The... The Demon God?

Shay looked up at the god that had his hands on his elbow, trying to pull him away from the Sun God. He didn’t respond to the Sun God’s accusation.

“Shay.” He said, voice cracking, “You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to. But if you stay here with the Sun Tyrant you’ll never know freedom again.”

The Sun God, still red and fuming, steam rolling off his skin, took one hand off Shay’s shoulder to jab his finger at the Demon God. His eyes narrowed angrily, “Stop with your lies, Xxx.”

The Demon God’s head snapped back to the Sun God. He let go of Shay to press a hand to his bare, pale chest, “You’re accusing me of lies?”

“You have the word ‘deceit’ in your title, do you not?”

Large, black horns emerged from the Demon God’s head, “You know as well as I do that that title is slander, you-” his voice broke, “you bastard!”

Shay finally made the decision to break away from the both of them, scurrying away as the fight between the two got more heated.

“Do I know that?” The Sun God asked, his nose and eyebrows scrunching up, nostrils flaring, warping his beautiful features.

“Shisu...” The Demon God’s voice lacked anger, sounding rather broken and small. “Enough of this.” He shook his head, then turned towards Shay, holding out his hand, eyebrows knit together, breathing heavily, “Will you come with me, Shay?” Closing his eyes again and taking a deep breath, the Demon God’s horns retreated back into his head. He opened his eyes again and smiled his gentle smile again, it looked the same, even with this face. “... please.”

Those who foolishly trust the Demon God of Deceit and Shadows will meet a gruesome death and their souls will be slowly devoured piece by piece... But... his smile was sweet and gentle and when he held me...

“Human!” The Sun God barked and Shay turned to him, startled, “Come here. You belong to me.” He held out his hand as well, his face and words harsh and demanding. Turning back to the pleading eyes of the Demon God, Shay reached out his hand for him. He’d rather take his chances with the one that smiled and spoke gently. Xxx’s shoulders relaxed and he exhaled in relief. He strode forward to close the short distance that remained between him and Shay.

Then a light golden brown fist punched the Demon God in the face, knocking him to the ground.

The Sun God stood over the fallen Demon God, his fist out in front of him, glowing slightly, “Get out of here, Xxx.”

On the ground, the Demon God was holding his cheek, a look of shock painted across his face, “you... touched me... “ the Demon God looked almost happy, blushing, “ haven’t touched me in decades!”

“Go away!” the Sun God bellowed, fire sparking off his skin. The Demon God looked towards Shay and the Sun God moved between them, “without him.” he added with a growl.

The Demon God sighed, “I really didn’t expect you to take this so seriously, Shisu.” He bit his lip, worriedly, then sighed again, getting up. “Fine, fine. I’m not an idiot. I know I’m no match for you.” Raising his hands in surrender, he sauntered away. He sent one last concerned smile Shay’s way before leaving.

The Sun God turned to Shay, anger still literally sparking off his skin. Shay shrunk away. He grabbed his shoulders with both of his hands, his skin still uncomfortably hot where it touched him. He looked Shay up and down, his anger melting away. He pursed his lips at him as he shook in fear, “Not really my type but at least you’re a fucking boy.”


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Bio: Queer author writing queer stories. Check out my wordpress for more stuff. He/him or they/them pronouns.

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