Shay glanced between the two Sun Gods, eventually landing on the one that had just released his shoulder, "Your Radiance, what is going on...?"

The Sun God ducked his head, golden hair spilling over his shoulders, long lashes seeming to touch his cheeks as his eyes closed. "I'm sorry, Shay. That's what I wanted to tell you." The Sun God sighed deeply and began to shrink slightly, his skin paling, his golden hair dulling to black and curling in closer to his head. Shay tried to take a step back but the not Sun God grabbed his hands, his skin now ice cold. Shay threw his gaze over to the other (real?) Sun God who was glaring at the man holding his hands, steam rolling off his skin.

"What is happening?" Shay asked, his voice pitched high in panic, his heart pounding out of his chest.

The Sun God ignored him, as was to be expected.

Instead, he shouted at the Not Sun God, "Xxx how dare you impersonate me!"

"Zickszicks?" Shay muttered, turning back to stare at the man holding his hands. His appearance had stopped changing. Standing before Shay was a pale, guilty-looking man barely bigger than him. The name the Sun God called rang no bells as the name of any god or demon that Shay had ever heard of. But could any no name impersonate the Sun God so well?

Shay wasn't given any more time to think about it. The Not Sun God, 'Zickszicks' squeezed his hands tightly, causing him to wince. "I wasn't trying to lie to you. I had to put on an act to save you. Please trust me and come with-"

He was cut off when the Sun God grabbed Shay’s shoulders and pulled him out of ‘Zickszicks’ grasp. "You think I'm someone you can just ignore?!" he roared, his hands painfully, burning hot on Shay’s skin. "This human is mine! He was sacrificed to me! I'm not letting you take him anywhere!"

Shay fought against the urge to squirm away from the angry Sun God. He had been told, as every young woman who had ever been sacrificed to the Sun God was told, that the Sun God treated those sent to him extremely well and they lived their afterlives in luxury and bliss. But that was likely just a story to keep them docile on the day of their sacrifice. Faced with the pain on his skin, Shay was more inclined to believe that hell awaited him rather than heaven.

With a cocky smile, but urgent, anxious eyes, Xxx said, "But he wasn't sacrificed. I rescued him before the knife swung down. You have no claim to him."

The Sun God's jaw tightened, "leave now," the Sun God growled.

"With pleasure." The man bowed slightly, causing a few more red splotches to appear on the Sun God's skin. He grabbed Shay’s elbow, attempting to pull him back to his side.

"Leave him behind!" The Sun God ordered in a loud, harsh voice. Shay couldn’t help but flinch.

The man looked from Shay to the Sun God and smirked, "He doesn't seem to want to stay with you."

The Sun God's hands on Shay’s skin grew even hotter and he grit his teeth against the pain.

Changing his tactics, The Sun God closed his eyes and tilted his chin up. Then he opened them with a haughty smile. "You think he'd want to go with you if he knew who you are. The humans hate you so much they won't even speak your name! He probably didn't recognize it when I said it!"

A name we won't speak? It clicked in Shay’s mind just as the Sun God said it.

"The humans spell your name X-X-X. The Demon God of Deceit and Shadows!"


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Bio: Queer author writing queer stories. Check out my wordpress for more stuff. He/him or they/them pronouns.

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