At this time, Champion Zalhang, Guardian Junget, and Moloj Phorro returned to the vessel, while Guardian Tempun and Guardian Horskul fought to fend off the human assault taking place at that current time. All they needed was Lumpher Phorro to give the command to depart.

This excerpt tells of what occurred:


  I saw Zalhang, Junget, and Moloj Phorro rushing towards the hatch, shooting at the crawlers and whirlers pursuing them. Junget and Zalhang provided cover, as Moloj Phorro unlocked the outer hatch. When Moloj Phorro entered, a whirler shot Junget in the chest with an explosive, knocking her against the vessel. Zalhang returned fire and shot it down before he dragged her inside and closed the hatch. I unlocked the inner hatch and let the three of them inside. Zalhang ran to the nearest gunport and began helping Tempun and Horskul in their defense of the ship, while Moloj Phorro tended to Junget. I made haste to the navigational bridge. Tonglok Phorro was at the flight controls waiting for my decision. I asked if he saw any humans come aboard and said that he didn’t. I quickly looked at the hole, hoping one last time to see if any would appear, but to no avail. I made the hard call for us to make our way for the cosmic doorway, without our greatest find of the expedition.

  Zalhang and Guardians Tempun and Horskul continued shooting at the human horde attacking us, though some were blown away by the force of liftoff, and some got smashed against the outer hull of the vessel. As we were making our way through the sky, we were attacked by new flying machines we never saw before, as they darted around us taking shots. They were harder to hit but we managed to escape them once we made it through the upper atmosphere. When we made it to a safe distance, I checked on Moloj Phorro and Guardian Junget. The blast left a large bruise but no major injury. Much of what the humans threw at our ship didn’t cause much damage to worry about. The only weapon in their arsenal we knew of, that could have destroyed our ship in a direct hit, was the newk. I hypothesize they didn’t use it against us because it takes time to prepare, or they too feared its immense power.

  Afterwards, I asked Zalhang about his mission to the soljer nest. What he reported to me was a harrowing escape from a dreadful and nefarious foe with unholy intentions for our crew.


*Comparisons between other sources of information throughout my research, reveal this upcoming personal account from Champion Zalhang Glodd contains falsehoods.

These falsehoods to be recounted next, would inspire future bigoted myths against the Humans:*


  When Champion Zalhang, Guardian Junget, and Moloj Phorro reached the soljer nest, their guiding suited examiner pointed them to one of the large structures sitting in a row by a long flat strip. Moloj Phorro had the suited examiner leave for safety before all three snuck onto the grounds of the nest, almost getting spotted several times while the human soljers scurried about. On their way to the structure, they saw columns of different fighting machines lined up in fields, as if they were being prepared for something.

  When they reached the structure, they felt an uneasy cold coming from the other side of the doors. They opened the door and they witnessed the ghastly sight of humans tearing into and eating Junget Darruf’s corpse. In almost an instant, crawlers and soljers closed in on them from behind, and amongst this ambushing force was Kernil Fon. Moloj Phorro translated what this creature had in store for the Minare. All the offerings we gave them were being used to build a terrible and secret weapon, which they would use to annihilate all life on Irrdnis. He sent soljers to eliminate all humans who helped us and ordered the forces around our ship to take it over, so they could commandeer it to invade our home world. They wanted to do it because they found that our blood contained the power of the cosmos’s Guiding LightI. Humans do not have this light but a dark void, which is why they consume other animal life. These savage creatures wanted to kill and consume all minare to take our power. Kernil said to the team, “Give us your power,” and then all the humans slowly moved in chanting, “Power. Power. Power.”

  Thinking fast, Moloj Phorro pulled out his talisman and held it out saying, “Get back! In the name of the Guiding Light, I compel you!”

  These savage creatures then recoiled, hissed, and batted at the sight of the talisman. Guardian Junget Darrif pulled out an explosive, not wanting to leave her brother to these monsters. Kernil tried to stop her by ordering his forces to shoot her, but Zalhang quickly drew his dual guns and destroyed Kernil along with a couple of crawlers. Moloj Phorro and Junget dodged out of the way of enemy fire as she armed and tossed the explosive to her brother’s corpse, then used her gun to destroy more of the enemy. The team fled the immediate area within good time before the bomb detonated, destroying the corpse and the structure it was inside. On their way off the nest’s grounds, they were sure to destroy many machines and structures, to cripple and slow down the enemy.

  Now I know why our only aid on Erth, that wretched planet, had never appeared. They were likely slaughtered by Kernil’s soljers. Such a waste.


  Before I could conclude this record, we heard noises coming from under the floor. I had Horskul and Tempun remove one of the floor paneling, which revealed that our little human friends had stowed themselves away on the vessel. This explained why they never came back through the hole they had been using. There was no need to enter the sections our crew could only move around in. Upon further inspection as we picked them out from the compartment, Moloj Phorro noted that they installed safety measures and a door to access the rest of the vessel’s guts. Thinking over the modifications for the compartment, this indicated they were planning to risk coming with us anyway, whether I gave my approval or not. Humans are a bit shrewder than I originally thought.

  After a total of one hundred twenty-five days on a planet on the other side of the doorway, we have concluded that world is too toxic for any minare to survive without an enviro-suit and is inhabited by a mostly antagonistic race of small aliens. Against the challenge of being contained within a small area by said aliens, the crew has returned from the expedition with:

  • 1 guardian lost
  • 3 guardians alive
  • 1 champion alive
  • 3 priests alive
  • 145 rations deducted
  • 128 ammunitions spent
  • 84 units of fuel spent
  • 8 animals categorized
  • 9 sample animals taken
  • 13 plants categorized
  • 26 sample plants taken
  • 50 miscellaneous samples taken
  • 607 humans

I "The Guiding Light," according to the Minare’s general beliefs, is the force of cosmic energy that connects all life deemed to be good. Xamiums are supposed to be the most entuned with this power, which is why they are made the leaders of their communities.


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