In a dream,Strath was sitting across his father.

"Even if you drop out of school, it doesn't matter son. Don't worry about the money we spend."

Hunger, hunger and hunger.

After Strath regained consciousness, all he felt was hunger. The sight of gore in the devastated room was so upsetting to his stomach that he decided to leave the room. When he stepped out into the street and looked around, he believed that the apocalypse had indeed happened. The buildings looked so old and the car-like piles of metal in the street were so old and rusty that Strath realized that it had been a long time since the apocalypse had taken place. There was not a single soul on street. The city gave feeling dread. Life was long gone.

When he started walking down the street, what he had thought of as a store before was now a pile of spilled rubble. Absolutely not even a scrap of food. Not even a piece of clothing that he could wear. A skeleton was hugging a tiny skeleton. Mother and daughter? Maybe. Before or after apocalypse? He had no idea.

When he thought about all the things that had happened to him, he started to feel a great anger towards those who did this to him.

-You won't get away from this!!-

He had made up his mind that sooner or later he would make those who treated him like a toilet paper pay for it.

Strath was walking hopelessly on completely empty streets. There was no trace of any living thing in sight. All of a sudden, he heard a tinkling sound from an alley. With the effect of hunger, he started to run into the alley without thinking. A small shadow quickly swept into a dilapidated building. When Strath arrived in front of the building, he felt a shape resembling a small human descending the stairs to the lower floor. He could feel 20-meter diameter, so he didn't have much fear.

-What could be the most? -

He started to descend the stairs, thinking he. Just as he went down to the basement, he saw a little girl in front of him. The girl had a beret on her head and was wearing old clothes. The girl was frightened and pointed a toy gun at her.

"Hey, I'm not here to hurt you, just trying to find something to eat-"


Strath suddenly began to tremble and lose control of his body. His body began to twitch constantly, and he fell to the ground. The worst part was, he felt what came out of the toy gun. He thought it would just be a toy bullet. Not a paralysis dart.

The girl quickly took a stringy loop from her small backpack. As she threw the black ring on Strath, the ring suddenly expanded as if it had consciousness, and the strings inside wrapped Strath's arms and legs. The ring finally opened and went around Strath's neck.

The nervousness on the girl's face was gone, replaced with a mocking expression.

"A man walking around naked in the dead city ahahah. Are you serious?"

As Strath tried to break free of the ropes, the ring began to tighten even more.

"Don't force it, the harder you try to get rid of it, the tighter the ropes get. Seriously, who are you?"

Strath was terrified. He first landed on the world as a test subject and was now ridiculously caught by a 9-year-old girl walking around naked. Now he had a bigger problem than hunger. Yet hunger…By the way why did she have red eyes? Lens perhaps?

He decided not to say anything about the experiments.Maybe If someone learned it,He or She can tell it to the people who made him this way. Worse, they could send him back to where he came from.By the way, where did he come from? He had no idea where he was or who he was.

"I have no idea. I found myself naked on the street like this. I didn't mean to hurt you, believe me, I'm just so hungry I wanted to know where to find food." he said.

"Interesting. For someone who is hungry and has nothing, you look very healthy."

The girl was speaking really rationally but that was really clever words for a 9-year-old girl.

"You're a really smart girl but you're free to believe it or not. As you can see, I'm helpless"

The girl gave him a disdainful look. "If I find out you're lying, I'll give you to the Mayans."

Strath was surprised. "Mayans?"

"They're cannibals and stop calling me little girl. I'm older than I look. Call me century girl."

Century really? Until now, nothing was quite like what Strath normally assumed, but living a century with a 9-year-old body? This was mind boggling.

"I'm Strath, by the way." Then a sound similar to a monster screech was heard. The girl looked her watch nervously.

"I didn't ask you who you are. Get up and walk in front of me. If you do something funny, the next bullet won't be just a paralysis bullet."

Duo went from the ground floor of the building into the sewers. A foul-smelling sewer consists of dark three-meter-diameter tunnels. Without the girl's portable flashlight, he wouldn't be able to see anything.

A foul-smelling sewer of dark three-meter-diameter tunnels. Without the girl's portable flashlight, she wouldn't be able to see anything.

Strath started asking her various questions about this world. The girl was extremely surprised that Strath didn't know anything.

"We'll make sure you're telling the truth when we get into Shelter."

After walking for a long time, the girl suddenly stopped him. Century girl went to one corner of the tunnel and started playing with some stones. After that the wall next to the tunnel suddenly moved and a gap opened. The two men greeted them with guns in their hands. The men gave Strath skeptical looks.

"He's with me. I'm taking him to Miria."

The Shelter looked exactly like a subway station. There were rooms made of small cardboard and people going in and out of it.It was like a homeless shelter. People were wearing old and ruptured clothes. On some tables there were some foods.A man with a chalky complexion that is dressed in black apparel called out to Strath.

"Hey sweet boy! Is that your girlfriend ehahaha"

"Leave him alone Dark! Oh God,why did all the weirdos gather in our shelter?" Century girl grumbled.

The smell of meat came to his nose while walking,Strath's head began to spin. The thoughts in his mind became more and more concerned with food. He struggled to suppress his hunger. He kept telling himself that he shouldn't do any *funny* things.

When he turned his head, he saw a man with 6 eyes. The 6 black eyes on his face were like the eyes of a spider. Realizing that he was being looked at, the man turned looked back at him.Strath realized that his head was spinning.

"Hey!!! Don't you know it is rude to spy on other people? That guy can kill you with one look, you know."

Strath was awakened from mild dizziness by the shout of the century girl. How can one kill another human being with a single glance?

"Because of the apocalypse. A lot of people have mutated. Like me..." Century girl was indifferent.

"Did you really live more than 100 years?" Strath was skeptical.

"That is why I am called century girl, you retard!" The girl pouted.

She brought him to the woman called Mirya. A 70-year-old woman with graying hair and slightly fat. There were 3 people guarding. When the century girl told her what had happened, Mirya smiled. Mirya's eyes had been closed since they had arrived.

"Come, young man, let me take a closer look at you."

As Mirya placed her hands on Strath's head, Strath suddenly began to see his past memories.Strath realized what Mirya was doing. He had a feeling that he could resist her, but he didn't. He was all alone in the middle of the apocalypse. The first thing he had to do now was find allies as fast as he could. He had no choice but try his luck here.Mirya lifted her hands from Strath's head. She said a single sentence with a frown.

"Suicide Soldier."


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Bio: I have read more than a thousand novels. New Novels don't offer me anything different nowadays, so I decided to write my own novel. I am trying to create the feeling when l felt in the past while reading novels heartily. English is not my native language so feel free to make correction please.

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