Asleep: Developer's Edition

Asleep: Developer's Edition

by Kos

Call it a reboot! While this story starts at the beginning, everything after that changes. Enjoy the world of Eternal Legacy Online where Ken suddenly finds himself. A victim of a tragic accident, he is left in a coma with very little hope of ever waking up. Cutting-edge technology, a ruthless business tycoon, and a little magic all get together to create a VRMMORPG where Ken gets to begin his second life.

However, life is not all fun and games. The game is in trouble. A complex AI has been coded into a game not designed for her. As a result, players ignore and insult the intelligent NPCs, choosing to focus only on the heroic quests. Can Ken step in to make side quests great again?

Join him on his adventure to rebuild Tierra from the ground up. Who knows, the AI might even learn something!

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Justifed: reader knowledge matching the protag's!

Reviewed at: Spiteful reviewer kills another story

Ken's starts out like the typical reader, knowing that things like water, food, beds, and so on exist, but with a lack of knowledge about the world he finds himself in, and lacking information on his past.

A.k.a biographical memory loss! Which makes sense, given that he was in a coma, as the description says.

And chains of logic like that underlie most, if not everything about the story.


For example, why is the game in trouble? Well, with cutting-edge technology being used by a ruthless gaming business tycoon, would the tycoon invest in making a great game, or just the cheapest, simplest thing you can get, leaning on the tech to patch over any issues and giving the greatest return for the least investment?


I can't say too much abput this because I didn't get anywhere close to caught up, but from what I've read it's a solid read. For anyone that dislikes gender bender, this probably won't be entirely out of your ballpark. The gender part is low key and has relevance to the story. The story is what has me reading due to it being relatively unique and interesting. Can't comment on too much else yet, but hope to see more. On a side note if you're expecting the mc to mollest themselves you'll probably be dissapointed lol.


Author forces some strange bathroom fetishes

Reviewed at: 1.17: Roland, Father of the World's First True AI

Author is obsessed describing -- in detail -- how his characters poo and pee. It's really, really wierd. Instead of using "quotes" around sentences, he uses italics. This is hard to read. He also doesn't seem to have a good grasp of the gender bender aspect of the story -- the MC switches between two genders mostly at-will, but neither the author or MC seem to pay much attention to this, so sometimes you don't even know what body the MC is using. Basically MC doesn't act in a way that makes sense to me. I had to stop reading when the pooing and peeing became *mandatory* for everyone logging into the game. Just a really strange fetish to force on your readers.