"Suicide Soldier?"

Everyone in the room suddenly stiffened. Three guards beside Mirya suddenly aimed their guns at Strath.

Just then, the hunger had become unbearable for Strat. He suddenly fell to the ground, writhing. The veins on his face became more pronounced, and they began to writhe like worms. The frightened men and century girl prepared to pull the trigger.

"Put down your weapons!!" Miria shouted.

"Mirya, what are you talking about? One suicide soldier can destroy the entire shelter by himself. Move Back!!!"

Mirya was firm in her decision.

"He is a suicide soldier who escaped from the bunker. When I look at his memories, he escaped with injuries war and survived the destruction mechanism they put inside him, a bomb. Explosion destroyed all tech in himself, so we don't have to worry about the bunker. He urgently needs to regain the energy he had lost. Think of a suicide soldier on our side.He could help us a lot."

The men and the century girl hesitated for a moment. Frankly, besides the danger, there was also a great advantage.When a suicide soldier was awakened, he was turning into a killing machine. Other than an army of men full of high-tech weapons or a ranker, nothing could stop him.But since he was completely berserk, he could not distinguish between friend and foe.

The century girl turned to Mirya.

"Mirya, do you know anything that can help him to keep himself from going completely mad?"

"Maybe...First bring a lot of food now."

When a group of men dropped the rations in front of Strath, he pounced on the food like a wild animal.With his arms tied, he was catching and tearing food with just his mouth alone.With his arms tied, he was catching and tearing food with his mouth.

Starving, Strath instinctively decided that his mouth was insufficient to eat food quickly. He wasn't thinking straight. So, his mouth suddenly began to widen, and his teeth began to grow and sharpen.Triangular incisors like those of a shark began to protrude out of his mouth.

"Oh my god he's turning into a creature."

Mirya calmed the worried crowd.

” Calm down, everything is under control. I can feel he unknowingly partially transformed his mouth. There is no chance of it being completely awakened.Unless he feels overly endangered."

When Strath finished the food, he asked for more.

The group did not know what to do. He had already eaten enough for 10 people to eat.Century girl took a red stone from her pocket. With a look of pain on her face, she said goodbye to the stone and threw it at Strath.

"This is a mutagen stone if I'm not mistaken? Century girl looks like you really decided to help this kid." Miria smiled.

"He will owe me from now on, Mirya. No one can take him away from me until he repays me."

No one in the crowd objected. The Mutagen stone was not a normal stone. It only came out of dangerous post-apocalyptic creatures.So it was really pricey.

While low level mutagen gems were usually used to regenerate lost energy, high level mutagens could also increase the user's total gaia energy.Gaia energy appeared in every living thing after the apocalypse. It developed all the superpowers that came with the apocalypse as well as all the physical prowess of living things.Humans couldn't kill beings that have high gaia energy with normal conventional weapons.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, there were not many creatures with high gaia energies, but over time, this reversed. According to the known information about the past, humanity suffered great losses against such high-powered creatures.After taking such great losses most of humanity hid in underground bunkers.Humanity has learned over time how to use gaia energy and how to fight using gaia energy.Beings who were very advanced in using Gaia energy were called rankers. A ranker had the fighting power of a thousand men army in pre-apocalyptic time.However, there is not enough knowledge about gaia.Where did it come from and what are the secrets inside,humanity has only scraped the surface knowledge.

When the mutagen stone fell in front of Strath, a feeling of joy rose in him. As he swallowed the stone, a fresh energy spread through him.An energy emanated from his stomach towards his head and gathered in one spot. As Strath turned his attention, he noticed a transparent energy sphere inside his head.The energy is spreading to the transparent sphere and 1/3 full of the sphere's water has begun to fill more and more.It finally filled up and he felt satiation.He was finally full,he started to sleep.In his dream,Strath was looking at his brother angrily,

"Why did you destroy all my plants? I worked hard for them to grow!"

"Get up you piece of shit."

Strath was awakened by the shout of the century girl.

"You just ate my low-level mutagen stone and now it's payback time. To be honest, I didn't know that a mutagen stone could be eaten until today."

The century girl began to smile devilishly at him.

Strath learned about the apocalypse and what happened to humanity after the century. The information he learned caused his morale to deteriorate more and more. The shelter they were in consisted of people who had never set foot in the bunker in general. They were hunting outside the sewer and then returning to the shelter.Due to the merging of different planets after the apocalypse, they were sometimes able to go to the surface and obtain high-tech tools from the surface. Sometimes aliens' tools and sometimes pre-apocalyptic human technologies.Then shelter people exchange the devices they found with various human bunkers and receive medicine and various tools in return.

The century girl removed Strath's restrictive ring and took her to a room in the shelter. While on the way, he came across the spying eyes of various shelter people.

"There hasn't been anyone new to the shelter for a long time, so people are curious,don't worry. Now go to bed and sleep. Rest well, we'll go for a test drive tomorrow to see what you can do."

Strath lay on the floorboard of the 2-square-foot cardboard room.

He used a plastic bag as a pillow.But he couldn't sleep at all.All things were so alien to him and he felt too insecure.Even though it was a simulation,the beds in the simulation were really comfortable.He missed them.Meanwhile, Century girl and a few other people were in Mirya's room,they were debating.Mirya raised his hand and silenced everyone.

"Century girl,I want you to get him ready to fight as soon as possible. We are preparing to raid the new forbidden zone. Strath can be one of keys for success."

"Don't worry Mirya, I got it." She smiled.

8 hours later, he found Century girl in front of his tent.

"No one sleeps the first time. I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time.Now let's get to business" she chuckled.

Dark was playing with small bones while looking Century girl and Strath. "You have no idea about your shiny white knight,little girl. It It had been a long time since I had felt such an ominous aura". He laughed.

Strath found himself on a mound of sewer, staring at 20 dog-sized rats across him.

"A suicide soldier is a complete killing machine. But for the first time we see one returning to normal after being awakened. This is a first for us as well. The rats in front of you are the simplest post-apocalyptic creatures. Go and kill them."

Strath looked at the century girl with a surprised expression. "You won't give me a gun? How can I kill them?

"Use your that ugly mouth ahaha" she kicked him.

When he lifted his head, he saw 20 pairs of red glowing eyes staring at him.Even without looking at the creatures, he could sense how they were positioned and looked at him like a delicious meal. Yes, Strath's 360-degree view sometimes made him feel the intense emotions of those around him. He called this view an all-clear look.He believed that in the future when he looked at something with all his might, he would see that thing without any secrets. That is why he named it like that.

Now he had just an all-clear look and a partial mutation against savage mutant rats.But he had no idea about how to activate partial mutation.While he was thinking about what to do, he heard a sudden screech.The attack of the rats finally began.


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