"Dark Family?" I asked in confusion.

"Yeah, Dark Family will assist you with this, but in exchange, you must do anything we ask you to do. Is that okay? Regardless, Student Council has already completed their task by covering the incident."

"Is that so?"

As I predicted, the Student Council would finally be able to conceal the situation from the students. In this sort of circumstance, they must be extremely cautious and quick.

We're currently at the table, and beside me was Mr. Wyte, and the man in front of us was named Mr. Grim, along with his female companion.

"How did you find out about that incident so quickly? I don't believe this matter was discussed among the representatives, as Mr. Arson indicated, regarding you guys holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss what actually happened."

Currently, I am aware of three organizations: Gale, Dark, and Light Family. And the fact that Mr. Grim knew about the incident before Mr. Wyte raises some doubts in my head.

"You see, we're close to Ms. Leyand, the secretary of Student Council, so we asked what happened in the meeting."

"It was confidential, and yet that Secretary gave you the details? I thought the Student Council was much more cautious than I thought, but I was mistaken."

"No, Mr. Seid. You know that information isn't free, so you know what it means; we'll find out the details tomorrow, but we need to get ahead of other organizations."

In other words, they're competing with the details as if they were very important information. Naturally, money was involved in that transaction. Therefore, the Student Council benefits to some extent. It astounds me that various organizations are prepared to spend money on this. However...

"You're both stupid in sense," I muttered. "I'm sorry to say this to you, but I'll handle it in my own decision," I add flatly.

"I see. So it's all for naught, huh?" Mr. Grim replied in monotone.

I can tell they were expecting something like this to happen, so they weren't surprised by my response. But I admire their willingness to try, even if it's all completely useless.

"If you don't mind my question, are you here to take advantage of the situation and get me to your--"

"Isn't that simple, Mr. Seid? We want you to join our group, just like any other organization does when recruiting first-years. And buying information is nothing new to school."

"Dark Family isn't any organization. They're both good and don't have many internal difficulties," Mr. Wyte adds. "Take notice, Mr. Seid, certain Families may ask you to join them, so it's usual to witness this type of interaction amongst first years and transferees."

So that's why.

"That answers my question," I replied.

It's easy to argue that they're recruiting some members, but they're true intention was for influence. Organizations are becoming much more troublesome, and Student Council is no exception.

"Anyway, where does this 'commander' thing came from?"

I threw out some thoughts since I want to confirm something.

"Why do you ask suddenly? All of the commanders here are considered leaders in this school, so they're trying to show off as much as they can," Mr. Wyte explained.

"As Mr. Wyte mentioned, we leaders have varied viewpoints and personalities, thus we approach non-members and recruit differently."

"So," I looked at Mr. Grim with a straight eyes, "are both of you the commanders for the Dark Family here at school, is that right?"


Instead of responding, they stared me over without saying anything.

"Well, you don't have to say anything; moreover," as I shifted my eyes, "Mr. Wyte, you are from the Light Family, but I'm wondering if you are a commander too or something?"

"Um, yes, kind of like that."

His answers are not very clear to me.

Mr. Grim abruptly declared, "Um, if Mr. Seid does not wish to work with us, then we will go immediately."

"Wait a minute." I stopped them.

"What is it? There's no sense in talking about something." Mr. Grim remarked, casting a sidelong glance.

"If you don't mind listening, I have one more question."

"Hmm, it does seem important." Mr. Wyte said.

"Here's the point; there's someone I'd want to track down."

"You mean find?"

"That's right, earlier, someone sabotaged my items and I hasn't discover it until now; I heard that it may be partially made up by one of the organization; do you have any idea?"

Mr. Grim was taken aback when I mentioned that, and he looked over at the girl next to him.

That woman didn't say anything and had a blank expression on her face. Furthermore, she can't be simply read, but I'm sure this info surprised them.

"How do you believe some organization was involved in that issue?" he ask.

"If you place yourself on me, you have suspicions about another group, right?"

"Well, we can't say who is who and we don't have any information in that respect, so we're sorry; if anything, we'll approach you again; otherwise, we'll leave for now."

And they left after Mr. Grim told me so.

I'm not sure what they were thinking, and that woman was a bit of a concern to me. She doesn't say anything the entire time, and Mr. Grim solely speaks to us.

What type of personality is she trying to hide?

"What's up with your eyes, Mr. Seid? It appears that you won't trust any of them, no?"

"Does that look like it?"

"Pretty much, though."

It's not that I don't trust them; it's simply that I'm wary of strangers who know about my past.

Trust is one thing that humans are concerned about when it comes to building relationships and dependencies.

Naturally, humans develop relationships based on trust and the extent to which they have an emotional impression of the other party.

It is difficult for some people to form trust, and it is even more difficult to repair trust if it has already been lost.

The psychology of trust is that you offer yourself to others and are aware of it. However, as a result of this, you no longer have control over your attachment to them.

That is why, from my perspective, I don't give trust that easily, especially to somebody I don't know.

Because I've been...

"Anyway, Mr. Wyte, can you give me the gist of that woman from the Dark Family?"

"By that woman, you mean Ms. Buwan?" he asked.

Since the beginning, I've been captivated by her poise. I was carefully observing their behavior, and currently she doesn't act much, so I can't get enough information about her personality.

"I'm not sure if you have a plan or not, but if you really want to know about her, I can offer you some information."

"It's very kind of you, Mr. Wyte, to give me this information."

"All of the students know her, so this is sort of giving you the truth; anyhow, Ms. Buwan, as you can see, is with Mr. Grim, and it's true, she was one of the Dark Family's commanders."

"You mean representative?"

"Of course, and here's the thing about her: she doesn't say anything, even during our meeting with the leaders."

"Nn?" I paused for a moment, "Is that a little bit troublesome?"

What an odd lady. If I had to guess, she is not an ordinary leader.

"Not really, because Mr. Grim can answer all of our questions about them."

"Wasn't it uncommon for a person?"

"Yes, however, it's alright for now. In addition, Dark Family is the most passive Organization in the Main Fifteen Organization; you cannot hear some of their difficulties, and they just appreciate walking in quiet right now," he continues.

The Dark Family appears to be rather strange at times. They didn't push me to join, and they had no problem with other organizations too. It is almost as if those two are aware of how to manage the operations behind their Family.

Sounds like pretty good leadership.

"Don't get me wrong, Mr. Seid, about me giving you some details. All of the students were vaguely aware of the gathering of representatives, but not the specifics. Therefore, it's okay for you to know all of the school's doings."

"If you say."

Though, most likely, I was worried about having too much information about this school. If I strive to understand all of the school's hidden secrets, I will almost certainly end up in trouble.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Seid, has Zei mentioned anything bothersome to you?"

"Hn? What would you expect?"

"Thought so; I'm sorry Zei has caused you trouble; please don't despise her."

"I'm not going to hold a grudge against anyone."

Sure, I will hold a grudge against someone, but not for too long.

"I appreciate that. You're very considerate—"

"That's something I'm not certain of."


He suddenly fell silent.

"Well, your family isn't important to me, and I don't even know all of you, so I can't hate someone I don't know," as I stated.

"I see. in that case, would you mind telling me about your conversation?"

"I'm sorry, but I won't discuss anything with you, and more importantly, she isn't a member of your organization, so it wouldn't be good if I kept quiet?"

"You're too difficult to deal with, Mr. Seid. Whatever the reason, Ms. Eve was her mother, and she was worried about her."

"I'm pretty familiar with that."

Parents are concerned about their child.

"Is that so?"

"Well, now it's up to you now, Mr. Wyte..."

"Yeah, don't worry; I'll take care of that."

Mr. Wyte didn't say anything further after that, and he left me alone at the table.

By all means, I was alluding to Zei, but maybe he misinterpreted what I was saying.

Meanwhile, I was still at the school since I needed to take care of my things. In the end, I didn't care about my stuff, and instead, I'll need to report it to Teacher Fireil.

I was walking down the corridor before going to the faculty room when I ran into that specific individual, again. We met on my first day of school, and from what I recall, his name was Levi, the person who was madly in love with the assistant manager of the soccer team, none other than Ms. Lisa Hollows.

"You trash, where's Lisa?"

This moron.

"Is that how you usually greet people? By the way, why are you bothering to ask me in the first place? I don't have any ties with that woman."

"I heard from Fred, and he mentioned he saw both of you—"

"That's right, but that doesn't mean I know her where she is right now. That's my response."

"What's with that? Are you messing with me—"

"I give you back the question, are you mocking me? Or are you just playing a role where you believe you are higher than me? That's why, unfortunately, Lisa didn't recognize you as a romantic partner."

"Who are you to concoct anything like that?"

"Are you in love with Lisa?" I abruptly asked.

"W-Wha—I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't be oblivious; I know what you're thinking."

"That... anyhow, stay away from Lisa; she's dealing with her own issues right now, so don't get too close for a while."

"I'm surprised you're concerned about her."

"S-Shut up," he says.

"You're far too obvious."


"On that note, who are you to tell me what to do?"

"Well, I'm... I'm a soccer player."

"See? You're nothing special to her, so why are you giving me orders? What an idiot. You're utterly useless, huh?"

"Say what?"

"Would you confess already? I hate those people who tend to keep their emotions inside of them, and in the end, they suffer from it. If you can hold it, then keep it. But I'll tell you, don't regret things since it is your own decision."

"Now you're lecturing me?"

"It's great if you know how to listen and act properly; then I'll walk this way," I said as I walked away, indicating behind him, "Good luck with your confession," I added.

A little prod is all that is required to get him to confess. Now that Lisa is shattered, it is time for him to step up and earn her trust in order for Lisa to fall in love with him.

Take advantage of the chance to control the heart of someone else. Opportunity does not always come your way, and that does not imply it is bad. Nevertheless, if you do not seize the opportunity, you will regret it later.

I'm quite surprised that the man (Fred) didn't do it because he considers Lisa only as his friend, which, I guess, is what makes him foolish.

Anyway, I'm not here to become involved in their love affair. After all, I am here on my own. Besides, I'd seen a lot of things like that in the past.

After some time, I arrived to the faculty room and informed Ms. Fireil of the situation.

"What are your plans, Mr. Seid?"

"Instead of asking me, I'd want to ask you, Teacher Fireil, what you're going to do in this situation if you were me?"

"Me?" She furrowed her brows, "You know, as a Teacher, I will always be equal to my Students and give judgement based on their conduct, but internal affairs are not my own problem. If you happen to be enraged by one of the students, I will act accordingly and just, but it is your own responsibility to do what you should do. Do you understand?"

Teacher Fireil now appears to have expected me to tackle this problem on my own. But I'm at a loss as to how to begin resolving this matter.

"If you say Teacher Feiriel, thank you for your guidance," I said as I exited the Faculty room.

Is that how the educational system works? I still don't know much about the school, though.

After all was said and done, I had nothing on my own when I returned home.



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