Lazarus: Death's Companion

Lazarus: Death's Companion

by Anthony and Leisel Volski
Co-Author: Sigvol

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

After years of studying the occult, 85 year old Morris has found a way to be reborn into an immortal body in a another world. However, it comes at the cost of his humanity. Morris is reborn into this new world with High Magick as Lazarus the Lesser Lich.

Thrown into the Saint Theocracy where he knows no one and nothing, Lazarus must make a new (un)life for himself.

This is a living story, meaning events are sometimes chosen from dice rolls. Even the writers will not always know what will happen next! Suggestions on direction, skills and new characters welcome. This is a first draft.

Updates Tuesdays, probably!

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SR Fauth

An Enjoyable Re-Dead Adventure

Reviewed at: A Study on Population

To preface this review, this is a basic review until there is some more content and will be upgraded to an advanced review at 10 chapters. With that being said, let us begin.

First off, I really enjoy the story. The tale of a re-born Lich with somewhat OP stats compared to those around him is fairly unique. The fact that he's an undead and wandered into a village and wasn't beset by a mob immediately makes me want to read this A LOT more.

So I need more chapters, chop chop.

Overall the theme, setting, and characters of Lazerus, Sara, and poor old Jet have me heavily invested in this story. I have immensely enjoyed what I have read so far and really hope that others will too.

The LitRPG aspects of the tale are laid out well, are easy to read and understand, and the little blurbs at the end of the chapters add a hint of spice that touches off each chapter nicely.

I would definitely recommend this to others.