In his dream Strath was in primary school.Teacher took the ruler and prepared to strike him.

"Why don't you do your homework while everyone else does it?"

Strath was preparing to go surface, He looked at his new clothes. Just a short and a t-shirt.Century girl said that Strath was constantly transforming and tearing his clothes.So she brought the simplest clothes she could find, saying that whatever clothes he wore would eventually be torn again.

Strath's physical strength was multiplying when he transformed.But Century girl constantly warned him not to change completely.If he was completely transformed, there was a possibility that he would lose consciousness and become a mindless killing machine.Nowadays he was transforming no more than just 2 parts.According to what Century girl told, there were more than one shelter in the area they were in in previous years.But due to various epidemics, roaming nomads and occasional alien creatures, these shelters have disappeared.

In particular, the community called Mayans was generally targeting other people in the vicinity.Their target today was a previously destroyed shelter.Century girl had an opinion on many issues as she had been in this region for a long time.She never answered Strath's questions about her past.

“When you live too long, believe me, nothing about the past matters anymore.” She spoke.

As they opened the top cover of the dark sewer, fresh air suddenly entered their lungs.Yet as Strath looked around, the gloomy gray city continued to darken his mood.According to Century girl, there was a zombie herd in the city, which was a kind of hive-like structure.

"If you see anything pale-skinned, emaciated humanoid, let me know immediately." she said.

Zombies could only die against the blows to their brains just like in the movies Strath watched in the simulation. Unlike in the movies, real zombies could move quickly and had superhuman strength.A normal post-apocalyptic human usually had 5-6 lines of cultivation on average, so in one-on-one zombies couldn't put up much of a fight against a human.But the real danger of zombies was the high number they had.

According to Century Girl, there were no human bunkers around the city they were in.So the suicide soldier group Strat was in probably used for something a strategic reason other than defending.Century girl said that Alien monsters do not appear in the surrounding cities very much. This city and most of the surrounding cities in the area are pre-apocalyptic human cities. But in some regions, there could be landmasses of other planets.The fusions of planetary landmasses were actually completely random.

The two of them started to run quickly between the collapsed buildings. Later, they came across a skyscraper that was split into two.According to Century girl, there were high-level research laboratories in the collapsed skyscraper. Later, people built a shelter on the underground floor of the skyscraper with the pieces they took from these laboratories.

Just as they were entering the skyscraper, an arrow rushed towards Century girl. The moment the arrow entered Strath's 20-meter radar; he made his move.Strath suddenly brought his hand up to Century Girl's head.


The arrow pierced Strath's enlarged transforming hand.Realizing the situation,Century girl shouted at Strath to enter the building.

"Those guys are definitely Mayans. The ones from the Bunker don't use primitive arrows like this. I don't even take into account the alien creatures. Strath follow me,we must act wisely from now on follow my instructions please."

He was stunned by Century girl's cool and quick thinking, but his bewilderment faded a bit later when he remembered that it was an old woman who had lived over 100 years.After 2 minutes, a group of 10 people followed the duo into the ruined skyscraper.

The clothes of the group consisted of black and made of a stretchy fabric similar to leather. Some of them had extra limbs like arms and ears some had 3 eyes.some of whose faces had changed due to various mutations totally disgusting. Not every mutation gives supernaturel strength to a person. Most of the mutations were useless mutations that diminish human health.Some people even wouldn't go past their 20s.

Mayans split into groups of 2 and started looking for the duo inside the building.The man in black with the mask in his mouth was walking around the building with his comrade then he suddenly heard a crack sound.He gestured with his hand to his comrade and started to move without making a sound, walking towards the crack sound. When they passed through the destroyed corridor to the room, they saw a little girl crying silently. The masked man grinned.

"Hey honey, how are you? Where's the guy next to you? Was that your father?"

The girl continued to cry. "He's not my father, he's just a retard. He brought me here to find food, then he ran away.I hate him uhuuu"

Convinced that the girl was harmless, the men calmed down a little.

"Fuck that retard then.How about me being you sugar daddy girl? I was getting mad without women for a long time you know ahahah"

Century girl tried to quell her disgust and continued acting. As the two of them walked right into the room and moved towards the girl, something jumped on them from above.

"You! How!?"

Just as the two men aimed their weapons at Strath, Strath's arms stretched out long and wrapped around the men's necks. Strath then clasped his arms around the men's necks like a python snake.

Panicked, men tried to free their necks then a sudden distinct sound rang out.


Both men collapsed to the ground as if all their joints went limp.Strath even though was kind in nature,he was still going to make sure that he wouldn't die by a stupid mistake.lf it was kill or be killed, he would always choose kill.Century girl joyfully rushed towards the dead men and began to search.Strath had never killed anyone before. They had died so easily and quickly that no matter how much he looked at the men lying on the ground, he realized that life was very cheap in the new world.

“Why don't you eat them?”

Strath flinched at the sudden question.He could justify eating creatures a bit, but humans?

Century girl frowned at Strath's refusal.She had a look that seemed to imply that he was wasting a very good opportunity.This was the difference between post-apocalyptic and pre-apocalyptic people.Strath had a bottom line no matter how hard the situations he was facing he wouldn't cross.He couldn't accept leaving humanity just to more gain power.What would be difference between him and bunker people lf he ate them?

After searching the men, Century girl frowned.

"Not much at all.They didn't have anything valuable.Just a crossbow and some arrows.Mayans are probably very desperate right now l guess.Lets hunt them like this and get down to business alright Strath?"

The duo hunted the Mayans one by one. The men in black had no fighting power. Just some crossbows that are useless in close fights.Until they came to the last group others were finished easily.Last group had consisted of leader and his right-hand man.The other man killed fast by abrupt attack of Strath.But leader had some big surprise for them.The leader suddenly escaped Strath's python arm with quick duck.After seeing his right hand-man, the leader went berserk.As Strath rushed towards Leader,he suddenly felt a kick in the chest .


while he was flying backwards,Strath heard the sound of his ribs breaking.Strath couldn't breathe for a while after he fell to the ground.He could see that kick coming towards him, but his body was too slow to parry.Only thing he could do was transforming his ribcage, still they were broken.How could this happen? Even lf leader was maxed his cultivation lines, this kind of thing was still impossible according to his logic.They were in a big plaza room which its ground was paved with some hard and thick glasses.The leader was a middle-aged muscular man with a bald head and 2 meters tall height.

As Strath tried to pull himself together, the leader called out to his men, but got no answer.

"You sons of bitches! Did you really kill all of them? Who do you think you are? Messing with my men hmph! Do you have any idea what happens when someone messes with Mayans? We kill them then we go to their shelter and destroy it too."

The leader was mad. As a matter of fact, the leader of this group was only a commander of the Mayans.The Mayans consisted of a nomad community of about 100 people. And they had pretty scary people.When Strath regained his composure and he tried to attack the leader again, the man moved with unexpected speed and threw a flying kick from below.

Strath’s feet made an arc in the air.While he was spinning in the air, the leader threw another kick and smashed him into the metal bars of the shattered wall of the room that is 10 meters away. The leader gave Strath a disdainful glance.

"0 combat experience plus some kind of partial transformation and below average gaia core energy. Are you kidding me young man?"

Struggling with the pain of the iron shattering his internal organs, Strath realized that now he was indeed facing life-threatening danger.He was too hasty about everything and now starting to regret it.


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