Royal Road Rumble

Royal Road Rumble

by Gasmaskbro

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

It's a new season of Royal Road Rumble! The premier wrestling series that takes people from multiple universes, (i.e. stories) and forces them to face each other in a no holds bar season of professional wrestling for fame, fancy bling, and freedom! Dozens for people, monsters, and machines find themselves at the mercy of the mysterious show runner of this sadistic serial. Will they be able to out maneuver this mysterious man in black, will they perish to each other in the ring, or will they be the one to make it to the end of the season and fight their way through Rumblemania to be granted the championship belt? The only way to find out is to tune in and watch this season of ROYAL ROAD RUMBLE: Multiverse Openwieght Beatdown Raw!

On hiatus due to tending sick granny.

All characters used have been used with author consent and will have links to their original stories if you wish to see more of them.

Will try to update every Monday/Friday

Go here to submit your character to the Rumble! Applications are currently open!

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This truly is a Royal Rumble!

Reviewed at: Match 4

I'll cut straight to the chase. 'Royal Road Rumble' is exactly what the author is pitching: two to four characters from different Royal road stories fight it out in a UFC meets WWE tournament.

It's a pretty fun idea and a joy to read, as it not only serves to show characters volunteered by their rspective authors fight it out, but the action is fun and snappy! Yet, the most prevalent thing is that the author has theoir original characters as comentators, bringing some interesting comentary on the already well written fights. 

Lastly, I also have to give credit to Gasmaskbro. The author doesn't do the fights half-assed. Instead they truly do research on each fighter, reading the original novels to larn more on how they woul fight in his project.

Case in point, My own volonturered character: Yata, as 'The Black Cat'. The author did their research on both my character and the character's fighting style,  managing to capture him well on the story and having face off against opponents of a similar caliber. This resulted in a pretty fun 1st match and a growing appreciation to the effort he put on this story. 

In short,  RR Rumble is a pretty novel and fun read. It may be only 4 matches in, but I will happily follow this project as it continues to grow.


Are you ready to rumble?!

Reviewed at: Match 2

'Royal Road Rumble' is a fun project bringing together characters from different 'universes' (fictions) (that have been volunteered by their authors) into a 4 way fight in a ring!

There's drama, trash talk, commentary, electricity from the crowds and the paegentry that you would expect from watching a WWE fight, instead brought to life in words. 

I also have to give credit to Gasmaskbro for reaching out to find out more about- in my case- Sediment Terri, and it is evident that they have read chapters from the original fictions with the characters in. 

It's an easy read, a fun read and hopefully over time more authors on RR will contribute their characters to thrash it out in the ring to keep the chapters coming. Keep up the good work!

But we just need to get you a fun cover to make it jazzy!