The Tenth World

The Tenth World

by ChocolateCat301

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Skadi is dead.

She is very dead.

That is, until the Forsaken awaken once more.

Reincarnated into the Tenth World, Valheim, she is tasked with fighting the most vicious of these foes, in order to allow the gods to rest once more.

Luckily for her, she will not undertake this journey alone. 

But unluckily, the world is harsher than it seems at first, with even the simplest of enemies dealing death on one hit.

After being placed in this deadly world, Skadi must fight her way back to Valhalla, or face the consequences.

Note: I am posting this fanfiction on Scribble Hub, Royal Road, and Webnovel.

[WARNING: Contains extremely strong profanity from both modern and medieval times! Content may not be suitable to people who are sensitive to swearing! (I wonder if I’ll have to make the book rated R because of the f word . . . )]

[IMPORTANT!!!: This is a fanfiction made off of Valheim, I do not claim any rights to the wonderful game Iron Gate has created, and I do not claim rights to the world I have made as the setting. I only claim two of the characters, because everything else came from the game devs and Norse Mythology. I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THIS!!! It is NOT mine!!!]

[ALSO IMPORTANT!!!: I am working yet again with the user Lyric_Drake to create this story. As a friend who plays the game with me frequently, they are a main character, and will help develop where the story leads. I give them credit to this fanfiction.]

Also, I do not have the story planned out, I’m literally playing the game and slowly writing chapters. It’s an easier process than trying to memorize dialogue and lore from Skyrim, but it’s still harder than one would expect. Please do not kill me for this.

And I hope you enjoy the book!

A cool side note: Valheim actually means “choice home,” or “home of choice.” With “val” meaning “choice,” or “to choose,” and “heim” meaning “home,” or “homewards.” Nice job devs!

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