While the A.I. observed minare and human activities - and studied the world in general - the drones discovered a third sentient race living on Tir-Torzor. There were not as many as there were humans. These lived exclusively in all the oceans and mostly segregated themselves by species. Human scientific documentation called these aquatic beings Cetaceans, (aka Cetacea) but other than the names they gave themselves and their own social groups – known as a “pod” – they had no all-embracing identity to classify their race. One of the most attractive aspects about these beings – other than a seemingly higher intelligence – was that their complex language was near comparable to the Anuh-Kaj’s own with minor need to translate and convert units. In contrast, the closest a human could do to naturally pronounce a more humanized version of the same language, is by grimacing and speaking through clenched teeth, while preventing movement of the tongue laid flat down within the lower mandible. Receiving the summary report, the Apiary knew they had to gain the Cetaceans if they hoped to claim Tir-Torzor.

It took two and a half months to send A.I. drones to the various pods around the planet’s oceans and convince the pods to send an emissary or two, to come together peacefully at an agreed upon time and destination. To ensure negotiations went well by showing the utmost respect, Eas-Enerang sent a couple of anuh-kaj emissaries instead of A.I. units.

The following is an official transcript of the A.I. recorded engagement between Emissary Ut and Emissary It representing the Apiary, and Emissary Pachah Fishunter Green Waters representing the cetacean diplomatic superpod:


It: I am Emissary It of the Apiary. I thank all for showing. We are honored by your presence.

Ut: I am Emissary Ut of the Apiary. I thank all for showing. We are honored by your presence.

Pachah: I’m Emissary Pachah Fishunter Green Waters of the Green Waters Pod, and elected speaker of the diplomatic superpod. The inorganic servants sent to each of our pods, convincing us to put aside era-long feuds and genetic differences for a promise to receiveth help, are yours. Is my assessment accurate?

Ut: Your assessment is accurate.

Pachah: We question how this is feasible within the realm of our current reality. Conflict between pods have been increasing because we’ve been losing our home habitats and prey animals. Starvation is now an increasingly common occurrence amongst us, as well as diseases, cancerous tumors, infertility, and other illnesses. If these aren’t remedied, our complete extinction will be imminent. Many pods have already been lost and will never be seen again. What do you proposeth to take away what ails us?

It: Computer, show and share basic data of Soc-Seidon.

Computer: Showing the ocean planet, Soc-Seidon. Celestial body’s diameter is 8,000 general distance units. Composed of 90% ocean with an average depth of 2.8 nautical distance units, and 10% land largely composed entirely of sandbars. Average atmospheric non-polar temperature between 16° and 26°, and average atmospheric polar temperature between -40° and -30°. Global water temperature ranges from -2° to 29°. Salinity rate averages about 34 parts per thousand. No presence of sentient life. Native animal sizes range from <1 size unit to 43 size units. Prey animal to predatory animal ratio is 10:3. Predatory animals are minimal competition to any introduced predatory species.

It: Computer, stop basic data share. My kind has no use for such a planet as Soc-Seidon, but we do have the technology to send anyone and anything to wherever needed. With projected future advances we are currently making in our scientific fields, and due to its destination being comparatively much closer to our home world, it would only take 35 – 40 of your planet’s years to construct and send a teleportation outpost to Soc-Seidon.

Pachah: I assess there are terms and conditions we must meet to one day live on that planet, is this accurate?

It: Your assessment is accurate.

Ut: Pledge allegiance to the Apiary. Answer a call to arms whenever required. In this case, we need help in vanquishing an alien race known as the Minare from this world.

Pachah: The large beings we occasionally gander wondering the coasts? They abduct our kind every now and again when we get too close to shore, but they usually leave us all alone. We have no real quarrel with them. What are they to you?

Ut: We came here because we thought this planet would have fully converted into a completely different environment far more suitable for us by the time we arrived. The Minare slowed this process by disabling a vital catalyst.

Pachah: May I inquireth what exactly that catalyst is?

Ut: Humans.

Commotion erupts among the cetacean diplomatic superpod.

Pachah: Humans? Humans! Ye want humans protected? They’re why all the pods are diminishing! There was a time when disappearances of individuals and sometimes entire pods would occur, and at times survivors would return to tell of the horror and cruelty they were subjected. If they’re not slaughtered by being trapped and drowned or carried away with schools of fish, or stabbed and butchered, they’re held against their will and abused to preform tricks and experiments.

Forsooth, if that didn’t suffice, we’re still suffering from the innumerable defilements of our waters. Humans created abnormal noises, which droveth us to lose direction, beach ourselves, or lose our hearing. Then to add to it, humans dumped into the ocean so much trash, and chemicals, and some thick, black ooze from deep in the world… almost all of it is responsible for the illnesses we have currently.

Then one year, seeing humans anywhere in or near the ocean becometh an uncommon sight. Over time in their absence, we noticed the disappearances all but stopped, slaughters by humans completely ceased, impurity accumulation largely waned, and hearing related problems and disasters becometh rare.

The humans are responsible for the habitat and food loss, but thou want them to continue destroying our world? The Minare deserveth to keep the surface as their prize!

It: Supposing we leave the Minare alone, the probability of this planet recovering from all the years of damage is faint.

Pachah: Then humans deserveth to rot away amongst the ruin they hath wrought!

It: Then live somewhere else, rather than going extinct due to another’s misdeeds. Our people will be fine but yours will not see better days here.

Pachah: What is preventing you from cutting out human involvement and changing the climate yourselves?

Ut: The amount of resources, research, development, and time required, would be better allocated to other important matters. Humans have mastered hastening a process, which would have taken nature tens of millennia or longer to accomplish.

It: It does not mean dooming yourselves and future generations at the same time. Join the Apiary and be rewarded with a new home waiting to be lived on peacefully and in good health, and be under the protection of our planet, Eas-Enerang.

Pachah: Supposeth we do agreeth to thine terms and conditions. We have been in a disadvantaged position in relation to humans from the beginning. Thou expect the pods to be of any help against surface dwelling giants?

It: Computer, show Prototype MMPS191519. After weeks of A.I. drones studying all the pods’ different physical builds and behaviors, our cybernetic armory algorithms were able to customize mobile multipurpose personalized systems to each variant of your kind. These will go beyond creating a fair and balanced dynamic, and instead will shift the apex status from one species to a new race.

Pachah: Why us? Why not haveth your inorganic servants fight your war?

Ut: Once again, the amount of resources, research, development, and time required, would be better allocated to other more important matters. Plus, when we learned of your race existing and being disadvantaged to such degree for so long, the misery made us sympathetic towards the plight of having no say over the circumstances. We want to give your kind’s future a fighting chance.

It: Have we won confidence? Will loyalty be pledged to the Apiary?

Pachah: I don’t haveth an answer as of currently. I will discuss with the rest of the diplomatic pod in private, and we will return tomorrow with an answer. Is this agreeable?

It: It is agreeable to us.

Ut: It is agreeable to us.

Pachah: We will meet tomorrow then. Good day.

It: Good day and thanks for meeting with us. It was an honor.

Ut: Good day and thanks for meeting with us. It was an honor.

                           - End of Record -


The next day, the Cetaceans agreed to tell their own pods about the agreement. By the end of the month, the verdict to join the Apiary was near unanimous, leading to the grand majority of cetaceans pledging their loyalty soon after.


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