago
477: Hero Trigger ago
478: Raise the Stakes ago
479: Dead Useless ago
(Reboot) 426: An Englishman's Home ago
(Reboot) 427: Arrested Development ago
(Reboot) 428: Underneath the Dialogue Tree ago
(Reboot) 429: Medium Expectations ago
(Reboot) 430: Lacking Critical Information ago
(Reboot) 431: Cherry on Top ago
(Reboot) 432: Reality Check ago
(Reboot) 433: Fear the Feel ago
(Reboot) 434: TIL ago
(Reboot) 435: Hot Potato ago
Taking Week Off ago
(Reboot) 436: Golden Rules ago
Quick update ago
(Reboot) 437: After Birth ago
(Reboot) 438: Based ago

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Well-written and engaging. A little worried that the author isn't sure where he's going, but then, GRRM lost sight of that years ago and we still keep reading. :D I've devoured the first two books in one day, and enjoyed them so much I bought one on Kindle just because.


I dont do long blathering review mainly because im to lazy to go into the virtues of each and every aspect but this was story is well worth reading and highly entertaining. So 5 out of 5 for me 


and anyone who disagres can go eat a 6 week old chicken wing 


Don't miss this gold nugget !

I know, the setup is overused, we have seen thousands upon thousands of story of young people being transported from their world to another, facing monster and magic !


But don't let that fool you, this is not any fiction, that's THE story.

Others already did an excellent job describing story style, plot, character and etc, for my part I will be content to say it is one of my favourite story on RR if not the one.

It sincerely deserves 5*.


Thank you dear Author.


I liked this story so much that I requested my brother to give me his account to 5* this story

It's an awesome novel, the author releases a chapter 5 days a week which is amazing but you know that humans can't get satisfied by what they get so I hope that the release of chapters increases even more.


A savagely honest look into a fictional reality

A great comedy adventure series that just gets better and better. I was doubtful at first due to the main character's initial belief that the world was a video game setting, but I was soon won over by the author's amazing writing, world building, moral debates, character development, and originality. This is a series that does not pull its punches. How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis is a fantastic read that takes various tropes from stereotypical generic hero, virtual reality, and fantasy series and mocks them in order to show how moronic they really are. Combining this with a brutally honest main protagonist and realistic side characters, How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis is one of the most hilarious and painfully satirical adventure series I've ever read. Well done, mooderino, I hope this series gets the attention it deserves because it is without a doubt one of the best on this site.


Probably the funniest story I've read in RRL; very clever plot, approachable MC and generally fantastic. 


If you wished for an Mc who uses his brain, no cheats & is not stupid like generic ones. Look no further.

By far one of the most entertaining stories i have ever read. I enjoy reading the story viewed from the Mc prespective. Author did a damn good job of it. Mc uses his smarts and logic to deal with problems he and his group face. The story focuses on the reality of thing and those generic rpg story settings are merely an illusion to believe that life is fair and humans are the only righteous thing. Mc does not give 2 shits of killing thing that obviously had no second thought of trying to end his life in the first place. All im saying is "justice is served without hesitations" . I will put this story in one of my all time fav reading list.  Hope mc stays the way he is.


worth reading, would be willing to follow, rate and favor

strikes the perfect balance between comedy and sarcasm.  really enjoying this one.


Good fun and realism.

Good comedy and love the snark of the main character. The storyline moves a bit slowly sometimes, but the pragmatic point of view of the main character is refreshing and more realistic than the run of the mill fantasy stories. The writing quality, grammar and construction, is excellent. I look for and anticipate the daily update of this story. 


funny but nothing eales

Reviewed at: 380: FQ Blues


the author has a way of creating a very amusing story yet fails when it comes to absolutely anything else needed to have a compelling story. the few good parts of this book are the ones where the mc isn't involved in any of the ongoing plots and is just out there fighting some mobs the author makes those interactions intriguing and funny.


the story was entertaining when it was just the mc and his crew taking on random adventure tasks and had no overarching plot, but once there was anything like a plot introduced it just became more and more convoluted and nonsensical. we were introduced to something like KonoSuba and got caught up in some shit that doesn't make sense making us lose out on what made the series great in the first place.


the characters where always grating and annoying to a degree especially the mc it only got worst in later chapters