It has been three years since the start of the last immigration wave on Tir-Torzor, making it six years on Eas-Enerang. The Overlord Council ordered the easing of the immigration process during that time, allowing assimilated domestic foreigns to visit the Anuh-Kaj home world. Unlike beings with the status of ‘subjects’ – who could freely move throughout the Apiary’s interplanetary domain – those with the ‘assimilated domestic foreigns’ status must obtain an official docugram called an ‘alien allowance.’ Those with an alien allowance can only travel to and stay on Eas-Enerang temporarily for a set duration as a worker, before having to go back to their native planet to renew it for an additional session.

Throngs of humans and huwaty migrated to Eas-Enerang since then, where many were constrained into migrant worker enclaves. It was in one of these neighborhoods – when taking a break from my research – was where I first personally met Tonglok Lurris. I visited the liquid bar he was tending as manager-elect so I could sample what drinks the Apiary had to offer. We took advantage of the slow and quiet day at the establishment and had quite the engaging discussion, which convinced him to help me on my work. He lent me his legacy journal and offered to provide me with individuals to interview about how the non-subject communities effect the subject populace, and how said communities are affected by the host planet’s local populace. I returned a few weeks later, and he kept his word. The following you are about to read include minimally editedI transcripts of recorded interviews from Tonglok Lurris, a cetacean who requested personal information to be removed, Rajitha Bakshi, Nic, Ky Wallroon, Jamal Little-Summerhill, Influencer Dh, and A.I. Unit#1312.


I Translating the original languages and summarizing irrelevant information.


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