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Look! I actually wrote a chapter! Chapter 1! It's glorious, wondrous, fantastic!

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Waking Up

Colors. So many colors. Moving and changing around me. They rush by me, there for a moment, then gone. Why are they moving so fast? Why are they moving at all?

I try to move towards one of the colors, a big patch of blue that never seems to go away, but there's something around me, pushing me around, preventing me from going where I want to. It’s….. air?

That must be why the colors are moving so much. It’s not the colors that are moving, it’s me getting pushed about by the….. wind? But I’m made of air too, so why doesn’t the wind move with me? I try once again to move towards the blue, and as I do I realize something. I’m not like the wind around me. Yes, I’m moving and twisting constantly, just like it is, but unlike it, no matter what crazy ways in which I spin and whirl, I never separate, not really. Almost like I’m solid, yet somehow I’m not. So when I try to move, the air around me can’t just go through me, it goes around me. And since I’m made of air too, that means I’m always getting shoved in different directions. So what if I try moving with the wind?

I focus on the wind around me, feeling how it pushes and shoves at me. After a while, I notice an air current that seems to be going up towards the blue. I try to navigate my way towards it and after a bit of wrestling with the wind, I get myself over to it.

Suddenly I feel myself being propelled up towards the blue color. I did it!

Or at least, that’s what I thought would happen. Here’s what happened instead.

I go up for a short moment, then the wind twists and flows in a new direction, and then it twists again, and again. And once more I’m spinning about wildly, as wind does.

This is not working. I need a plan, a real one. But I’m moving so quickly and crazily that I can barely orient myself. After all, moving around like I am, I can’t even see my surroundings. Just colors flitting around in front of me. If everything would just stop moving I could𑁋 wait! That’s it! I need to stop moving!

But…. I don’t know how. I can move around, though with the wind it’s more like just trying not to get pushed around every which way. But how would I not move? Is that even possible?

Maybe it’s not so much that I’m not moving. Mabye instead I need to keep myself from being moved. If I can push back against the wind, then won’t I stop moving? The force of me pushing, and it pushing would cancel out, right? I strain against the wind, and slowly, I come to a stop.

And suddenly I can see…… everything. And it’s amazing. The blue I saw before? It’s some kind of huge wall, way high up in the air. And below it are these weird white blobs. They look almost like wind, if the wind was white. But they don’t move like the wind. They drift slowly and ponderously across the blue. They all seem to be going the same direction too. I wonder what’s over there?

But I soon forget the blobs as my focus turns to what’s below. Colors. Colors of all different shades and hues. A huge field, grass blowing in the wind, looking almost like waves made of green surging over the earth. And next to it is a patchwork of orange, red, brown, yellow, and some other colors tucked away, hidden between the rest. A forest.

I’m so awed by all of it that I forget something. The wind. And suddenly I’m moving once more, carried by the wind, being dragged around, spun, and thrown about. Again.

A note from Story_Eater

Sorry the chapter is so short. This just felt like a good place to end it.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions, or things they want me to change, please tell me! Pease! PLEASE! PLEASE!

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