Mr. President didn't respond where I can get my own things.

As a result, this time I'll try to locate my own stuff on my own, leaving that room behind.

However, time passes and the class is almost over. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that I can't retrieve my things for today.

I was out walking when I spotted that man (Steve) unexpectedly.

"Mr. Seid?" he startled.

He seemed to have been out and about.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"No, what exactly are you doing out here?"

"Just killing time; you're free to go around here, right?"

"True, but didn't you remember there was a class during this time?"

"I know, but how about you?"

"Oh, I was just... also wandering."

"You appear to be really busy, so I'll go ahead."

He hasn't been in class the entire time? Well, I don't want to know any more about it.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Seid, you're not going to class?" He suddenly asks me.

"Why are you asking? Isn't obvious?"

"Hmmm, it appears that you have a current issue, no? Is there something wrong?"

This guy was too nosy.

"So, what about it?"

"Ah, nah... Just curious."

"Ah—" I suddenly had an idea in the back of my mind, "can you go to the library after class?"

"Why?" he asks.

"Do you recall our little game?"

In short, the basketball match.

"Ah, that game? So you finally want to discuss it? Well, if it's ok for you, Mr. Seid."

"Then, it's settled."

We're both busy so we say our goodbyes as though none of us cares about the other.

Suddenly, I recall events from earlier in the day, when two organizations approached me. That includes the Gale Family (which is Esper's organization).

Naturally, if you know nothing about someone, you are wary of them. So I made the decision that, in order to avoid interaction with them, I would conceal my presence at the Library. Though, given their eagerness to meet me, I suppose they will find me right away. Personally, I believe that this is a good place to while away the hours.

I found the Library quickly and did not have to wander for an hour to find it.

When I walk in, I feel somewhat relieved and at peace. The scent of ink on paper is comforting in my nostrils all the way up to my head.

This is where I want to be.

From then on, a female student was just present. She appears to be assisting the front desk and keeping an eye on who is entering the premises. She was aware of my presence but said nothing.

Half an hour passed by, and I was still reading some of the books when I heard the ringing of the bell.


Reminded that the class is over for the day.

The plan is to stay here for half an hour so that I don't meet any other students outside the room. Besides, I was also searching for information inside the school.

But, as I had predicted, the door abruptly opened, and the silent room heard a gently creaking noise.

Seems like they immediately found my hiding spot. There's no doubt that they were looking for me.

My position is at the corner table, which is a very good place since you can observe all the tables.

From there, I saw someone I recognized from a previous meeting early in the morning. She had been with Esper before, so I assumed he was Esper's companion in the Gale Family.

"So they're not even close to what I imagined," I murmur.

In this case, I was hoping that everything would go as smoothly as possible. I can't get out of this position now that I've booted their members out of school.

He instantly noticed my presence and spoke to me casually, "Oh, Mr. Seid, here you are; do you intend to hide from us?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"You're as evasive as what Esper said to me, huh?"

"Truly, you people are very infuriating, and it's even more frustrating that you found me here quickly."

"Haha," he laughs sarcastically, "that's given to Mr. Seid."

"I don't like beating around the bush, so why are here?"

Again, I wanted to double-check certain details, so I went to ask him.

"Are you going to forget what you did earlier?"

"Earlier? Oh, those boneheads?"

"Yeah, name them anything you want since they're useless, but I'm sure you know we're going to hunt you down because they are members of mine, don't you?"

"Then, what are you going to do with me?"

Before he could respond, he went to the table in front of me.

We're now on the corner side, which is already hidden from students entering through the front door. He understands that if anyone overhear us, it will be problematic.

"It seems this is going to be a long discussion." he remarked.

"Well, who knows... So?"

"Before I answer your question, Mr. Seid, are you joining any organizati—?"


"O-Okay, it appears that you're not going down without a fight. Then I will be direct, how are you going to pay the price? Don't you realize those people have a lot more influence than you?"

"Is that so? Then it's a lot of hassle, isn't it? I'd probably die tomorrow or even after this."

"Haha," he scoffed, "Not at all. You're exaggerating this, Mr. Seid. Just so you know, yes, we immediately cover this area; did you possibly detect my members? Anyway, they're just here for observing."

I'm reluctant to respond to him. This is going to be difficult.

However, even if the percentage is less than one, there is still a way out of the situation.

And, exactly as I had anticipated, the person arrived out of nowhere. The front door of the Library makes a screeching sound, and we can hear footsteps approaching.

He then spotted us, "Mr. Seid and Mr. Arson? This is unheard of for a..."

"Do you think so?" I asked.

"Huh? What an unexpected occurrence here, Mr. Steve Wyte."

He's right. It is not a coincidence that Mr. Wyte, also known as Steve, arrives here.

"I suppose so," he answered.

Even though they were all smiling, none of their expressions were kidding. If anyone was here, they can also feel the solemn gazes of these two.

"Mr. Seid, may I ask why Mr. Wyte is here?"

"Erm, we want to settle things, and I hope Mr. Wyte hasn't forgotten about the game he lost."

"Of course."

His answer was more vapid than I thought.

"Remember, the winner was going to ask the loser, is that right?"

I reminded Mr. Wyte.

"Yes, you won, so what's the point?"

"Hoho, you lost with someone you didn't even know about? Are you trying to show off that you're much beyond by fighting him, Mr. Wyte?" the person named Mr. Arson questioned him and added, "That's a dumb move if you ask me."

With each passing second, the air appears to get tighter. Though in retrospect, it is natural to provoke and enrage someone, especially if they are enemies. Then the one who loses their temper will soon be labeled the stupid one.

"It's simply a game, Mr. Arson, and I haven't held a grudge against anybody, since in a game we occasionally lose, even if you aren't aware of it," he said with a serious smile.

"Then, Mr. Wyte," I interjected, "consider this circumstance to assist me in getting out of this."

"Nn? What do you mean, Mr. Seid?"

"Hold on, Mr. Seid, do you think he'll be able to get you out easily?" that person (Mr. Arson) said.

"This is the only way out of this, so what's the harm in trying to use the advantage? And I don't think Mr. Wyte can simply forget once he promises, no?"

I looked at him.

Mr. Wyte was quiet, maybe contemplating how he would gain from it. However, I'm certain that he was going to assist me because he seems the type of man who keeps promises.

Seconds had passed, but the silence was about to rupture if no one tried to speak.

"Is that all? Are you certain you want to take advantage of this situation?"

Mr. Wyte's words shattered the stillness.

"Well, I don't care about the game; what matters is that I get out of this mess."

"Sure, I'll assist you; this is going to be fun."

"Hold for a second. Don't you think Mr. Wyte, you have become a little nosy here? Your Family will be involved with this," that person (Mr. Arson) questioned.

"Hmmm, I don't mind at all."

"Ha, the Light Family definitely knows how to play their pawns, don't they?"

"No, they don't," Mr. Wyte remarked nonchalantly.

His statement was fairly straightforward, as if he had thought about it well.

"Regardless, would you mind if you explain to me the entire situation of how Mr. Seid ended up with this?" Mr. Wyte asks.

"You don't need to know since our business here is completed," that person (Mr. Arson) said, "but you will know after the meeting tomorrow."

"Is that correct? Then we'll be addressing our problem there, won't we?"

"If that's okay with you?"

"Yeah, it would be great," Mr. Wyte replied sarcastically.

"Then I will go for the time being, Mr. Seid," that person (Mr. Arson) stated, and he tried to walk ahead, but before he could, he questioned me again, "Oh, by the way, why did you save that girl?"

By which, she is referring to...

Come to think of it, we're here because of that incident with that female student.

And from their perspective, I saved that woman. However...

"No, I'm not actually saving her, but I was only responding to Student Council as a witness. Besides, I want to get rid of those who try to get in my way."

"Is that true? It seems that you had a plan from the start. Well, it answers my question; I'll leave now."

Someone barged in at the same moment after that person (Mr. Arson) departed. This is to be expected. Anyway, I'm not sure if it will move as easily as it did before.

"You're here as well, Mr. Grim?"

Mr. Wyte said, with a little surprise.

"We're here for Mr. Seid."

That person who just arrived replied with stern eyes.


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