Adam grabbed my shoulder and stopped me from walking right off to my death. I guess I owe him for that. He’s a good guy. Then Desmond said “Get your asses off the edge! Behind us!” I whipped around and saw Adam getting sliced at by some strange bug creature and he was on a knee already. One of the bugs was rushing up to me with all four of its arms out, preparing to slash all of my vital spots at once. I ducked around it with speed I didn’t know I had, but it still managed to cut into my left shoulder. Now it was cliffside. I grabbed my shortsword in my right hand and set my book down. I knew I memorized at least two of those spells during the walk. I thought I could cast them. The insect was just staring at me and I could feel my entire body trembling. This thing had definitely killed more than I had. I had to be careful. I glanced over at Adam and I saw his stomach being torn open and my eyes went wide at the sight of it. Right then, the insect jumped at me. I reacted slowly and tried jumping back with a wide swing toward its torso. It stabbed me once in the stomach and once in my other shoulder. They didn’t feel deep, but the pain was more than I ever felt before. An arrow hit the back of its head, sinking into some soft flesh and it recoiled for a moment. I dashed at it from low and came directly up trying to slice it’s torso. My blade glanced off its exoskeleton so I came down toward its head and sliced into its right eye. That second attack threw me off balance, so the bug sliced my right wrist and I lost grip of my sword. I stumbled backward, down a hand. Tells was thrown into the bug from somewhere else, but managed to block its frantic retaliation.

“Tells, can you hold its attacks for a second?! I’m gonna try to cast a spell!”

“Yeah, okay.” Tells looked down at her buckler and scimitar and braced for the bug’s next attack.

I picked up my book and looked at the marked page. I drew my hand in the shape of an open flame, seeing the sparks form around my fingers and leave their traces in the air. A shape bolded in the air so I began the second shape. I circled the glowing cinders with my thumb, invoking the heat of the sun into this shape, to which it bolded. This activation was a punch into the center of the encircled flame. I could feel a warm, radiant energy emitting from the hovering circle in the air as I pressed my fist through it. My left hand sparked and ignited, but it didn’t hurt. It felt exhilarating. I looked at tells, who had two pincers embedded in her shield, one grabbing her scimitar and one slashing toward her torso, nearly reaching. I lunged forward and the insect tried pulling off, but its claws stuck in the shield were not freeing. I yelled as I threw my hand into its good eye and pushed with all of my might. I could feel its flesh popping beneath my hand and boiling around my fingers, but I kept pushing. An ear-piercing screech rang through my head but I kept on pressing as the insect was frantically trying to free itself. A claw broke free from the shield and began slicing at mine and Tells’ faces. It nearly slashed my right eye out as I kept pressing into it, seeing only through the blood pouring over my eyes. Its limbs fell limp as my burning hand broke through some kind of membrane inside of its head and I began beating my fire hand around in its head. It fell to the ground, smoking and spasming, and Tells and I shared a sigh as both of us fell down from our wounds on the silent battlefield.


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Bio: I'm an amateur writer, but I've got a story in my head that I want to tell. What I write won't always be amazing, but I really think it will get better with experience. I love reading and watching anything fantasy, scifi and anything in that sort of wheelhouse. I've always been inspired by those genres to be creative and do my own thing, creating entirely new worlds, histories, creatures, plants and the whatnot. I like trying out new ideas in the genres I love.

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