God of Thieves

God of Thieves

by Kageko

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Matsumoto Kunio was just an average human living a boring life in Tokyo, Japan. That was the case until he died and was reincarnated to another world!  Armed with a System and tasked with a mission to save the world, watch as Matou, the new name he was given, sets off on an epic adventure!

…Or at least, that should have happened?

“All right, hand me the thingamabob, you’re no longer the main character! Now, how does this thing work? Ah.

“My name is Kayden, and witness my ascendance to the God of Thieves! None shall be safe from my hands, not even your beloved System! Muahahahaha!”

This can’t be happening…

Author’s note.

Hi, this novel is a LitRPG novel. In case you are confused, both Kayden and Matou are main characters, but the ‘protagonist’ would be Kayden. The novel is pretty slow-paced (in my opinion), so do keep that in mind when reading.

This is my first novel, so do leave reviews and comments on how to improve my writing. Be nice about it.

Also, I recently added the profanity tag. There is some swearing but it's not excessive or anything. Adding it just in case.

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Table of Contents
45 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Introduction ago
Chapter 2 - Reincarnation ago
Chapter 3 - My name is... ago
Chapter 4 - New Dungeon ago
Chapter 5 - First confrontation ago
Chapter 6 - Difference ago
Chapter 7 - Result ago
Chapter 8 - Casper's story ago
Chapter 9 - Prisoner ago
Chapter 10 - Deal ago
Chapter 11 - Master and disciple ago
Chapter 12 - Destined meeting ago
Chapter 13 - Stolen ago
Chapter 14 - Meet the System ago
Chapter 15 - Meet the System II ago
Chapter 16 - Therapy ago
Chapter 17 - Therapy II ago
Chapter 18 - Therapy III ago
Chapter 19 - Joining a Party ago
Chapter 20 - Setting off ago
Chapter 21 - Test ago
Chapter 22 - Brandon's POV ago
Chapter 23 - What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger ago
Chapter 24 - Duration ago
Chapter 25 - Final confrontation ago
Chapter 26 - Taking Flight ago
Chapter 27 - Party Introductions ago
Chapter 28 - Dungeon preparations ago
Chapter 29 - Trouble by the road ago
Chapter 30 - Observation Journey I ago
Chapter 31 - Observation Journey II ago
Chapter 32 - Observation journey III ago
Chapter 33 - Observation journey IV ago
Chapter 34 - Observation journey V ago
Chapter 35 - End of journey ago
Chapter 36 - Team up ago
Chapter 37 - Aisha's Plan I ago
Chapter 38 - Aisha's plan II ago
Chapter 39 - Aisha's Plan III ago
Chapter 40 - Into the dungeon ago
Chapter 41 - Exploring said dungeon ago
Chapter 42 - Skeleton Tide ago
Chapter 43 - On the way ago
Chapter 44 - Destined meeting II ago
Chapter 45 - First loot ago

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The way they talk just struck a nerve with me. Not sure why. Most parts of the conversations actually seem rather well put. But then those few rare parts have to drag the entire thing down with them, becoming a black hole of focus with the pure babbling. There's only so much stammering and fancy talk that one can bear before it becomes too much. This fiction has taught me what It feels like to go beyond that limit.

Other parts are fine, though. Setting isn't that original but who needs that? Great world for great stories. Just needs some work done on it and it'll be good to go.