The Man Who Walked in the Dark

The Man Who Walked in the Dark

by AWEichenlaub

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Just because it can be found, doesn't mean it should.

All things found, all things fixed. Jude Demarco was the best private detective Nicodemia Station had ever ignored. Detective, handyman, medic. He was a bulldog who tracked down every lead and wouldn't let go until the bloody truth died dripping in his jaws. Even if someone got hurt. Even if someone got killed. You lost it? He can find it.

When a collector arrives in a private cruiser from Earth looking for a stolen painting, Demarco has to decide if a few dimes are worth dealing with the worst of the worst in Nicodemia Station. It'll pit him against crime lords, government bureaucrats, and, even worse, the Catholic Church.

If there's anything folks get too passionate about, it's art and religion. No sane person would take a job that mixed the two.

Then again, sometimes a person just gets desperate.

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Eloquent and an interesting genre

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

It's only a first chapter but it reads well, as should be expected from an already prolific author!

Rather different from the rehashed Isikei tropes you normally see on RR, in a very good way. The author sets the dark and menacing sci-fi scene up well in the first chapter, introducing the main character and giving a bit of a hook too.

So far I have no criticism, I am looking forwards to future installments.