Wong’s death enraged many unassimilated humans, which caused them to launch violent, colony-wide uprisings. Unlike the riots, participants mostly targeted the Apiary’s human collaborators, the Cetaceans, and the Anuh-Kaj themselves, instead of just their property. Rebelling humans overran law enforcer ward stations for weapons and armor, as well as Cetacean checkpoints and forward operating bases. The Huwaty meanwhile were largely left alone as they watched with confusion as it all unfolded at first, but they too eventually had to choose sides as it did not take long for the uprisings to become armed revolts and civil wars. Pro-human forces would come to call this final period of the Great Troubles the Grand Pushback, while the Apiary would come to call it Tir-Torzor’s Escalation. (aka the Escalation)

The near constant fighting saw wins and losses on both sides for almost two years – the Apiary’s most significant win being the District 1 vs Reservation 1 War, and the rebel humans’ most significant win being the District 3 Revolution – until Council Member Lc of the Overlord Council on Eas-Enerang sued for an end to the conflict:


“Fellow Apiary members of the council, you and the colonial administration on Tir-Torzor publicly state refusal to being intimidated or rushed into resolution because of the disturbances. Nevertheless, the violence and the underlying disparities in income, jobs, housing, and education, between subjects and domestic foreigns helped educate us about the stark reality of an enormous social problem. Members of the council, we must act on these imbalances in colony life, otherwise refocusing surplus resources and delaying already behind-schedule terraforming any longer, will force the Anuh-Kaj to stay on Eas-Enerang during the chlithes-nok’s reproductive rut. None of us want to worry for three days about getting absorbed because somebody forgot to properly check the defenses. We’re going to have to find a different way to get what we want.”

~ Council Member Lc


After five days of debating among themselves, the Overlord Council had the colonial administration order all cetaceans to withdraw from the reservations and battlegrounds. Meanwhile, noncombatant subjects and assimilated domestic foreigns were ordered to vacate from Districts 1 through 7. All cetaceans, subjects, and assimilated domestic foreigns retreated to District 8. The other Apiary collaborators were left behind to fend for themselves.

Later, A.I. drones were sent to all pro-human rebel leadership to arrange a truce. The rebel forces attended in person or virtually to meet with A.I. units. All attendees met at the summit hosted in Skinnende Bakke, the representing commune of newly founded Perle Polosur that was formerly District 3. The drones bluffed the Apiary’s willingness to continue fighting and presented peace accords drawn up ahead of the summit, which included the involuntary resignation of Colonial Overseer Va as a conciliatory gesture. There were rebel leaders who wanted extra time for a painstakingly deep review but calls for a swift end to the belligerence was far more overpowering. Their fear of continued conflict pressured the relatively quick approval on compromise for what were dubbed, the Skinnende Bakke Accords. Dominion of the planet was wrested from the Apiary nine years after the Big Break, and the Great Troubles of Tir-Torzor was declared to be finally over.


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