He followed the paper through the streets because he can't jump onto the roof of resident s homes. The reason being that with them being so wealthy, they have claimed land rights and as such they can file for trespassing should they choose to do so. And if there is anything that MeiYang hates it's having to give people a reason to use his name as a conversation spice.


He walked for over ten minutes and made several turns. With each and every one , it was like flipping through a catalogue of resplendence.


As expected, all the houses here are the greatest, the architecture is undoubtedly top grade not to mention the equipment that has been used to construct these houses . It's clear that they must have also been imported from all across the place. And none didn't take extreme to the limit when demanding the best


His walk was not boring because he had the privilege to gaze at all this splendor.There are so many immaculate buildings that are very amazing in their own way


He has seen cordial things and the fact that he is from a reputed sect such that his own room far surpasses the cost of constructing a house in the low income zone, the infrastructure of the cultivation sect base is always faultless. But that being the case ,he never really thought that there could be other awesomeness that is greater than the life he is used to. Basically his imagination was limited and thus he is bewildered that his conclusions were so narrow.


Since it's a first for him to see things like this, where the excellence of architecture is well emphasized and beautifully embraced, he is tempted to kept staring at this grandeur . However he is on duty and must remain focused plus he can always come back again. This time he would have an indefectile excuse .


After passing by the house of the minister of health, he located his paper floating overhead one of the most biggest houses ,nearly the size of four guest houses at the palace.


He gradually walked there without a worrying the world. And two minutes later he stood in front of the large gate .


Though he is just standing outside the gate , his gut tells him that what lies behind these walls is very intriquete . It's not okay to judge a book by its cover but that doesn't mean it's fine to be dumbfounded when the hints are right in front of him. Besides who would take the time to decorate their exterior appearance of their house not beginning with the house itself.


Take for instance, the walls are about two meters long and the gate is about eight foot long. The panels are made of heavy green oak wood. This kind of wood density and coloring is very expensive so that must mean that the resident behind these panels must be in the top five percent after the king.


Though the rich like to be extreme, no one here ever labels their homes like they label their carriages. The reason being that it's imperative to place a name on their carriage to show that it's personal and that that was the name they registered their carriage with and hence to should have it on in case the carriage is stolen and they can quickly identify it.


MeiYang raised his hand to knock on the door because it would be rude if he just barged in. It's a greater idea to make a good impression especially if he wants to always be welcomed to a place like this . It's foolish to for him to raise his expectations that high but he can't resist it, he has always been obsessed with things like this... Symmetrical and flawless..




A motion effect occurred overhead of him and when he raised his face to the source ,it had long disappeared. He was to enthralled in his fantasies that he was indisputably caught off guard


He stared at the sky and then behind him to locate any hints of what that could have possibly been. But he was not picking up anything useful.


He moved away from the door to look closer to the region behind him especially the aerial parts.


Three footsteps away from the panels, a large impact pounded on them, almost forcing them to open.


The impact was so large and vivid moreover the impact seemed to have a large blunt ended object with a moderately broad surface area and anything that could tick all those boxes would be a body.


There is no more further delay that he can afford to undertake. As such he immediately launched for the sky . The goal was to land on the other side however he decided otherwise


As he was in air, instead of landing on the other side he landed on the wall and observed what was going on inside.


His eyes were not prepared for what he saw but he was not that unprofessionally surprised.


There was a female , situated in the middle of the yard.She was dressed in very nice clothes that were almost apar to the princess.However that was not the cause of shock of that he experienced.


She was holding a strange log and the log looked like a piece of wood for rowing a boat.


MeiYang jumped from the wall and backflipped onto the grounds .


The second he landed on the ground, princess hideous immediately turned and she shot a wooden board towards MeiYang..


Thanks to his reflexes , he immediately dodged the boards by backflipping across the place. It's clear to see that the wooden appearance was just a hoax because wood can never pierce the ground the way those boards did and the way she is shooting ten of them at a go signals that she trusts their diabolism


While MeiYang was fleeing for his life, a swarm of black birds began to encircle the princess but she has two hands .


That means on the other hand that wasn't facing to MeiYang was an open slit. And on that part was an eyeball.The eye was literally embedded in her hand and more like it is lodged between her metacarpals. Furthermore the iris and pupil were exposed to the outside.


Anyway, with her third eye she looked to the incoming birds and redirected her shooting hand to the birds and started to destroying them.


As her face was still on MeiYang, she literally had her eyes on both the targets..


Without a moment to waste, she was piercing the birds and ,when she detected that MeiYang was free she spun and she aimed to the Zhao cultivator and started to shoot at him , while the other hand was looking at the birds .


She shoot out so many boards that MeiYang was already tiring of dodging them ,


After she kept MeiYang occupied , she turned her attention to the birds.. she began to attack them but unfortunately the birds were not ceasing to exist and they were forming more of a cloud .


She looked to the man pinned on the wall and like he had been waiting for her instruction he immediately detached from the the wall and he waited for her command


She hissed at him and she shoot him with a single board that he caught with his free hand and instead of the wood remaining that way, it turned to a sword..


That's just bad luck..


The man aimed for birds but as soon as he launched for them , DeJang emerged from some of them and he started to fight him with one of the wooden boards.


DeJang doesn't use weapons unlike all other cultivators because literally his body is his weapon.


Those birds are a part of his body and he uses them to fight. He has the ability to disactive their pain receptors from him so that when they get injured he is not affected however he has not yet fully mastered that skill so there is still room for error that has very nasty side effects


Due to the fact that DeJang was now pre-occupied, she then turned to face MeiYang but unfortunately, at that time she was already encapsulated by MeiYang s spell


She started to get all worked up because of the spell he was subconsciously casting on her.


At the same time he was doing that , LiuHe was already securing the perimeter with his gold leaves and was forming a three hundred point star made of more than a hundred triangles sliding over each other.


It takes a while to form such a shape alone which is why he had been delaying for that long. However that is an advantage because had he formed it earlier, MeiYang would not nave been able to acess the place because young LiuHe is actually making a dome around the place to attempt concealing this yard from the outside world.


This sort of dome is called a mirage since it has the ability to cloak whatever the creator wants the people who look at it to see.


However because LiuHe is of a lower core level he can't fully cloak but he can only make a sound proof dome thanks to a little trick he learnt and that is what his doing . His dome is unfortunately only going to last for at least three hours before he gets incredibly exhausted.


YuFen was running around the perimeter and placing spells on the corners so that no unexpected posseser of dark energy acess the place.Of course due to his level ,only things below him can't acess otherwise he is just bothering himself


He was also making sure that whoever was inside the house were safe given that this woman has the ability to do what she did to the man and two others who are now constrained by his golden leaves and DeJang s dome


The woman was really agitated that the corners of here lips started to tear and as that happened her teeth changed to razor sharp spikes...


MeiYang had to focus in restricting the woman but it's difficult to retain composure when watching someone s lips tear like that . Inevitably he got a little distracted


That was a bad move


The woman reached with her hand and she started to shoot at the dome that shattered within half a milli second.


MeiYang was pushed back due to the impact but as he fell he pulled his whip and he made his famous fan to block the wooden spikes that were already aimed to him


At the same time that was happening, Dejang was having a nightmare fighting this man as he seemed to be three steps ahead of him which was really irritating.


DeJang was just basically dodging and blocking. This man was destroying a large number of the birds that made a significant portion of his body. And honestly it's getting hard for DeJang to keep this up since he getting tired and periodically is uncapable of continuously detaching the pain receptors. At this rate he is going to damage his pellet.


If only he could find a way to temporarily...


Bang!!Bang!!! Bang!!!


The man turned and at that instant DeJang transformed into more birds and encircled the man and pinned him to the floor.,,


A black semi transparent dome formed around him. By the time he tried to fight it, eighty percent of his body was trapped by the birds and he could not even move and he started to struggle but mostly panick and that is like adrenaline for DeJang..


Three hundred birds erupted and they encircled both the man and the woman and then some birds started to transform to spikes and they aimed for her but she was quick to send out boards .


While she was busy trying to kill them, MeiYang ceased the opportunity to form double encirclement on the three quarters of her lower body.. Realizing her fate, she panicked and started to deliver spikes haphazardly . By virtue of her aimless shooting, one of the boards accidentally grazed Dejang on the leg.


The pain was like a knife cut, not really deep and prominent but that doesn't matter


If there is one thing she did wrong this was it!!!


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