Tir-Torzor was not the only population of humans to suffer from the disease.

The final part of Sank’s speech transcript reveals what ensued since they returned with the minare expedition to Irrdnis:


Yes, none of us knew what to expect arriving on Nephiliham. We were all placed on flatbed carts and moved through the mammoth, dimly lit hallways of sculpted stone and soil. As we went through the gargantuan doors into the titanic throne room, so many angels gazed upon us as we did them, each with their angelic glows of different beautiful intensities. Then there He was, flanked by archangels, sitting on the sacred throne, wearing a long ornate loincloth, a halo with long thorns, and His bones glowing so radiantly He outshone all those around Him. We were in the presence of the almighty Himself.

The angels who brought us to Him presented us to this holy audience. I stood by myself feeling more and more alone, wishing my mother and father were here. I soon got to where I couldn’t hold back my sorrow anymore and broke down crying. I didn’t know for how long, but upon feeling His warm and glowing finger gently lifting my head up, I felt the same love I felt from my parents flow and emanate through Him. I embraced his finger, then He used it to place me in His palm and held me above to show me to the angels around us. It was then I knew that all of us would never be alone, for His love is greater, eternal in scope and reach, and will always be there for the faithful.

That, my fellow saved souls, is what this is all about: Faith.

Faith brought us together. Faith saw us through turmoil and loss, from the harm our community faced, to our departure, to the following months after we arrived when so many of us were chosen for Rapture to become one with God as their role in life came to a close. Faith revealed me to you, brought two of my surviving apostles, Octubre and March, to teach me about who I was in my past life and who I am now, before one was raptured shortly after. Upon the other passing from old age last year, I lost a good assistant in mentoring you and we lost a great friend to us all.

Now, about four and a half [Irrdnis] years after our arrival on Nephiliham and living a life of salvation under the care of God and His angels, He calls on our faith once more. For you see, granting all this abundance we have, humanity back on Earth has none. They are nothing more than toxic savages, who can’t find the strength in themselves to take a stand and not allow the worst to go unchallenged, so they seek to keep others from finding emancipation. That is why they mocked us, tried to drive us away, kidnapped us, and even tried to kill us. They say they do have faith, when they worship their false gods, obey their paltry governments and leaders, obsess over their corporate brands, but that’s not real faith. Real faith is standing up to what is wrong and saying, “Enough! That will deliver no one from torment! I will find salvation and bring as many as I can to it by the grace of God!”

That is why the angels have currently fitted you all with holy armor and arms. Starting tomorrow, we will begin training and we will be finished by the beginning of next year. It is then, we will return to Earth to partake in the most holy crusade, with the angels and God Himself on our side, to save humanity from itself. It is time for humanity to relinquish all its petty illusions of power and completely surrender to the almighty and his angels.

He said unto to me a word and that word will be ours from here on, for we are not seeking Nephiliham anymore. We have found our heavenly reward and we now know what true salvation is. We are now, Baggsab. We will deliver those savages to this planet for their salvation, even if we must bound them in chains and drag them here.

Baggsab harroo yopt.I

I What they thought it meant: The Saved bring salvation. ___What it really means: Hunters bring gifts.


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