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Isaiah a world of magic. The current state of world is a battle of the races, which the demons and humans that co-exist are winning. There, a human who is gifted by God with a strange power. A human that can do the what was known as the impossible and is changing the world within. But what is his goal? To become a God? Or is it more deeper than that? Find out as this is the story of that human.

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a review from ero writer

ah, it's been a while since ero writer write a review ^^

style 3/5

for the first time writing a story, the writer have a unique style.. it wasn't that strong yet but in the future this style might be charming.. just keep writing and polishing your skill, it will shine out eventually.
story 3.5/5

the story so far at chapter 8 is interesting.. however as like any other story, we don't know yet how the plot will turn out.. will review the story score later on at further chapter.

grammar 3/5

grammar, i don't have any real issue since i can read it just fine, i was not a grammar nazi nor got high skill in it but it definitelly doesn't hinder me from reading.

character 3.5/5

the character is building up. as for stories, i hope the author didn't lose sight of the MC development and how is the MC action that need to stick to his character..


overall 3.5/5

it was a good ride.. maybe need another 20-30 chapter to see the real gem outshined from this rough diamond.. but i will be waiting for it..

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Potential like all other things

Not all to much to say yet as the story is just getting started and the MC is finally starting to do his thing but it has potential  to be quite interesting (will be updating this review has more of the story is uploaded)