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‘Isn’t this guy a bit too welcoming for a child he just met not less than an hour ago? Are people really this careless in the west? For all he knows I could be a shapeshifting monster.’ I stood in the entrance of the man’s house, who I learned was named Gian on the way here. I couldn’t help but question the west’s people. In a world as dangerous as this, with monsters like Shul’Ka roaming around, that man who supposedly is one of the strongest people in this city, could afford to keep a random refugee child in his house?

Speaking of his house though, he must be super rich. Two stories and a sizable home for one man. It might be a more common sight back on earth but in a world like this then I assume only people of the upper class would have something like this. It was made of stone, wood, and a mysterious material for the windows. But I knew it wasn’t glass, it was too clear to be glass.

They’re either too kind, or just plain stupid. That sounds very mean but it’s the truth. I’m thankful though, at least this solves the problem of shelter.

I felt my stomach twist up in knots as I took steps inside the house of the man. I tried distracting myself by looking at the furniture and staring at the interior design of the house. The reality of the situation was finally starting to dawn on me, and I didn’t want it to. If I remember correctly, from a random drawing my mom made, the continent of the Eastern Isles was double the size of Earth’s Asia… I think. The maps in my head from my last life were too blurry to make out, but I just had a nagging feeling that the Eastern Isles was so much bigger.

Anyway, the whole reason I’m getting worried by the second is the fact that I lived in the very far East side of the Isles, just a few countries away from the famed Black Sea, Abyssal Trenches, and the Sea of Clouds. And right now I’m in the Western Isles, a very far place from home, and from my parents, my family. I was probably a bajillion miles away from all of them, and I don’t know how long this man is planning to keep me around. He gives me creep vibes, not in a predator kind of way, but in a ‘I’ll keep this child for myself’ kind of way.

“Make yourself at home, Clailip. I will make a bed for you in the meantime, feel free to look around and touch and play with what you want.” His voice was a bit too sweet, honeyed and inviting, but I knew full well what this guy wanted.

He wanted me to be his child.

I don’t really know what it is with people from this world, even some adults back in my village would act like this, even trying to compete with my parents for my favour. It’s like their parental instincts just flare up and get a hundred times bigger when I’m around. It’s a bit convenient and lets me be able to get away with more things than the average child would, but I wouldn’t lie if I said I didn’t feel uncomfortable with people trying so hard to become my parents when mine are still well and alive.

I also feel like this was something that was exclusive to me, Diane and Leila weren’t treated like I was, I don’t think it’s a boy thing either because Tonio wasn’t being babied and fought over like I was.

Interestingly enough, though, my parents seem to be unaffected by this phenomenon, and that cat-eared kid who was apparently an adult, along with that teen with goat horns the kid brought along with him on the night of my invocation. I’m not really sure why, I just remember that cat-eared kid greeting me with a weird expression on his face. I couldn’t describe it with words, not because it was an expression so ugly that it couldn’t be described, but just because it was such a specific expression that you wouldn’t be able to find the words to accurately picture it. One thing was for sure though, that kid looked at me like I wasn’t divorakk, he probably saw me more as an item of interest. Those dark-blue ocean eyes that sparkled with brutal curiosity is something I’m surprised I never had nightmares about.

I wandered around the spacious house. The furniture looked very old fashioned. Very vintage and victorian-like, it surprisingly matched very well with the mediaeval-style architecture. ‘The victorian-style furniture must be influenced by otherworlders.’ was my first thought, as this world didn’t seem very close to victorian ages, and I don’t think their society would evolve in that way too, even now, from what I could remember, their mediaeval style of living was way different from the one on earth. They were surprisingly hygienic and not a single dirty person could be seen when I was being carried to this house.

``Probably another otherworlder influence.’ I thought as I tested how soft the couch was. It was nice, I don’t know much about cushion materials but it must be very high-quality. ‘This man really must be some sort of rich person, or an important one, maybe both.” I jumped up on it and let my body drop down towards it, it was so soft, I haven’t felt anything like this ever since I reincarnated. I always just slept on mattresses made up of forest materials, but this was something that could definitely be passed as something from Earth.

‘If the guy wasn’t such a massive creep then I would definitely stay here for a few days. I probably should get out while I still can, while he’s still distracted ‘setting up a bed’ for me.’ I definitely didn’t want to escape, what with very comfortable cushions and places to take naps on, but I honestly really don’t like the vibes of that guy. I don’t feel like I’m in any danger, but the fact that he just immediately claimed me as his responsibility really just puts me off.

‘Well, I guess I should try and find a way out of here. I’m getting tired of being babied. Though, if what he’s saying is true, then staying with him would be the best choice. I wouldn’t get any rides back to the East if I just slipped away from him… Eugh, I hate using my head, there’s nothing in there of use anyway, just blank space and elevator music.’

I rested my body on the couch in a starfish position as I tried to figure out a plan to get back to the east as soon as possible. I didn’t want to dwell too much on the specifics of me being a continent away from my home and family to make sure that I don’t panic, so I just tried to make up a rough outline of sorts to follow when the time for me to come home is here.

‘I can’t use magic yet, I think it’ll take at least 5 days to get it full again. If I only knew how much mana Suprema Calamita would suck up then I never would have used it. I’m sure Horsey could have outran the catdger if I told him I’d give him back his old form if we got caught.’ I turned on my stomach and laid my head sideways, facing a wooden coffee table of sorts, it had all sorts of maps and paperwork on it. An idea popped into my mind, but remembering how I didn’t really know how to read, I discarded it.

‘This is so boring, I don’t know what to do. I mean, I guess it’s good that I don’t have to be homeless, but man, I really can’t stay in this place much longer. Each second spent away from my family is a second of them getting closer to accepting my ‘death’.’

I was stuck, I didn;t really have any idea what to do to make my situation better. I could run away and start my own pilgrimage back to the east, but I don’t have any way to protect myself right now. My Acorn Soldiers are all weak, Horsey can’t fight, and I don’t have any weapon nor mana to use. Shul’ka’s out there too and I assume that it’s not too happy that I got away from it.

There was the choice of staying here, but if I did, then I risk being adopted by that guy on the grounds of me being a refugee ‘orphaned’ child. If that happens then when I disappear to get back to the east, guards and soldiers might come looking for me, just from the look of this house, the feel of this couch, and the paperwork on the table was already enough to know that he definitely wasn’t a commoner. He says he would take me back to my home, but I doubt that he actually would, I don’t really trust him.

There’s also the choice of running away from this house in particular and staying in the city for a while until I recover my mana and can finally use my magic again. But that would be very dangerous, if he catches me then he’d never take his eyes off me again.

‘God, I’m way too stupid for this. I need someone to make a decision for me… Oh! I know!’

Making magical pets and toys doesn't really take mana as long as I don’t use my magical threads and stuff. My unique skill Magical Companions and Toymaker could probably let me make someone smarter than me that can help me make decisions. The question is, what can I use to make one. I already have a design in mind, and I think it would be pretty adorable having that as a guide of sorts.

‘I can probably ask for sewing materials from the man right? Or maybe just a few pillows and blankets would do… Well, as long as I am the one responsible for making the form and stuff it should work. I’ll probably just use pillows and blankets then. I just need something to make all those things stick together…’ I let my brain do the work. A big mistake, all I got was a headache in return. ‘Can’t think of anything… Maybe I really should just ask for sewing materials. I may be young but I had lots of practice in my past life sewing and with the things my Mama and Papa has taught me regarding all things housework, I have no doubts that I’ll definitely do a better job than I did Horsey. Not to mention I saw and watched the craftsmen at that village near the Forest of Illusions sew and make all types of things. I can do this.’

“Clailip, the bed is made. You’ll be sleeping beside my son. He’s coming home with my wife soon. I’ll introduce you two over dinner.” I heard the man say from behind the couch, I sat up and saw him descending from the second floor, in casual wear.

‘He’s surprisingly more muscular than I would have guessed.’ With his armour from before, I already guessed that he must have been quite the muscular person. But I didn’t expect that he would be this stacked. ‘I wonder if I’ll ever get that muscular… Well, I am a divorakk so probably not. Mama and Papa have always said that we were very weak physically.’

‘I really did have a full reset huh… I would definitely have fallen for this guy if I was still Gabbie. Thank god.’ I thanked the unknown goddess for giving me a full reset and not just plopping down an adult mind on a kid’s body. Just thinking of the possibility of being an adult in a kid’s body sounds horrifying. Except for the possibility of being allowed naps whenever you want, it all just sounds so awful. I’ve always been a bit childish, and my mommy and daddy issues have helped make it actually a bit enjoyable, but for a normal and healthy person then I imagine being treated like a kid isn’t much fun.

Snapping myself out of my self-induced trance, I opened my mouth to speak. “Okay, I understand.” I answered with a slight smile, I had no energy to be too enthusiastic with whatever he might have said, I wasn’t really listening, I needed to think up a way to get my hands on materials for my plush.

I stood up, and walked myself over to the man, Gian, to ask for supplies.

‘God I really hope this works.’


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