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Rare classes and powerful skills are helpful. Too bad the system doesn't seem built to handle them. What even are all these errors? 

Our team of outcasts and adventurers will have to rely on their trust - and the bane of all stories, healthy communication - just to survive, let alone understand what the system is doing. Because they're quickly realizing that not all is as it seems, and it's doing something to people, to monsters, and maybe even to the gods themselves.

And their goal isn't just to survive; it's to make things better. It's a good thing they're not doing it alone.


Edge Cases is an attempt to take the LitRPG genre and the overpowered MCs trope and write a story where numbers aren't everything. Sometimes it takes trust, support, and just a touch of being very, very clever.

Expect a mix of action, slice-of-life, friendship, and ominous worldbuilding.

Updates M-W-F at 6pm EST

Cover art by Alovck of Artstation, and typesetting by jessessey right here on RoyalRoad.

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Table of Contents
80 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 2 - Tower Defense, Kind Of ago
Chapter 3 - Skills ago
Chapter 4 - A Lack of Oversight ago
Chapter 5 - Skill Abuse ago
Chapter 6 - Chains ago
Chapter 7 - A Complete Disregard for Fate ago
Chapter 8 - Answers. Also, More Questions. ago
Chapter 9 - Who Even Invented These Stats? ago
Chapter 10 - Magic and Understanding ago
Chapter 11 - Bonding ago
Chapter 12 - Of Dungeons and Priests ago
Chapter 13 - Tales of a Different God ago
Chapter 14 - Break ago
Chapter 15 - Ecosystem ago
Chapter 16 - Dammit, Jerome ago
Chapter 17 - Trust ago
Chapter 18 - Truths ago
Chapter 19 - Negotiations ago
Chapter 20 - Conclusions ago
Chapter 21 - Confrontation ago
Chapter 22 - A Path Forward ago
Chapter 23 - Planning with Max, Clerk Extraordinaire ago
Chapter 24 - Jerome ago
Chapter 25 - Plans, Plans ago
Chapter 26 - Fear ago
Chapter 27 - Dungeons ago
Chapter 28 - Researchers ago
Chapter 29 - It's just floating there. Menacingly. ago
Chapter 30 - Unstoppable Force, Immovable Misa ago
Chapter 31 - Trigger ago
Chapter 32 - Aberrant ago
Chapter 33 - Past Pains ago
Chapter 34 - A Mother's Intuition ago
Chapter 35 - To Make a Difference ago
Chapter 36 - Intuitions ago
Chapter 37 - Core ago
Chapter 38 - Stone Heights ago
Chapter 39 - Memories ago
Chapter 40 - Commonalities ago
Chapter 41 - To Hold the Line ago
Chapter 42 - The Serpent of the Night Sky ago
Chapter 43 - A Prison of Broken Webs ago
Chapter 44 - Hints Towards an Answer ago
Chapter 45 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 46 - Health and Healing ago
Chapter 47 - Of Gods and ######s ago
Chapter 48 - Rewards, Part 1 ago
Chapter 49 - Rewards, Part 2 ago
Chapter 50 - The Only Adventurers With a Negative Killcount ago
Chapter 51 - A staff in the mouth is worth two in the... wait, no, what? ago
Chapter 52 - Discussions ago
Chapter 53 - Splitting the Party for Fun and Profit ago
Chapter 54 - Sculpting Stone ago
Chapter 55 - Memories ago
Chapter 56 - Manifestation ago
Chapter 57 - Understanding New Skills ago
Chapter 58 - Night ago
Chapter 59 - A Proper Reunion ago
Chapter 60 - Taking From a Distant Future ago
Chapter 61 - Two Parts of a Whole ago
Chapter 62 - Skills, Dinner, and Introductions ago
End of Book 1 - Chapter 63 - Revelation in the Night ago
64 - Book 2, Chapter 1 - Road to Elyra ago
65 - Book 2, Chapter 2 - No Free Lunch ago
66 - Book 2, Chapter 3 - Pick Up Lines ago
67 - Book 2, Chapter 4 - Interlude - Velykos ago
68 - Book 2, Chapter 5 - Time for a Quest ago
69 - Book 2, Chapter 6 - Plans and Learning ago
70 - Book 2, Chapter 7 - Kitchen Lizard ago
71 - Book 2, Chapter 8 - Breakfast (Part 1) ago
72 - Book 2, Chapter 9 - Breakfast (Part 2) ago
73 - Book 2, Chapter 10 - Interminable Interviews ago
74 - Book 2, Chapter 11 - A Path Through Stone ago
75 - Book 2, Chapter 12 - Doors ago
76 - Book 2, Chapter 13 - A City of Magic ago
77 - Book 2, Chapter 14 - That One Magic Shop ago
78 - Book 2, Chapter 15 - Friendship ago
79 - Book 2, Chapter 16 - An Otterly Fascinating History Lesson ago
80 - Book 2, Chapter 17 - Theorycrafting ago

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System-breaking. TRY. IT. NOW!

Reviewed at: Chapter 22 - A Path Forward

This is quite amazing. One of the most fun LitRPGs on the site, and unique to boot. It's gonna explode in popularity, 100%.

Contrary to what I'm used to, we don't follow a protagonist from Level 1, but meet them when they're already decently strong (at the pinnacle of a Bronze Tier Party, close to breaking through to Silver.) What makes them special are their rare/unique [Classes], which are capable of causing some serious mayhem when combined together. Exploit-levels of mayhem, which gets them in trouble with the [System]. The synergies are so cool.

Seriously, give it a shot. It's explosive, the writing is 10/10 quality, the chapters are long, the characterization is deep  and it's great fun. Also, later on things slightly calm down, and we get some more "slice-of-life"-like party dynamics, chilling and hanging out. (I slightly preferred the fight for their lives).

Edit: things are picking up speed again! Great 

Style score: 5/5
Third person past tense, the classic of Royalroad. POVs often switch between chapters, so we get the chance to see the thoughts and feelings of various characters, not just Donovan. The story wouldn't really work without that, and I like it, even if I'm not usually a fan of multi-POV. As for the actual style, it's great!

Story score: 5/5
I love the world, the perfect amount of necessary worldbuilding, and I love what's been happening up until now. Things are happening, and it's really entertaining. You never know what's going to happen next, it has a way of surprising the reader, and being super creative. There's also waves of things happening all at once, and the party recovering, and just chilling around, hanging out. Overall awesome.

Grammar score: 5/5
Up there with the best on the website. The prose is great, there are no mistakes, and the english is at a good level. I love the writing!

Character score: 5/5
This part the story likes to focus on a lot, but I think is maybe slightly weaker than the other categories? I would still rate it as 5/5, but I had to think about if maybe 4.5 would be more accurate. We get the perspectives of all the different characters, and each one is unique and feels like a person, they all have their backstories and reasons why they do what they do, why they think like they think. But when they sit down and do the "healthy communication" thing, they all start to sound like they're the same person, who talks in the same soft, consoling way, and says the same "correct" things. Kind of like, they all got the same "therapist-training" or something.

This is only a really minor gripe of mine, I barely notice it, but it didn't feel 100% natural to me. Regardless, the characters are awesome, and they deserve a 5/5 score. 


Well I've gone and caught up in the space of a day, what an enjoyable read. I look forward to the writathon every year, going sifting through new works looking to hit paydirt, and boys we struck gold!

I'd be hard pressed to name an area I thought this story would be lacking. The writing flows beautifully, the characterisation is top notch and the action so far has been dramatic and satisfying.

If pressed, I'd maybe say the tone thus far is a little too light, too happy. This is purely taken from the wholesome interactions of the group as they gel further together. There has been some fairly ominous worldbuilding that I have enjoyed. That is however absolutely a personal preference and in no way impinges on the quality of the story. You can the see the influence of the authors leanings in that sense, if you take a look at the author's bio.

If you've noticed this story but have been on the fence, I highly recommend you pick it up and give it a read. It is in rising stars at the moment but if it carries on at this quality I wouldn't be too surprised to see it on the front page of best rated. It really is that good.


Edge Cases is an incredible story that dives into its world as much as it explores the unique party dynamics of the characters. I am definitely looking forward to what comes next.

The story does bear a passing resemblance to Armor, but only in the fact that there is a sentient suit of armor. That's where the similarities end. However, if you enjoyed Armor and stories with a System, then you should give Edge Cases a shot.


Went into this hoping for a better version of ARMOR.  Found a better story by every metric, and I am especially a big fan of Munchkinry stories like this one and PAC.

Also, have never seen a story with four protagonists (quadtagonists?) pulled off this well.  Focus has been mostly on Derivan and Misa so far, but there is alot of obvious setup to give Sev more time in the spotlight.  The only one who feels a little left out is Vex, having had the fewest pov chapters so far; though, that is not to say he doesn't have his moments.  He has been getting more of the spotlight in Derivans chapters, and his work in the party does seem to fill a much more background roll.


My sort of story. Some comedy, some munchkining, some fun character concepts, plenty of little mysteries and quirks to explore, hints of worldbuilding worth seeing more of... I'm having a good time with it and I look forward to future chapters. Plus, y'know, 100 bonus points for no proofing issues distracting me from the words themselves either. 


Whether it's yeeting yourself across half of hyrule or enacting the peasant railgun to exceed the speed of sound, glitchy systems are the best systems to have full freedom in. Edge Cases really nails the core of that fun with abilities that are interesting to think about and theorycraft with. 

Style: My expectations were actually pretty low coming into this, I was expecting heavy-handed therapy scenes alternating with the action and development. But no, while the dialogue occasionally tosses in a canned line about conflict resolution or mental health, it's in the way that real people fall back on those lines. And more importantly, those bits still serve the story rather than taking away from it. Honestly I'd give this 5 stars, but the healthy communication bits still occasionally feel forced, (and more importantly, I know I check reviews that aren't perfect scores first)

Garmmmer: Yeah no issues.

Story: Still a bit early for a proper idea of the story, but the big plot hooks are set for each of the main characters and they're all promising. More importantly, the worldbuilding is a textbook iceberg. For every fact about the world that's explained, there's three more that are hinted at, making you wonder about the economy of some other country without spending hundreds of words explaining what it produces or something. Really makes it feel alive.

Characters are good. They're all common enough archetypes to be familiar, but with enough of a twist to make them interesting. Developed well too so far, though it's a bit too early to be sure

Read it. The first 5 chapters are more story than I see in 20 chapters of most things.


Book 1 has just wrapped up and this is excellent. A very subversive litRPG about exploring how as with any code or system, there are bugs in the code and ways to exploit it. Our party of characters each break the system in a different way and together the unravel a deeper mystery.


Exploits in my [System]? Likelier than you think!

Reviewed at: Chapter 30 - Unstoppable Force, Immovable Misa

EDIT: As of chapter 30, everything still holds true. One of the best fictions I've read on RR hands down.

Reviewing at chapter 8 because I felt like I had to say something. This fiction is excellent--it approaches a standard LitRPG adventuring world through the lens of a party full of 'rare classes', which in non-story terms means 'bullshit that breaks the [System]'. Their methods of breaking the system are unique and well fleshed out even only this far into the story, and there's a lot of really cool concepts in this kinda-deconstruction of LitRPGs that I greatly enjoy. If you're getting tired of standard power fantasy isekai LitRPG and want to look at something a little more nuanced but you still need those epic blue boxes, give Edge Cases a try!

Overall, I highly recommend this story.

Style: 5/5 One very minor gripe: Royalroad allows you to use a full line in the editor instead of ___, which might help PoV swaps. Also, I personally dislike constantly switching PoVs, but this fiction does it excellently and smoothly enough to where it wasn't a problem.

Story: 5/5 We're still early on into the story, but we've already been introduced to so many amazing concepts. I won't spoil them for any prospective readers, but the explanation we get for the [System] and it's brokenness works pretty well, and the world feels lived in, with background details tossed in every now and then that really complete the story.

Grammar: 5/5 No major issues.

Character: 5/5 Would you look at that! Well-adjusted characters who have a personality beyond "me see bad guy, me go kill" (not that this is a bad personality for characters to have, but seeing more variety is always nice). The characters feel human, even when one of them very much isn't (not a spoiler, revealed like 10 words in), and the way they talk out their problems without being overly dramatic about things is refreshing and great to read.


This book is amazing. Well written, lots of fun moments, and most importantly, the characters actually communicate and have a healthy relationship. There are too many "OP MC who doesn't interact with other people in any kind of healthy manner" books out there, and this one has "OP MCs who all interact with each other and have a good relationship" which is so much better

Also the OP MCs part is still properly balanced :)

Void Abomination

I dont normally write reviews, but damn. I highly recommend this book to anyone into classic litrpg's, and especially to people who like mystery. It's almost a crime for the first book to end on such a note. The writing is great, and I personally love the characters. I read this entire first book in the last few hours, and I've loved every second of it.