Flying through the sky in the arms of the Sun God was an experience full of strange sensations. The half of Shay that faced the cold morning air after rain was chilled to the bone, while the skin that touched the Sun God's skin was feverishly hot. A comfortable feverish. A kind feverish. An addicting feverish.

He found himself instinctively nuzzling into his chest, trying to spread his gentle warmth throughout his whole body. As the warmth spread through him, his heart beat faster and faster. What are you doing, Shay? This is the Sun God, the fucking Sun God! More than your mortal life is on the line here! One mistake and your very soul is done for!

But the Sun God didn't seem to mind. In fact he held Shay tighter and pulled him even closer. His warmth, his kindness surrounded Shay.

Nothing had ever felt so violent or scary as his kindness.

The Sun God broke through the clouds and brought Shay to a city of shimmering white, blue and gold. A part of Shay didn't want to let go of the Sun God when he set him down. The corners of his mouth quirked up at Shay’s arms lingering around his neck. When Shay’s feet touched the ground he slowly looked up at the palace of pure gold stretching up in front of him.

The Sun God put a hand on Shay’s shoulder, "follow me. I have something I want to tell you but not here.” The Sun God strangely began to lead Shay away from the glittering temple, away from the light it cast.

It wasn’t long before the Sun God’s path was blocked.... By a second Sun God who looked just like the one holding my hands, only breathing heavily with red splotches of anger marring his perfect tan skin.

"Trick bitch! You dick-stealing, shit-fucking bastard!"


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Bio: Queer author writing queer stories. Check out my wordpress for more stuff. He/him or they/them pronouns.

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