In a room illuminated by white light, the teacher opened a book.

"Our lesson is the beginning of the apocalypse, children. When our world was integrated into the multiverse in 2065, the whole reality for the world and its inhabitants changed. The Earth ceased to be a whole and merged with about 80 different types of planets to form a different planetary layer. With the participation of the known physics rules in the multiverse, it completely has changed. Things that could have been just imaginary before, unfortunately, have now become "Facts". Due to many different life forms and emerging supernatural powers, law and order were broken. When the world population decreased from 12 billion to 500 million, the United Nations launched the bunker program. And now we are trying to survive many kilometers below the ground.”

Meanwhile, a student raised his hand and asked for a word.

"Teacher, can't we get to the surface anymore?"

The teacher smiled at the student's naive question.

“On the contrary, thanks to our scientific studies over many years, we now have a basic knowledge and technology on “GAIA”, the substance we call the source of these supernatural powers. Simple Gaia cores can now be produced in bunkers. With our suicide soldiers created with clone machines, we are now able to get to the earth at regular intervals and obtain the necessary materials to ensure the continuation of our generation”.

Meanwhile, two scientists in white coats were talking about their next actions in a huge, rectangular room with no windows around 200 meters in diameter. There were 50 clone pots that were about 3 meters in size in the room.

"Professor Adam, our new batch clone soldiers are ready to be awakened. At your command, we can call the backup team and get the soldiers out of the incubator".

A tall, fit-looking, middle-aged man with blond hair and white skin walked in front of a certain pot. The pots were made of metal on 3 sides, but the upper part was covered with a light-transparent glass material. There was uneasiness in the eyes of the professor as he looked at the pot. A 180 cm height, white-skinned 20 years old looking man was sleeping peacefully. It was as if he was hesitant to make a decision. Something was bothering him.


"Oh sorry."

The professor turned to the glasses-wearing research assistant and ordered, "Let's start the proceedings."

About 20 research assistants came with automations and started moving the incubators.

In somewhere deep inside, A girl turned and looked at him." Will you love me forever?" She smiled.

Strath opened his eyes in the dimly blue-lit room filled with cables and strange coffin-like objects. Just seconds ago,Strath was looking his beloved and now he found himself in a strange room. There were researchers checking the incubators. What was happening?

A red-haired beauty come in front of his capsule and said something. He couldn't hear anything but tried to read her lips.

-What did she mean? survive? What is happening... -

While Strath was thinking what kind of situation he got himself into,suddenly an alarm sang in the room. All people around left room in a hurry.


After a sudden sound Strath had a sudden feeling, he was falling.


When Strath regained consciousness, he saw that the incubator he was in had been shattered. There were 50 people like himself in simple gray suits around him.All of them was puzzled.The ground was full grey ash.

On the other side of the horizon, a large black heap was approaching them. Various roars of monsters could be heard from the opposite side. In the sky, a soldier was watching scene in a 4-wing aircraft gave orders over the radio.

"Start the awaken process."

Small capsules placed in the brains of 50 subjects suddenly exploded.

Strat suddenly felt all the hatred inside him rise. He and the people around him suddenly began to change. Angry shouts were heard. Some had their bodies covered with metallic plates, some had claws on their hands and horns on their heads. There was only one thing in their minds; DESTROY. Then all of a sudden, his whole world went black.

When Strath opened his eyes, he found himself in a collapsed building. Opposite him was a man in a gray dress with numerous holes. All the hair on his head was lost and his skin was torn. A man whose entire face was unrecognizable except for his right eye. A blue eye full of sadness.

"I suppose you've come to your senses?" *Cough*

Strath was startled. The sight in front of him suddenly made him want to flee, but when he turned his head and looked up through the window opening of the building, he saw a city that is completely destroyed,in shades of gray and black. Feeling shocked he fell down on his knees.

"They lied to us. Our whole life was actually just a simulation. I actually didn't lose consciousness when the air ship dropped us to the ground while everyone else turned into a mindless monster. Probably because of this mysterious orb inside of me I was awake all the time.I assume you have an orb too, but it must have something different. When the war ended, I saw you lying on the ground, and I took you and ran away to the city as fast as I could. Find some first aid kit for me, will you? Then we can plan what to do."

At that moment, Strath suddenly began to hear beeps. The injured man suddenly tried to stand up.

"It is bomb!!! God dammit they have placed a bomb inside us. Hurry-"

With a boom sound everything went black again.

When Strath opened his eyes, he felt intense pain. It was as if his whole body had been torn apart and was trying to reconnect. He couldn't see anything, as if his eyes had burst.

He passed out a lot because of the pain. He felt that his body parts were starting to become whole again, but the process was not over. When he opened his eyes again, he was in the same room. The walls of the room had collapsed, and the walls were stained with various pieces of flesh and blood.

Strath stood up and checked his body, everything seemed to be in place, only the gray suit he was wearing was gone.

When he looked ahead, he saw an orb glowing with white light on the floor across the collapsed room. An orb with various symbols glowing in white. When he touched the orb with his finger, the orb suddenly flashed and disappeared.

Afterwards, Strath suddenly felt dizzy. It was as if there was a notch inside, and something had lodged in the notch.

Strath suddenly realized that he could see the wall behind him without looking there. Not exactly seeing, but as if he could feel everything within a 20-meter radius.

-This orb makes me aware of everything around me, this is too unreal. The healing of my wounds is probably due to the orb I had in the first place. Now what l should do? l want to go back but can't. Everything I've lived through was a lie and now I have to survive in a post-apocalyptic time? Just why would anyone want to do such a thing to someone else?"

Meanwhile in an airship.

"The creature raid is stopped. All suicide soldiers destroyed. We're going back to base, over."

At the same time, soldiers stormed a room with guns in the bunker. An officer came to a soldier with claw marks on his face.

"All the professor's documents have been deleted and all data has been irreversibly destroyed.There was a message for you Colonel."

The wounded-faced soldier took a device and pressed play button."Colonel,we were playing God all the time hence there will be a retribution for all of us.We have committed great sins.The Suicide soldier program is more dangerous than council of elders thought.I have to try to mend our mistakes before it's too late."

Colonel lit a cigarette and fell into deep thought after hearing the report.

-What the hell are you planning Adam?-


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Can Akan

Bio: I have read more than a thousand novels. New Novels don't offer me anything different nowadays, so I decided to write my own novel. I am trying to create the feeling when l felt in the past while reading novels heartily. English is not my native language so feel free to make correction please.

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