One of the modigrams from The Lawbreakers’ Chronicle archives was confiscated with a few others that survived the raid on the firm. Its contents damaged and out of date, this modigram still gives a valuable glimpse into what life was like around that time for most humans on Tir-Torzor.

These are the reports it relayed to its reader:



I Worms: Disparaging slang for the Anuh-Kaj.

II Flips: Semi-disparaging slang for the Cetaceans, especially the dolphin types.

III Botches: Derogatory slang for human collaborators.

IV Lobsurtle: An aggressive and opportunistic carapaced crustacean, originally from the planet Irrdnis

A note from fsarbolaez

If you are wondering why the section labelled 'Obituaries' is nothing but a block of scrambled text, it's because it's reserved for Ko-fi members who pay $10 or $20 per month. When the fully completed book finally gets published, it will be a thank you by way of gallows humor to them. Basically, I'd be making up "causes of death" for each participant.

You can join in if you want. If not, there's still the $5 option in where you can still get a special thanks, just not the more humorous and story integrated one.

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