The Arrayist

by Cienz

The world has many paths for each person; to live a simple life, to become rich, to become famous, to become the strongest, to explore the world.

Many ancient civilizations fell and history faded through the sands of time. Within one of the rising empires, a youth, Teo, encounters a mysterious turtle that will help him find his path as an Arrayist.

Inspired by mostly Xianxia and Wuxia web novels such as Coiling Dragon, Against the Gods, I Shall Seal the Heavens, Chaotic Sword God, and True Martial World.

Note: The story is a really slow starter, be warned

This is also my first "novel", most chapters are in a rough draft form unless marked otherwise. This work is also hosted at:
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The Lazy Turtle

Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Teo Char ago
Chapter 2: The World within the Shell ago
Chapter 3: Divination Rite ago
Chapter 4: Mirth Academy ago
Chapter 5: Sister ago
Chapter 6: Which One to Pick First? ago
Chapter 7: First Class ago
Chapter 8: A Brief Introduction ago
Chapter 9: Road to Fame ago
Chapter 10: Failure ago
Chapter 11: Void Specialist ago
Chapter 12: Trouble ago
Chapter 13: Like a Turtle ago
Chapter 14: Injured ago
Chapter 15: Preparation ago
Chapter 16: Emerald Pavilion ago
Chapter 17: A Bag ago
Chapter 18: Rock Garden ago
Chapter 19: The World in Different Eyes ago
Chapter 20: Ten Elements ago
Chapter 21: Kicked Out ago
Chapter 22: Inscriptions ago
Chapter 23: Prelude to Revenge ago
Chapter 24: A Sour Revenge ago
Chapter 25: Investigation ago
Chapter 26: A Strange Girl ago
Chapter 27: Her Name ago
Chapter 28: Blocked ago
Chapter 29: Condition ago
Chapter 30: Peer Pressure ago
Chapter 31: Contradictions ago
Chapter 32: Hard Worker ago
Chapter 33: Martial Faction ago
Chapter 34: Hidden Compartment ago
Chapter 35: Invitation ago
Chapter 36: Cultivator vs Elementalist ago
Chapter 37: The Price of a Drop of Blood ago
Chapter 38: Top 4 ago
Chapter 39: Rowen vs Daniel ago
Chapter 40: Victory and Defeat ago
Chapter 41: Power Gap ago
Chapter 42: Coincidence ago
Chapter 43: Void Necklace ago
Chapter 44: Physical Assessment ago
Chapter 45: Required Materials ago
Chapter 46: Combat Lessons ago
Chapter 47: Mirth City ago
Chapter 48: Guild Wars 1 ago
Chapter 49: Guild Wars 2 ago
Chapter 50: Windle's Goal ago
Chapter 51: Take That Back! ago
Chapter 52: Without A Weapon ago
Chapter 53: Beat Down ago
Chapter 54: Witnesses ago
Chapter 55: Bargaining for Time ago
Chapter 56: A Dire Mistake ago
Chapter 57: Motivation ago
Chapter 58: Unexpected Annoyances ago
Chapter 59: The Calm ago
Chapter 60: Temporary Solution ago
Chapter 61: A Smithing Technique ago
Chapter 62: Twenty Percent ago
Chapter 63: Filthy Rich ago
Chapter 64: The Hunt ago
Chapter 65: Warning ago
Chapter 66: Auction ago
Chapter 67: Guinea Pigs ago
Chapter 68: Poison ago
Chapter 69: Gift ago
Chapter 70: Farewell ago
Chapter 71: Dagger's Peak ago
Chapter 72: Assassins ago
Chapter 73: Unreliable ago
Chapter 74: A Blade Within ago
Chapter 75: Talismans ago
Chapter 76: A New Friend ago
Chapter 77: The Fool ago
Chapter 78: Head Start ago
Chapter 79: Open Challenge ago
Chapter 80: Light Show ago
Chapter 81: Self Restriction ago
Chapter 82: The Duelist ago

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Style & Grammar

Its actually written rather well, If I had to guess on a phone because some words are placed rather randomly, but correctly spelt… what else then auto correct could it be? The sentence structure and variation is enough to be readt for longer times, but it lacking in descriptive aspects. Don't just dump descriptions on us tho 


I can't say to much about it, it's a variation of the clichés, mysterious master? Check. Attending Magcal School? Check. Overly Mature for Age? Check. I am not saying it's bad, there is a reason for clichés to be popular. Don't change trails randomly because of this.


Turtle Master (Roshi), Overly Attached Sister, Magnetic to friends little brother friends and a few others, the character traits are relatively good, there is a lack of visualization tho.


Great Story with Great Pacing!

Like the title said, the author does a great job in storytelling. His pacing is on point. The best is that MC's op trait is not too op and actually quite different in that it forces him to use inscriptions/arrays in a fight. 


It might be good later on

Funny the story is actually filling every chapter but. There is just too little development on the story


Already 10 chapters in and it really is a slow start, but from the looks of it...

The author was true to his word, the first few chapters were indeed slow and even boring (the arent the same mind you), and unlike other Xianxias that slowly build up to a strong story this one is a little underwhelming since its not slow just boring.


But from chapter 10ish onwards it does get better! Not sure if the author's getting beter along the way but enduring the beginning was worth it!


It is a good idea of a story.  Unfortunately, it lacks detail.  The character development is shallow, the magic system is poorly described, and the story telling needs a lot of work.  Even for a rough draft, this is rough.


Definitely an amazing read

This is one of the best  fiction I read on this site the main reasons are  the characters who are all-rounded and well developed personality and easily recognizable, this story is highly influenced by the xianxia genre but differently from many other stories that do the same in this one the usual stereotyped characters and situation don't give the idea of being forced  just for the sake of letting the plot keep going  instead they make us understand the MC better.

I especially like the fact that the MC is a kid and he actually acts and reasons as a kid, the MC is "different" but in a believable way, he is definitely a smart kid who is also awkward just like a normal 10  yo, this is what gives freshness to the story and  it actually gives us the opportunity to see the growth of the MC through the chapters .

There is a need of proofreading but it's not to a level that disturbs when reading and it would be good if there was a bit more world-building  but it's definitely better than having info-dump chapters 


I read 15 chapters and said no more

I am sorry, but this story is going nowhere real quick. If you want to maintain people's interest then the main character has to be worth it. As far as I am concerned the MC is an annoying homebody. All the action has been him getting his butt kicked. You are 27 chapters in and it is already a snorefest. I don't feel the connection to the MC. Something else to consider is how you are focusing on every little detail of his school life. It is too much. I suggest you focus on small important parts throughout. Otherwise it jus feels tedious.  


This is some good stuff!!

Only the beginning, but really liking it so far. Like the title says, this is some good stuff!!


Finally there's some proper progression

Fuck all of you bast area complaining that it's going "knowhere", there doesn't have to be a major antagonis and there's also some foreshadowing for possible future conflicts done in a subtle way, great job!


i like it at first.. but theres no excitement..  the school arc is one hell of a boring arc for me...i hope the mc wont end up naive hero of justoce character.. if he did.. i will curse this ff to eternal damnation..