Fragments from the Wildlands

Fragments from the Wildlands

by CKJ5

“Your first death is always the hardest.”

Miguela was the third-born child of a well-off merchant family and knew from around the time she could speak that her life’s path was already decided for her by her father. She was to become an Orator, as was Xandran tradition. However, Miguela had an affinity with the magikal arts and somehow found herself studying at the Academy.

One fateful day, the government offers Miguela an opportunity to join a team tasked with the mission of gathering intelligence via scrying magik. The catch is that Miguela and her associates can only scry the deceased.

Miguela finds the memories of the dead haunting but is adamant not to fail because the prospect of regaining control of her life and using her magik to help others gives her a purpose in life that she never had before. Of course, Miguela soon discovers her new job has an exorbitant cost. Will she be willing to pay when the bill comes due?

Welcome to Five Kingdoms of Cordizal!

What is the Five Kingdoms of Cordizal?

I often get asked this type of question about my stories by friends, bloggers, and potential readers.

The Five Kingdoms of Cordizal is a high-fantasy epic universe that is the setting for most of my stories. The foundation of the universe is its multicultural, multiracial setting with several sentient races attempting to carve their legacy and survive. The world is fully fleshed out and vibrant with a rich and mysterious history not based on Tolkien mythology.

This brings me to magic. To me, magic is an essential part of the fantasy genre, so, of course, there is magic in the Five Kingdoms universe. However, one critical part of the Five Kingdoms universe is that magic is an abundant commodity that is a part of everyday life and not some plot device used to drive the story.

In short, the Five Kingdoms universe is the setting of epic fantasy stories with deep characters and world-building. I try to tell as many different types of stories as possible in the universe, and hopefully, you can find something for you in it.

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The style is a third person narration style. It shows the expressions of the character's in a great way If fits the story excellently. 

The grammar is top notch. No noticeable error that could affect the flow of the story.

The characters are well designed, and they interacted in a great way.

The world is fantasy one that works well with the storyline.

All in all, great fantasy work.


This story is a fascinating dive into magic and the question of memories and identity. There is so many hints of a mystery and I can't wait to dive further. What's even greater is that the story is complete so I'm looking forward to reading it all. 

Style: A very smooth style that pulls you into the story right away. The author is very good in pulling you right into the moment. This works especially well for the scrying scenes because the switch into the memories are flawless in their transition. 

Story: The story is intriguing. I feel like it's building to something big and there's this constant sensation of things not quite being right. It makes it more intresting to see how things are going to pan out. What I especially like is the scrying sessions. Both the magics and dives into the memories are interesting and give a feel for a much bigger world. 

Grammar: Excellent. I didn't notice any errors. Very clean. 

Character: Miguela is an excellent character. Right away she is shown as flawed but seeking to but grasping at an opportunity given to her. I think it helps to make a connection with her right away. The people around her are also interesting, each with unique personalities and characteristics. All the characters really stand out and have their own voices. Very well done. 

Drew Royston

A good, enjoyable read that is worth your time

Reviewed at: 20-Appearances' Sake

Fragments from the Wildlands opens by dropping you into school setting, but the story really takes off when the MC has the opportunity to join an elite team. While part of this team she increasingly discovers more about what is happening in the wider world, while also, maybe, being manipulated by those near to her…but is she being manipulated? And, if so, by who, and why?

The clever, and unique, plot device here is the use of scrying as a tool to move the plot forward.  It allows the author to build the wider world and introduce new characters. These little vignettes are very neatly done and occur regularly. What is particularly good is that they show you more both about the people that the MC is scrying and also about the MC as she reacts to them. As I say, very clever.

This is story with an original premise that is worth spending your time on

Detailed scores.

Style: Generally really good. Clean dialogue, good use of vocab, consistent point of view. Just occasionally, there is a sentence that feels slightly off or a repetition of the same word in quick succession. Equally it sometime feels like we have a chunk of exposition dropped on us. Both of those points which is why I took a bitoff. But, to be clear, this is by no means bad.

Story: As I note above there is an interesting story here. The reason that I took a mark off is that it sometimes meanders a little.  At the halfway mark in the story I was still not 100% clear as to what the real stakes were and what the MC actually wanted. To be clear I think that the hints are all there, but I may not be bright enough to work it out early enough.

Grammar: Nothing that I noted.  Good job.

Characters: The key to a good story is the MC. The MC here is charming believable. She has understandable reactions to the trauma that she experiences. Equally, the characters around her are drawn distinctly to be both believable and realistic.

Edge Valmond


I do not grade style.


Seems to be well in place.

Story: A story of a girl, who happened by into an academy due to her potential. However, being more content with being average. She finds herself now on call for some higher calling. As now, her participation can advance magic. A pretty common plot line I will say. The story progresses along the lines covering the training, but more in a fast paced way. So, it does not break immersion. Quickly jumping onto a conflict, with those out in the field and getting attacked. Shifting between more of a calm and heavier setting. It blends pretty well, creating a more deeper feeling. As it can be guessed, war seems to be a theme in this story. The story pretty much steadily transitions along, showing how someone goes from an average one, to better realizing their potential.


A range of them, each playing their roles well I would say. One being average, others more driven. War, politics, the usual. I’d have to note how it blends in. Its steady, and really allows to experience the lives of the characters.


I’d say this is a solid story, probably my only problem is the prose is lacking. As in to really bring in engagement. Though, this is made up for with the story itself. So, give and take I would say. Starting from a more calmer setting, to a more heavier one. Though, still maintaining somewhere in between. Despite it being more of a normal plot line, for sure it is worth a look. Give it a go I say.

Ellen Taylor

This was a great read. I loved the intrigue and the magic that it had, and the main character was wonderful!

Grammar was great, there was nothing that stood out to me. 

Style was good. I knocked off half a star because there were a few occasions where there were sentences that were super wordy and I had to go back and re-read them to understand what was going on. 

Now for the story. The magic system was something I was curious to learn more about, and the author did a great job giving hints here and there of intrigue while showing how it worked. It was awesome to see a kind of magic where one sees the last few hours (or weeks) of a person's life, until seeing exactly how they died. There was a lot of interesting questions that it brought up in world, and a lot of intrigue with it being so secretive. And not only in world questions, but the consequences on the character too. There was a lot about this that was really well done.

Which leads me to the character herself, Miguela. She was facinating, and interesting to follow. I was nervous for her, being placed in this situation where I couldn't quite trust it. I really felt for her, and found her characterization believable. 

Overall, a wonderful read. Give it a try! 


A plot that actually interested me

Reviewed at: 04-Fragments of Philo

Good on the author for that, I suppose. The initial premise had me doubting if I would rate this too well but the ending of chapter 4 changed my mind. It's interesting stuff. Great set-ups in place, if I'm reading it correctly. While I might not have read to the end, it seems like it might turn into quite the fine novel.

I couldn't find too many issues with style and grammar either, making this a 5/5


"Edge of seat" type story

Reviewed at: 28-Epilouge

This is honestly one of my favorite stories now because of how unexpected everything is. To be fair, I've never really read a story in this kind of genre so I didn't know what to expect, but this story kinda reminds me of the book The Alchemist because of the time period and everything.

Style: The style was great and I really enjoyed the descriptions of the characters, some of them had me chuckling. It was refreshing to see how the characters acted in a realistic way even in a fictional world.

Grammar: I did notice like one or two mistakes but it wasn't jarring.

Characters: The characters were awesome and I found myself getting attached to the characters that were supposed to be on the sideline, especially towards the end. The only ones I didn't like were the witch, because it kinda has romance and I don't like romance most of the time, and the Archmage because he was a little less cautious at the end, but those two things are just a small preference that is easily overlooked for my whole opinion of the story. The witch was a nice edition at the end of the day and meshed well in a strange way, strange being good.

Pacing: It was my favorite part of this book because everything happened gradually but there was still enough interesting things happening in each chapter.

Overall, this story is grate and I want to read the other parts now.

S.N. Keirstead

Fragments from the Wildlands

Reviewed at: 03-Tea and Buns

Solid start to an opening for an epic fantasy series. The prose is pretty straightforward, making it a digestable read. Miguela makes for an interesting protagonist; she has a bit of charisma to her that makes her memorable, but with the way the world and magic system are laid out, there's plenty of room for her to improve. 

Standard formula that's written well. 


The Daily Life of a Military Scryer~

Reviewed at: 07-Questions and Brandy

Style: I like the style the author is using, it's not as slow as other stories that have similar setups; As in someone gets recruited into an army or an academy or the like, instead it's quite fast and not dragged out at all, the mc soon finds herself being put to work, and so introducing us to the world.

Story: linked to what I said above, I like how the author uses the MC's abilities as a scryer to tell the story and for us to understand the world, by seeing how people died and what happened to them in their exploration of the Wildlands, from a soldier to a scout. We as the readers are left to piece together what we have and come up with the full picture slowly and gradually, which means that the author has a well thought out plan that he's following, and that's always a good thing~ There's also some room for internal conflict inside the mc herself and I'm looking forward to how that will pan out~

Grammar: nothing to say here, almost perfect and had no problems with it

Characters: the MC's power doesn't come up easily as using it has a certain effect on her, and that gives big room for character development, something we are already seeing hints of at the moment, just the difference between the first time she used her power officially for a job and the second time is a big enough indication of that. We also have some other characters, like her friend and the person she's working with, but she doesn't have much screen time at the moment, she's still distinct though so that's that~

Anyway, that's all from me, the story is fast-paced, short and completed, I totally recommended it~ and finally a big thank you to the author~ keep up the great work~~🎉


I'm no good at reviews, so forgive me.


I listened to this story with text to voice and I have to say, it's quite an interesting premise.


I do think the MC was introduced and thrown into her adventure a little bit too fast. It was hard for me to be empathetic to her during the first few chapters but I did get around to liking her.


If you want an interesting take on a fantasy world, I would recommend this