That One Isekai



Interlude - That time I was reincarnated into another world and read an [Artes Catalogue]


A note from MezzoCatorce

This is the nature of my ability.

All of the information contained in this chapter will flow into your mind, and you will gain total understanding of the [Artes Catalogue].

When that happens, you can only think about "Isekai" until you die. 

That Time I Got Sent to Another World Where All of the Girls Are Super Hot and Super Into Me Because I Am Super Strong and Have Very Powerful Abilities that God Gave to Me Because Me and Them Were Friends When I Was in Grade School and God Is Actually A Loli Who is Also in Love with Me Because I Am A Super Epic Person Who Will Defeat The Demon Lord Who Threatens The Entire World but the Demon Lord Actually is in Love With Me and the Demon Lord is a Super Hot Busty Babe Who is Actually Just Trying to Get My Attention Because I Have a Cellphone That Can Contact the Internet and Can Get Anything Shipped To Me Within 2 Days But I Barely Need It Because I Am Actually the Most Strongest Guy Alive Because I Have Super Strong Powers Like Being Able to Lift Your Mom Really Easily Which is Nearly Impossible Because Your Mom is So Fat But is Actually A Secret Anime Busty Babe Who is Really into Me Because I Am Super Cool and Better Than Your Dad Because He is Super Lame Which I Am Not:


Interlude - That time I was reincarnated into another world and read an [Artes Catalogue]

First, there was nothing. A title that simply read [Artes Catalogue] - All Artes (Sorted by Category) but then...

The rest of it loaded.

[Artes Catalogue] - All Artes (Sorted by Category - Popular) Filter: Qualified Artes, Filter: Non-Secret Artes

Sword Artes
[Double Slash] [Triple Slash] [Quadruple Slash] [Quintuple Slash] [Sexy Slash] [Tenfold Slash] [Twentyfold Slash] [Fiftyfold Slash] [Hundredfold Slash] [Two Hundredfold Slash] [Five Hundredfold Slash] [One Thousand Slashes of Light] [One Thousand Slashes of Darkness] [One Thousand Slashes of Fire] [One Thousand Slashes of Ice] [One Thousand Slashes of Thunder] [One Thousand Slashes of Lightning] [One Thousand Slashes of Wind] [One Thousand Slashes of Stone] [One Thousand Slashes of Surprise] [One Thousand Slashes of Poison] [One Thousand Slashes of Water] [One Thousand Slashes of Draconic Might] [One Thousand Slashes of Fish] [One Thousand Slashes of Clown] [Millionfold Slash] [Fire Slash] [Double Fire Slash] [Flaming Sword Dance] [Oh fuck oh god my sword is on fire put it out] [Flame Blade] [Ice Slash] [Double Ice Slash] [Blizzard Sword Dance] [Icy Blade] [Frost Blade] [Thunder Slash] [Double Thunder Slash] [Storm Sword Dance] [Spark Blade] [Current Blade] [Wind Slash] [Double Wind Slash] [Hurricane Sword Dance] [Breeze Blade] [Wimdy Sord] [Stone Slash] [Double Stone Slash] [Boulder Sword Hustle] [Dirty Blade] [Rocky Blade] [Light Slash] [Double Light Slash] [Strobe Light Sword Dance] [Light Blade] [Light Saber] [Dark Slash] [Double Dark Slash] [Shadow Sword Dance] [Dark Blade] [Dark Edge] [Surprise Slash] [Double Surprise Slash] [Sword Flashmob] [Shock Blade] [Ambush Sword] [Dragon Slash] [Double Dragon Slash] [Dragon Dance (Sword)] [Drake Blade] [Draconic Sword] [Fish Slash] [Double Fish Slash] [School Sword Dance] [Poison Slash] [Double Poison Slash] [Toxic Sword Dance] [Gross Sword] [Toxic Blade] [Water Slash] [Double Water Slash] [Waterfall Sword Dance] [Aqua Blade] [High Pressure Water Cutter Sword] [Clown Slash] [Double Clown Slash] [Three Ring Sword Dance] [Funny Blade] [Clownish Sword] [Distracting Slash] [Blinding Slash] [Deafening Slash] [Crippling Slash] [Terrifying Slash] [Emboldening Slash] [Enraging Slash] [Confusing Slash] [Perplexing Slash] [Philosophical Slash] [Cringe Slash] [Chuuni Slash] [Romantic Slash] [Loving Slash] [Engagement Slash] [Marriage Slash] [Divorce Slash] [Alimony Slash] [Dual-Christmas Slash] [Psychic Slash] [Clothes-Cutting Slash] [Clothes-Cutting Slash (PG-13)] [Clothes-Cutting Slash (R)] [Clothes-Cutting Slash (H)] [Sword-Cutting Sword] [Claymore-Cutting Sword] [Instant Reforge Sword (10 folds)] [Instant Reforge Sword (100 Folds)] [Sarcastic Slash] [Acid Slash] [Double Acid Slash] [Acid Rain Sword Dance (Do Not Use)] [Pitted Blade] [What Blade?] [Parry] [Powerful Parry] [Swift Parry] [Rapid Parry] [Double Parry] [Platypus Parry] [Ultra Parry] [Parry even a giant fucking robot sword] [Parry: Casual] [Parry: Professional] [Counter] [Double Counter] [Triple Counter] [Quadruple Counter] [Continuous Counter] [Riposte] [Riposte] [Riposte] [Riposte] [Riposte] [Riposte] [Memetic Sword] [Existential Blade] [Non-existent Blade] [4D Slashing] [Sky Cutter] [Earth Ripper] [Ocean Carver] [Mountain Shaver] [Space Trimmer] [Mount: Flying Sword] [Sword Taming] [Ghostly Blade] [That one move where you cut something and then sheathe your sword and it doesn't look like you cut it but you really did and you like turn around and then it falls in half] [Iajutsu, that's the one] [Double Iajutsu] [Summer's Heat Sword Dance] [Autumn Leaves Blade Dance] [Winter's Edge Sword Dance] [Spring Cleaning Sword Dance] [Halloween Hack] [Christmas Cut] [Godly Cut] [Devil Cut] [Shadow Cut] [Sword King Swipe] [Sword King Slash] [Sword King Parry] [Sword King Riposte] [Sword King Riposte] [Sword King Double Slash] [Sword King Sword Dance] [Sword King Thunderous Assault] [Sword King Flying Blade] [Sword King Dervish] [Sword King Sitting] [Sword King Style] [Double-Sword Assault] [Triple-Sword Assault] [Sword Throwing] [Sword Returning] [Homing Sword Throw] [Sword Ricochet] [Remote Sword] [Remote-Controlled Sword] [Remote Detonated Sword] [Remote Viewing (Sword)] [Soul-Cutting Sword] [Sole-Cutting Sword] [Hamstring Slash] [Hamrope Slash] [Sheath Wielding] [Sheath somebody else's sword] [Ultimate Blade Frenzy] [Ultimate Blade Frenzy 2: Frenzy Harder] [Exploding Blade] [Imploding Blade] [Slash Reality] [Slash Fiction] [Slash Slash] [Bleeding Cut] [Bile Cut (Yellow)] [Bile Cut (Black)] [Phlegmatic Cut] [Swift Cut] [Slowing Cut] [Healing Slash] [Blade of Vengeance] [Blade of Mercy] [Blade of Violence] [Blade of Violinists] [Cut Soul] [Reality Slash] [Dancing Blade] [Singing Blade] [Cooking Blade] [Ultimate Sword Arte: Big Cut] [Ultimate Sword Arte: Endless Slash] [Ultimate Sword Arte: Gun Sword] [Ultimate Sword Arte: Director's Cut] [Ultimate Sword Arte: On Line]

Greatsword Artes
[Whirling Slash] [Twirling Slash] [Swirling Slash] [Cleave] [Greater Cleave] [Greatest Cleave] [Greaterest Cleave] [Double Greatest Cleave] [Great Cleave+infinity] [Great Cleave Infinity++] [Sword Block] [Sword Cover] [Blade Fence] [Slashing Shield] [Helicopter Blade] [Leapfrogging Slash] [Pretend Sword is Guitar] [Zweihander Stance] [Dreihander Stance] [Heavy Crush] [Biggie Sword] [Even Bigger Sword] [Split Sword] [Dancing Sword] [Earthquake Blade] [Spinning Vert Slash Crash] [Sword Ring] [Flaming Sword Ring] [Flaming Cleave] [Flaming Helicopter] [Ice Sword Ring] [Freezing Cleave] [Frost Helicopter] [Light Sword Ring] [Radiant Cleave] [Lightweight Swordcraft] [Dark Sword Ring] [Dark Cleave] [Shadow Swordcopter] [Lightning Sword Ring] [Thunderous Cleave] [Stormcloud Swordcopter] [Wind Sword Ring] [Typhoon Cleave] [Swordnado] [Earth Sword Ring] [Earthsunder] [Dirt Devil Sword] [Inflatable Pool Ring (Greatsword)] [Wet Cleave] [Fountain Swordcopter] [Venomous Sword Ring] [Poisonous Cleave] [Trashcopter (Greatsword)] [Surprise Sword Ring] [Surprise Party (The Gift is Cleave)] [Ambush Sword VTOL] [Dragon Sword Ring] [Fire-Cleaving Dragon] [Draco Unmeteor] [Fish Sword Ring] [Angler Cleave] [Spinner Swordcopter] [Clown Sword Ring] [Coconut Cleave Pie] [Sword Honkicopter] [Monkey's Grip] [Chimp's Grip] [Gorilla Grip] [Sword Platform] [Braver] [Bravest] [Omnislash] [Ghost Cleave] [God of the Battlefield: Dancing Cleave] [Ultimate Greatsword Arte: Double Swordnado]

Culinary Artes
[Sear] [Rapid Boil] [Cooking Bisques] [Ham Hock] [Whole Ham] [Biscuit Hammer] [Short Order Chef] [Double Chop] [Apron Purge] [Apron Shield] [Apron Hook] [Living Apron] [Caperon] [Unbreakable Apron] [Consume] [Consomme] [Au Jus Beam] [Rotisserate] [Slap Chop] [Instant Waffle Strike] [Ripening Blast] [Fermentation Breath] [Temperature Holding Fist] [Double-sided Grill] [Long Order Chef] [Allergy Vision] [Crunch Time] [Precision Serving] [Acquire Taste] [Seasoning Touch: Thyme] [Seasoning Touch: Oregano] [Seasoning Touch: Basil] [Seasoning Touch: Paprika] [Seasoning Touch: Rosemary] [Seasoning Touch: Cardamom] [Seasoning Touch: Garlic] [Seasoning Touch: Cumin] [Seasoning Touch: Marjoram] [Seasoning Touch: LSD] [Seasoning Touch: MSG] [Seasoning Touch: VCR] [Seasoning Touch: Vanilla] [Seasoning Touch: Cookies and Cream] [Seasoning Touch: Nutmeg] [Seasoning Touch: Pumpkin Spice] [Seasoning Touch: Pumpkin] [Seasoning Touch: All] [Breath of Flavos] [Light of Flavos] [Convert Food: Vegan] [Convert Food: Gluten-Free] [Convert Food: Vegetarian] [Convert Food: Paleo] [Convert Food: Keto] [Convert Food: Regular] [Convert Food: Delicious] [Make Cake] [Let Them Eat Cake] [Cakewalk] [Cake Fist] [Icing Blade] [Long-Range Pancake Flip] [Secret Spice] [Steam Breath] [Smell-o-vision] [All Day Breakfast] [Living Dishes] [Egg-Frying Legs] [Squash Beef] [Spiritual Spatula] [Summon Egg] [Elemental Grilling: Fire] [Elemental Grilling: Ice] [Microwave] [Elemental Grilling: Light] [Elemental Grilling: Dark] [Earthen Oven] [Air Frying] [Elemental Grilling: Fish] [Elemental Grilling: Surprise] [Elemental Grilling: Clown] [Elemental Grilling: Sonic] [Unburn Food] [Unpoison Food] [Hamburgle] [Hambezzle] [Ultimate Culinary Artes: Pickling Aura]

Slaying Artes
[End of the Line] [Cause Calamity] [Target Vitals] [Lifeforce Disruption] [You Are Already Dead] [You Will Be Dead Soon] [You Will Die Eventually] [Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique] [Head Crush] [Heart Crush] [Blood Frenzy] [Blood Party] [Blood Wedding] [Blood Bar Mitzvah] [Blood Christmas] [Instant Kill: Humans] [Instant Kill: Demi-Humans] [Instant Kill: Goblins] [Instant Kill: Orcs] [Instant Kill: Demons] [Instant Kill: Devils] [Instant Kill: Tax Collectors] [Instant Kill: Trees] [Instant Kill: Bugs] [Delayed Kill (5 seconds)] [Delayed Kill (10 seconds)] [Delayed Kill (1 week)] [Delayed Kill (75 years)] [Cancerous Touch] [Unblood] [Tricapitate]

Sleighing Artes
[Guidance of Red] [Dash - One Horse] [Over and Under] [Ring-Ting-Tingle] [Bestow Nag] [Multi-horse Drifting] [Overrun] [Weight Reduction - Sleigh] [Re-Traction] [Mental Steering: Horse] [Silent Bells] [Loud Bells] [Extra Loud Bells] [Dear god the bells please stop] [Flying Sleigh] [Submersible Sleigh] [Jolly Armor] [Invulnerable Sleigh] [Reins of Fire] [Snowy Ride] [Thundering Hooves] [Jet-Sleigh] [Merry-Go-Round Spirit] [Rocky Road] [Surprising Sleigh] [Fishtail Maneuver] [Toxic Whip] [ [Ultimate Sleighing Artes: Dash away, dash away, dash away all]

Slave Artes
[Human Pyramid] [Fight Without End] [Die For Me] [Double Time] [Synchronized Swimming] [Expertise: Housework] [Expertise: Mining] [Expertise: Weaving] [Expertise: Spying] [Expertise: Crafting] [Expertise: Cooking] [Expertise: Farming] [Expertise: Gaming] [Expertise: Waiting] [Expertise: Serving] [Expertise: Sports] [Expertise: Extreme Sports] [Expertise: Chemistry] [Expertise: Engineering] [Expertise: Hauling] [Expertise: Balling] [Expertise: Sex] [Sexpertise] [Expertise: Actuarial Work] [Expertise: Flaming Energy Ball] [Expertise: Sword-Fighting] [Expertise: Axetuarial Work] [Expertise: Hammer Time] [Expertise: Greatsword] [Expertise: Pugilism] [Expertise: Bar-Fighting] [Gladiator Spirit] [Improve Morale] [Enhance Sensation] [Dull Sensation] [Dull Emotion] [Convey Order] [Organ Donor (Self)] [Coordinate Slaves] [Coordinate Slave Outfits] [Command: Pose Like a Team] [Command: Work Harder] [Healing Whip] [Wounding Whip] [Instant Lecture] [Deluxe Punishment Bag] [Where There's a Whip There's a Way]

Postal Artes
[Neither Snow Nor Rain] [Gloom of Night] [Swift Completion] [Protect Package] [Direct to Client] [Damage, Undone (Package)] [Instant Sort] [Return to Sender] [Create Stamp] [Reroute Mail] [Mail Fraud] [Instant Envelope Lick] [Autofill: Address] [Detect Package Weight] [Unbox] [Box] [Dog Whistle] [Detect Housewife] [Letter Toss] [Cutting Letters] [Explosive Mail] [Mailbox Smash] [Deliver Death] [Secret Box: Fire] [Secret Box: Ice] [Secret Box: Air] [Secret Box: Earth] [Secret Box: Thunder] [Secret Box: Clown] [Secret Box: Dragon] [Secret Box: Fish] [Secret Box: Water] [Secret Box: Secret] [Remote Collection] [Detect Spam]

Mail Artes
[Share Armor] [Soundless Movement] [Cushion Blow] [Bide] [Weakpoint Protection] [Skin of Scale] [Hide of Scale] [Fur of Scale] [Chitin of Scale] [Scale of Scale] [Not to Scale] [Giant's Armor] [Stance of Poise] [Camouflage: Three-Piece Suit] [Camouflage: Magical Girl Outfit] [Camouflage: Tree] [Camouflage: Naked] [Reduce Rust] [Weightless Armor] [Weighted Armor] [Gauntlet Toss] [Helmet Smash] [Visor Vision] [Flame Mail] [Ice Mail] [Air Mail] [Ground Mail] [Boat Mail] [Draconic Mail] [E-Mail] [Clown Shoes] [Surprise Mail] [Fish Mail] [Light Mail] [Dark Mail] [Imbue Armor: Bronze] [Imbue Armor: Silver] [Imbue Armor: Gold] [Imbue Armor: Diamond] [Imbue Armor: Brass] [Imbue Armor: Wood] [Imbue Armor: Cotton] [Imbue Armor: Meat] [Imbue Armor: Chocolate]

Fishing Artes
[The Big One] [Anglerfish Lure] [Unbreakable Line] [Unbreakable Rod] [Powerful Rod] [Huge Rod] [Capture Sole] [Capture Perch] [Capture Tilapia] [Capture Salmon] [Capture Tuna] [Unagi's Terror] [Gacha Whale] [Gotcha, Whale] [Thalassophobia] [Portable Rod] [Portable Net] [Portable Spear] [Portable Boat] [Portable Canoe] [Portable Kayak] [Portable Ship] [Portable Mooring] [Portable Dock] [Portable Port]

Necromancy Artes
[Control Undead] [Control Greater Undead] [Phylactery] [Sunder Soul] [Soul Music] [Devour Flesh] [Calmly Eat Flesh Like a Person with Decent Table Manners] [Mend the Dead] [Rend the Dead] [Render Dead] [Render Soap] [Sap Lifeforce] [Saponify Lifeforce] [Turn Dead] [Turn Living] [Turn Living into Dead] [Turn Dead into Living] [Turn into Living Dead] [Summon Elemental Undead: Fire] [Summon Elemental Undead: Ice] [Summon Elemental Undead: Wind] [Summon Elemental Undead: Earth] [Summon Elemental Undead: Thunder] [Summon Elemental Undead: Light] [Summon Elemental Undead: Dark] [Summon Elemental Undead: Draconic] [Summon Elemental Undead: Clown] [Summon Elemental Undead: Surprise] [Summon Elemental Undead: Toxic] [Summon Elemental Undead: Fish] [Summon Spectral Undead] [Summon Redead] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Fire] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Ice] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Wind] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Earth] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Thunder] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Light] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Dark] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Draconic] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Clown] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Surprise] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Toxic] [Summon Greater Elemental Undead: Fish] [Summon Greater Spectral Undead] [Summon Greater Redead] [Unsummon Undead] [Banish Spectral Undead] [Unredie Redead] [Unsummon Greater Undead] [Banish Greater Spectral Undead] [Unredie Greater Redead]

Nekomancy Artes
[Soundest Slumber] [Erase Presence] [Irresistible Face] [Rend Flesh] [High Leap] [Ricochet Climb] [Ear Rotation] [Tail Whip] [Tail Grip] [Tail Slip] [A fucking cool backflip] [Summon Cats] [Fail to Herd Cats] [Herd Cats] [Instant Treats] [Murder Present] [Tsunde Ray] [Automatic Cat Pun] [Subscribe to Cat Facts] [Feed Stray Cat] [Consume Stray Cat] [Elemental Hairball: Fire] [Elemental Hairball: Ice] [Elemental Hairball: Wind] [Elemental Hairball: Earth] [Elemental Hairball: Thunder] [Elemental Hairball: Light] [Elemental Hairball: Dark] [Elemental Hairball: Draconic] [Elemental Hairball: Clown] [Elemental Hairball: Surprise] [Elemental Hairball: Toxic] [Destructive Hiss] [Healing Headbutt] [Claw Swipes] [Death Kicks] [Enlarge Pupils] [Ultimate Nekomancy Arte: Calicomet Storm]

Musical Artes
[Self Harmonize] [Create Character Theme] [Living Leitmotif] [Soul-Fueled Solo] [Play Any Instrument] [Golden Fiddle] [Silver Fiddle] [Bronze Fiddle] [Scrap Metal Fiddle] [Wooden Fiddle] [Air Fiddle] [Golden Guitar] [Silver Guitar] [Bronze Guitar] [Scrap Metal Guitar] [Wooden Guitar] [Air Guitar] [Vocal Range (Basso Profondo)] [Vocal Range (Bass)] [Vocal Range (Baritone)] [Vocal Range (Tenor)] [Vocal Range (Castrato)] [Vocal Range (Contralto)] [Vocal Range (Alto)] [Vocal Range (Mezzo Soprano)] [Vocal Range (Soprano)] [Another Octave] [Moving Music] [Soothing Singing] [Ballad of Bravery] [Sonata of Stranth] [Ditty of Dexterity] [Serenade of Swoleness] [Karmic Klezmer] [Melody of Magic] [Musical Mojo] [Lullaby of Luck] [Symphony of Sneakiness] [Start Garage Band] [Summon Backup Singer] [Summon Backup Musician (Accordion)] [Summon Backup Musician (Bagpipes)] [Summon Backup Musician (Banjo)] [Summon Backup Musician (Bass Guitar)] [Summon Backup Musician (Castanets)] [Summon Backup Musician (Cello)] [Summon Backup Musician (Clarinet)] [Summon Backup Musician (Cowbell)] [Summon Backup Musician (Digeridoo)] [Summon Backup Musician (Drum)] [Summon Backup Musician (Fiddle)] [Summon Backup Musician (Flute)] [Summon Backup Musician (French Horn)] [Summon Backup Musician (Gong)] [Summon Backup Musician (Guitar)] [Summon Backup Musician (Harmonica)] [Summon Backup Musician (Harp)] [Summon Backup Musician (Harpsichord)] [Summon Backup Musician (Kalimba)] [Summon Backup Musician (Keyboard)] [Summon Backup Musician (Maraca)] [Summon Backup Musician (Marimba)] [Summon Backup Musician (Melodica)] [Summon Backup Musician (Oboe)] [Summon Backup Musician (Ocarina)] [Summon Backup Musician (Piano)] [Summon Backup Musician (Piccolo)] [Summon Backup Musician (Saxophone)] [Summon Backup Musician (Recorder)] [Summon Backup Musician (Tamborine)] [Summon Backup Musician (Triangle)] [Summon Backup Musician (Trombone)] [Summon Backup Musician (Trumpet)] [Summon Backup Musician (Ukulele)] [Summon Backup Musician (Violin)] [Summon Backup Musician (Viola)] [Summon Backup Musician (Vuvuzela)] [Summon Backup Musician (Xylophone)] [Summon Backup Musician (Other)] [Summon Conductor] [Perfect Timing] [Our Minds Are One: Band] [Enhanced Sound] [Brain Microphone] [Telepathic Melody] [Telekinetic Melody] [Pyrokinetic Melody]

Ruler Artes
[Wisdom Without Measure] [Unerring Accuracy] [Universal Conversion] [Brain Ruler] [World's Curvature] [Planck Length] [Knuckle Destruction] [Nun's Strength] [Measure Almost Anything] [Measure Anything Else] [Measure Your Mom] [Measure Your Mom's Stretch Marks] [Thousand Yard Stare] [Thousand Mile Stare] [Thousand Mile Stairs] [Thousand Meter Stairs] [Thousand Meter Dash] [Know True Length] [Know True Width] [Know True Height] [Copy Length] [Copy Width] [Copy Height] [Modify Length] [Modify Width] [Modify Height] [Eliminate Length] [Eliminate Width] [Eliminate Height]

Hobo Artes
[Detect Spare Change] [Rambling Step] [Gambling Insurance] [Train Hopping] [Coin Magnet] [Detect Sympathy] [Instant Bindle] [Elemental Busking: Fire] [Elemental Busking: Ice] [Elemental Busking: Thunder] [Elemental Busking: Light] [Death Metal Busking] [Elemental Busking: Freebird] [Elemental Busking: Earth] [Elemental Busking: Water] [Draconic Horde Busking] [Elemental Busking: Surprise] [Elemental Busking: Fish] [Elemental Busking: Clown] [Three Card Monty] [Four Card Monty] [Monty Haul] [Cardboard Castle] [Convert: Water to Stew] [Harmonica Blitz] [Armor of Dust] [Ragged Riches] [Straw Hundredaire] [Straw Thousandaire] [Straw Millionaire] [Straw Tycoon] [Rat Controlling] [10 Seconds of Charm] [Vagrant Blade] [Flaming Vagrant Blade] [Frozen Vagrant Blade] [Shocking Vagrant Blade] [Wet Vagrant Blade] [Mysterious Stranger Blade] [Bastard Blade] [Dusty Vagrant Blade] [Draconic Vagrant Blade] [Vagrant Shank] [Vagrant Swordfish] [Vagrant Balloon Sword] [Ultimate Hobo Arte: Flip of the Coin]

Mafia Artes
[Fuhgeddabout it] [Detect Snitch] [Claim Turf] [Cement Shoes] [Eat the Cannoli] [Fire Capiche] [Ice Capiche] [Dark Capiche] [Light Capiche] [Wind Capiche] [Earth Capiche] [Thunder Capiche] [Water Capiche] [Sleep with the Fishes] [Clown Capiche] [Draconic Capiche] [Dawn of the Don] [Family Trust] [Decapitate Horse] [Drive-By Volley] [Detect Rivals] [Drug Beam] [Switchblade Slash] [Quick Draw] [Protect: Small Business] [Rob: Small Business] [Ultra Arson] [Insurance Fraud] [Offer: Unrefusable] [Summon Little Friend] [Ultimate Mafia Arte: Hyper Racket]

Pencil-Pusher Artes
[Autofill] [Summon TPS Report] [Triplicate Report] [Detect Donuts] [Double Scribing] [Tie Whip] [Abacus Slam] [PC Load Letter] [Bureaucrat Blitz] [Red Tape Barrier] [Ink Storm] [Vellum Scrape] [Infinite Vellum] [Error Scan] [Data Identification] [Detect Metrics] [Cite Rule: Civic] [CSAT Blast] [Unscroll] [Ultimate Pencil-Pusher Arte: Unbezzle]

Archery Artes
[Double Shot] [Triple Shot] [Quadruple Shot] [Quintuple Shot] [Spread Shot] [Splitting Arrow] [Merging Arrow] [Fire Arrows] [Ice Arrows] [Thunder Arrows] [Airrows] [Earth Arrows] [Water Arrows] [Draconic Arrows] [Fish Arrows] [Light Arrows] [Dark Arrows] [Surprise Arrows] [Clown Arrows] [Toxic Arrows] [Blinding Shot] [Deafening Shot] [Cringe Shot] [Paralyzing Shot] [Tripping Shot] [Cupid's Shot] [Existential Shot] [Spooky Shot] [High Arc] [Ricochet Shot] [Double Ricochet Shot] [Simple Geometry] [Shoot Backwards] [Double Bow Style] [Bow Firing] [Starshot] [Rain of Arrows] [Hail of Arrows] [Snow of Arrows] [Mist of Arrows] [Thunderstorm of Arrows] [Cold Front of Arrows] [Tornado of Arrows] [Overcast of Arrows] [Wind-Splitting Shot] [Grappling Shot] [Arroz Shot] [Liberating Shot] [Curving Shot] [Homing Shot] [Point Blank Shot] [Long Distance Shot] [Sniping Shot] [Blindfire] [Arrow Stab] [Arrow Parry] [Grab an arrow out of the air and shoot it back at the person who shot it at you in one slick movement] [Long Distance Counter] [Headshot] [Precision Shot] [Horseback Arrow Boost] [Slow-Motion Air Shot] [Instant Reload] [Quiver Replenish] [Arrow Riding] [Fire Self from a Giant Bow] [Orbital Arrow] [Lunar Shot] [Arrow Shield] [Bow Harp] [Bow Floss] [Wax String (On)] [Wax String (Off)] [Create Bow] [Create Arrow] [4D Shot] [Ghost Shot] [Instant Shot] [Rapid Shot] [Machine-Gun Shot] [Gatling Shot] [Nonstop Volley] [Ultimate Archery Arte: Blot Out the Sun] [Ultimate Archery Arte: Giant-Slayer Arrow]

Board Artes
[Double Ollie] [Summon Board] [Unlimited Grind] [Grind on Air] [Triple Ollie] [Biggie Head Mode] [Slow-mo Vert Time] [Board Slam] [Fire Grind] [Ice Grind] [Thunder Grind] [Earth Grind] [Air Grind] [Clown Grind] [Light Grind] [Darkslide] [Fishtail Grind] [Aqua Grind] [Surprise Grind] [Goofy-Foot Grind] [Draconic Grind] [Double-Board Style] [Instant Vert] [Delay Fall] [Unwipeout] [Gravity Board] [Accelerated Pushing] [Pop Shove-it Shovel] [Ultimate Board Arte: Kickflip] [Instant Wheel Swap] [Manifest Deck Art] [5-0 Grind] [500-0 Grind] [5000-0 Grind] [Trick Chain: Instant Backflip] [Rapid Rotate]

Actuarial Artes
[Detect Odds] [Detect Evens] [Instant Calculate] [Statistical Spread] [Last Chance] [Anti-Gambling Aura] [Close Enough] [Detect Risk] [Analyze Instance] [Instant Analyze] [Cook the Books] [Imbue Asset: Ice] [Imbue Asset: Wind] [Digitize Asset] [Imbue Asset: Light] [Embezzle Asset] [Imbue Asset: Earth] [Imbue Asset: Water] [Horde Management] [Imbue Asset: Fish] [Imbue Asset: Clown] [Surprise Assets] [Risky Strike] [Risk Mitigation: Burn Insurance] [Risk Mitigation: Frost Warning] [Risk Mitigation: Full of Hot Air] [Risk Mitigation: Lightning] [Risk Mitigation: Light] [Risk Mitigation: Dark] [Risk Mitigation: Dirty Money] [Risk Mitigation: Angling] [Risk Mitigation: Draconic] [Risk Mitigation: Funny Business] [Risk Mitigation: Unknown] [Dazzling Odds] [Blinding Odds] [Ultimate Actuarial Arte: The God Equation]

Axe Artes
[Heavy Chop] [Extra Heavy Chop] [Big Beautiful Chop] [Sundering Chop] [Chundering Chop] [Thundering Chop] [Blundering Chop] [Woodfelling Blow] [Forest-felling Blow] [Fella-Felling Blow] [Axearang] [Double Axearang] [Axearang Orbiter] [Axe Somersault] [Become the Sawmill] [Violent Wall-Scaling] [Double Strike] [Triple Strike] [Ceaseless Chops] [Fire Axe] [Ice Axe] [Wimdy Axe] [Light Axe] [Dark Axe] [Thunder Axe] [Earthen Axe] [Dragon King Greataxe] [Ambush Axe] [Fishtail Axe] [Banana Splitter] [Blinding Blow] [Deafening Blow] [Cringing Blow] [Paralyzing Blow] [Tripping Blow] [Leg-Removing Blow] [Enraging Blow] [Philosophical Blow] [Loving Blow] [Romantic Blow] [Chop off Bad Guys' heads] [Secret Axe] [Ultimate Axe Arte: Gigant Axe] [Ultimate Axe Arte: Become Axe]

Disguise Artes
[Form of the Butler] [Become Tree] [Statue Skin] [Instant Hair Color] [Instant Eye Color] [Reactive Beaglepuss] [Instant Disguise: Adventurer] [Instant Disguise: Chef] [Instant Disguise: Nobleman] [Instant Disguise: Bandit] [Instant Disguise: Clerk] [Instant Disguise: Child] [Instant Disguise: Bird] [Instant Disguise: Fish] [Instant Disguise: Clown] [Instant Disguise: World-Eater Dragon] [Instant Complexion Change (Warning: Use at Own Risk)] [Tanning Beam] [Wig Styling Fist] [Seal: Paint] [Garb of Fire] [Garb of Ice] [Garb of Light] [Garb of Edge] [Garb of Lightning] [Garb of Earth] [Flowing Garb] [Swimsuit] [Draconic Bikini Mail] [Garb of Surprise] [Garb of Clown] [Instant Eyeshadow] [Lip Stick] [Protective Disguise] [One-Move Undress] [Undress Injuries] [Off Like a Dirty Shirt] [Now you See Me] [Shit you still see me] [I got a little confused and thought this was like, Escape Artes] [My bad. Just pretend you didn't see me] [Invisibility Shroud] [Ultimate Disguise Arte: Disguise as Self] [Ultimate Disguise Arte: Sir Bearington's Gambit]

Magic Artes
[Spell Conversion: Casting Time] [Spell Conversion: Duration] [Spell Conversion: Effect] [Spell Conversion: Distance] [Spell Conversion: Delay] [Spell Conversion: Mana Cost] [Spell Conversion: Target] [Flaming Spell] [Frostbitten Spell] [Radiant Spell] [Gloomy Spell] [Electric Spell] [Rocky Spell] [Wet Spell] [Draconic Might: Spell] [Funny Spell] [Piscine Spell] [Toxic Spell] [Spell Blade] [Double Cast] [Triple Cast] [Endless Font of Magic] [Spell Improvement] [Blood for Mana] [Research Spell] [Ultimate Magic Arte: Quadruple Cast]

Art Artes
[Watercolor Blend] [Instant Canvas] [Adaptive Paint] [Sculpting Hands] [Soft as Clay, Hard as Marble] [Brush Cleaning Beam] [Paint Blast] [Spray Paint] [Drive-By Graffiti] [Instant Tag] [Mural Mash] [Summon: Happy Little Tree] [Charcoal Touch] [Still Life] [Elemental Paint: Fire] [Elemental Paint: Ice] [Elemental Paint: Air] [Elemental Paint: Light] [Elemental Paint: Shadow] [Watercolor Paint] [Elemental Paint: Earth] [Elemental Paint: Dragon] [Elemental Paint: Surprise] [Elemental Paint: Clown] [Paintbrush Blade] [Pencil Sharpen] [Pencil Throw] [Pencil Fan] [Pencil Storm] [Giant Pencil Sword] [Paint Vulnerabilities] [Sculpt Weapon] [Sculpt Abs] [Sculpt Flesh] [Fire Shaping] [Ice Sculpting] [Clay Sculpting] [Light Show] [Dark Show] [AI Generated Art] [Draco Art] [Balloon Art] [Modern Art] [Fish Sculpture] [Ultimate Art Artes: Paint The World] [Ultimate Art Artes: Original Art: Donut Steel]

Arte Artes
[Use Two Artes at Once] [Meta Arte: Fire] [Meta Arte: Ice] [Meta Arte: Light] [Meta Arte: Darkness] [Meta Arte: Earth] [Meta Arte: Lightning] [Meta Arte: Air] [Meta Arte: Water] [Meta Arte: Surprise] [Meta Arte: Clown] [Meta Arte: Fish] [Arte Learning] [Artes Catalogue (Recursive)] [Recursive Arte] [Repeat Arte] [Copy Arte] [AI Generated Artes] [Ultimate Arte Arte: Unlimited Arte Works]

Innkeeper Artes
[Repair Chair] [Repair Table] [Repair Bar] [Instant Make Beds] [Summon Pillow Mint] [Touch of Stew] [Warming Hearth] [Cooling Hearth] [Bright Hearth] [Subdued Hearth] [Earthen Hearth] [Breezy Hearth] [Electric Fire] [Surprise Hearth] [Honking Hearth] [Fish Hearth] [Cleaning Beam] [Detect Guests] [Plate Juggler] [Cleaning Rag (Infinite)] [Bread Breath] [Frying Pan Slam] [Unerring Throw] [Double Sleep] [Triple Sleep] [Rip Van Ripple] [Stabilize Drunk] [Stabilize Stable] [Loud Voice] [Expand Room] [Detect Vacancy] [Protection: Guest] [Imbue Guest: Stranth] [Imbue Guest: Dexterity] [Imbue Guest: Swoleness] [Imbue Guest: Magic] [Imbue Guest: Mojo] [Guest Artes] [Liquor Lash] [Supper Slam] [Stool Strike] [Ultimate Innkeeper Arte: Wandering Inn]

Pugilist Artes
[Double Punch] [Triple Punch] [Dempsey Roll] [Fadeaway Punch] [Rocket Punch] [Other Fist] [Seismic Uppercut] [Blazing Haymaker] [Thunder Fist] [Frosty Fist] [Halation Haymaker] [Dark Knuckle] [Cyclone Punch] [Draconic Fist] [Suckerpunch] [Reeling Punch] [Big Swing Punch] [Lunging Punch] [Counter Punch] [Cross Counter Punch] [Ground and Pound] [Fire Flurry] [Frozen Flurry] [Thunder Blitz] [Light Storm Punch] [Shadow Flurry] [Hurricane of Fists] [Draconic Fury (Punching)] [Ambush Flurry] [Honkfist] [Wide Net Flurry] [Stunning Blow] [Crippling Fist] [Blinding Punch] [Ear Clap] [Ear Bite] [Solar Plexus Strike] [Forbidden Arte: Below the Belt] [Forbidden Arte: Dick Punch] [Mountain-Flattening Punch] [Ultimate Final Fist] [Powerful Fist] [Even More Powerful Fist] [Like, Really Powerful Fist, you don't even know] [Duplicate Fists] [Invisible Fists] [Criminal Punch] [KO Punch] [Boxing Blast] [Walk It Off (Punch)] [Star Punch] [Persistent Flurry] [Guts: Disregard Injury] [Guts: Round Two] [Double KO Punch] [TKO Punch] [Spinning Haymaker] [Flying Punch] [Meteoric Fist Slam] [Earthquake Punch] [Phasing Punch] [Agonizing Punch] [Philosofist] [Romantic Fist] [Domestic Abuse] [Terrifying Fist] [Lucky Fist] [Healing Punch] [Chuckling Knuckle] [Ultimate Pugilist Artes: McFisticuff Special]

Martial Artes
[High Kick] [Low Kick] [Subterranean Kick] [Double Kick] [Guillotine Kick] [Punch and Kick Combo] [Flying Lariat Kick] [Karate Chop] [Judo Chop] [Aikido Chop] [Mind Over Body] [Iron Skin Stance] [1 Inch Punch] [Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique] [Psych Up] [Mirage Strike] [Knife Hands] [Sword Hands] [Axe Hands] [Polearm Hands] [Chainsaw Hands] [Focus Weakness: Bricks] [Furniture Slam] [Improvised Weapon Toss] [Evasion: Trouble] [Juggle Baby While Fighting] [Sundering Kick] [Sundering Chop] [Thundering Kick] [Thundering Chop] [Flaming Kick] [Blazing Chop] [Fiery Swirl Kick] [Shoryuken] [Flaming Energy Ball] [Giant Flaming Energy Ball] [Icy Kick] [Icicle Chop] [Frozen Sweep] [LIght Kick] [Bright Chop] [Glowing Spiral Kick] [Dark Kick] [Doom Chop] [Umbra Sweep] [Earthen Kick] [Ground Chop] [Seismic Sweep] [Air Kick] [Wind Chop] [Cyclone Kick] [Water Kick] [Aqua Chop] [Whirlpool Kick] [Kick in the Nuts] [Throat Chop] [Surprise Swirl Kick] [Clown Kick] [Honk Chop] [Clown Car Kick] [Draconic Kick] [Dragon Chop] [Rising Dragon Unlimited Spin Heavenly Riser Kick Swirling Foot Impact] [Feint Kick] [Feint Chop] [Blinding Chop] [Stunning Chop] [Pressure Point: Paralyze] [Dim Mak] [Dim Sum Fist] [Pressure Point: Cringe] [Pressure Point: Deafen] [Pressure Point: Confusion] [Pressure Point: Perplexion] [Falling Leaves Swift Strikes] [Winter's Blizzard Flurry] [Spring Allergy Fist] [Summer Style: Just fucking punch them a lot] [Shoulder Throw] [Double Shoulder Throw] [Ground Slam] [Air Slam] [Whirlwind Throw] [Hammer Toss] [Ultimate Martial Arte: The Eastern Temple's Heavenly Fist of the Mountain King's Dragon Sunlight Strike]

Cloutchaser Artes
[Call To Action] [Command: Like] [Command: Subscribe] [Command: Comnent] [Bell Strike] [Like Button Smash] [Deter Ratio] [Advanced Selfie] [Instant Apology Video] [Cringe Reflection] [Expert Begging] [Sponsor: Crappy Mobile Game] [Sponsor: Cheap VPN] [Sponsor: Shady Training Website] [Sponsor: Beauty Product] [Clout Gambit: Lik dis if u cri every tim] [Clout Gambit: If you see this, you must give reputation] [Clout Gambit: Steal popular comment] [Clout Gambit: Subscriber Goal] [Detect Paypig] [Ride Coattails] [Ultimate Cloutchaser Artes: Defy Algorithm]

Gambler Artes
[Double Deal] [Triple Deal] [Detect Cheating] [Card Counting] [Knowledge: Hold 'Em] [Knowledge: Fold 'Em] [Knowledge: Walk Away] [Knowledge: Run] [Increase Luck] [Decrease Luck] [Store Luck] [Card Throw] [Card Magic] [Detect Odds] [Ignore Odds] [Gambler's Bravery] [Dealer Insurance] [Dice Throw] [Double DIce Throw] [Weight Dice] [Summon Lotto Ticket] [Conversion: Money for Nothing] [Ultimate Gambler Artes: Actually Win]

Crafting Artes
[Convert: Raw Wood to Wood Planks] [Convert: Wood Planks to Sticks] [Craft: Crafting Bench] [Instant Nail] [Saw Hands] [Hammer Head] [Collect Supplies] [One-Touch Braiding] [Power Tool Strike] [Glue Beam] [Resin Breath] [Instant Cure: Resin] [Recolor Materials] [Instant Workbench] [Ethereal Workbench] [Fire Folding] [Ice Crafting ] [Airigami] [Light Crafting] [Dark Crafting] [Masonry] [Plumbing] [Clown Crafting] [Deconstruction] [Electrical Work] [Ultimate Crafting Arte: Artisanal Crafts]

Bookworm Artes
[Time Enough At Last] [Right Where I Left Off] [Comprehend Reality] [Sequel Clairvoyance] [Predict Plot Twist] [Feel Surprised Despite Obvious Plot Twist] [Know Secret Villain] [Self-Insert] [Self-Excerpt] [Remove Mary Sue] [Remove Character] [Genderbend Character] [Bend Character] [H-Scene] [Extra Chapter] [Obtain Prerelease Copy]

Polearm Artes
[Thousand Mile Lunge] [Seek the Heart] [Disarming Hook] [Writhing Weapon] [Pocket Spear] [Mancatcher Grapple] [Vlad's Mad Rush] [Spear Pocket] [Impale] [Unpale] [Triple Thrust] [Dragoon Leap] [Polearm Vault] [Pole Bop] [Spear Lengthen] [Pike Spike] [Fire Thrust] [Ice Stab] [Earth Thrust] [Dark Thrust] [LIght Thrust] [Thunder Thrust] [Pike (the fish)] [Water Thrust] [Clown Thrust] [Draconic Thrust] [Fire Whirl] [Ice Whirl] [Light Whirl] [Dark Whirl] [Thunder Whirl] [Earth Whirl] [Typhoon Whirl] [Trident Whirl] [Clown Whirl] [Double Impale] [Brace Polearm] [Run Through] [Piercing Thrust] [Repel: Horse] [Leaping Joust] [Jousting Leap] [50 Foot Sweep] [Ultimate Polearm Arte: World-Piercing Throw]

Hat Artes
[A Gentleman Always Has a Hat] [Minimalist Disguise] [Dapper Dancer] [M'Lady] [Secret Pocket] [Secret Hat] [Secrete Hat] [Disguise Bald Spot] [Don Hat: Wizard] [Don Hat: Knight] [Don Hat: Barbarian] [Don Hat: Necromancer] [Don Hat: Nekomancer] [Don Hat: Chef] [Don Hat: Don] [Don Hat: Craftsman] [Don Hat: Guard] [Don Hat: Police Cops] [Don Hat: Wizard] [Don Hat: Tinker] [Don Hat: Gourmand] [I Wear Many Hats] [Hat Tower: 2 Hats] [Hat Tower: 10 Hats] [Ultimate Hat Artes: Fedora But It Looks Cool]

Gourmand Artes
[Stomach of Holding] [Taste Rainbow] [Sense Food] [Sense Drink] [Sense After-Dinner Mints] [Steal Sensation (Taste)] [Consume Magma] [Comically Large Spoon] [All You Can Eat] [Eat All You Can] [Big Bite] [Bigger Bite] [Biggest Bite] [Gigachomp] [Acquire Taste] [Dispel Vegetables] [Detect Flavor] [Long-Range Fork] [Detect Poison] [Remove Poison] [Smell-o-Vision] [Hyper Flavor] [Finger Mouth] [Extend your lips really far to drink out of a cup like some crazy cartoon character] [Control Weight] [Sweet Tooth] [Gourmand Punch] [Instant Taste Reaction] [Over-the-Top Taste Reaction] [Clothes-Exploding Taste Reaction] [Savor Food] [Instant Savor] [Remove Drunkenness] [Increase Drunkenness] [Drunken Fist] [Ultimate Gourmand Arte: One Bite, One Kill]

Hammer Artes
[Crushing Blow] [Infinite Weight (Hammer)] [Crack the Earth] [Expand Hammer] [Expend Hammer] [Expunge Hammer] [Expense (Hammer)] [Golf Swing] [Megacrush] [Kiloton Hammer] [Megaton Hammer] [Gigaton Hammer] [Teraton Hammer] [Sledge Slam] [Bonecrusher] [Backbreaker] [Brick Smasher] [Earthshatter] [Sunshatter] [Moonshatter] [Skyshatter] [Shitshatter] [Throw Hammer] [Every Problem a Nail] [Fire Crush] [Ice Crush] [Earth Crush] [Light Crush] [Dark Crush] [Thunder Crush] [Draconic Crush] [Tidal Crush] [Clown Crush] [Fish Crush] [Surprise Crush] [Candy Crush] [Rocket Hammer] [Sock-it Hammer] [Stunning Crush] [Leg Crush] [Arm Crush] [Ribcracker] [Nutcracker] [Ringing Slam] [Whole Ham(mer)] [Claw Hammer] [Hammer Claws] [Climbing Hammer] [Instant Piton] [Psychic Wedge] [Bludgeon] [Bloodgeon] [Double Crush] [Triple Crush] [Endless Crush] [Perform Instrument: Hammer] [Percussive Maintenance] [Meteor Crash] [Ultimate Hammer Artes: Hit]

My mind boggled. I could get [Double Slash]?! This system really was crazy! I mentally rubbed my chin and thought about what [Artes] I should get. This might take a while...

A note from MezzoCatorce

This is not this chapter's final form. It will continue to grow as time goes on. If you suggest your own Artes, I will add any Arte or Arte category unless it contains gamer words or is otherwise unpublishable.

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