Human minds are complex. They are aware of what they are doing, yet they turn a blind eye to what has been done. Move on, and forget it. That's it. In any case, we still have regrets that we have to live with.

Our brains have the ability to think, comprehend, and solve problems. Our essence, often known as nature, however, is the one that opposes it.

What is the difference between right and wrong?

What's good and what's bad?

Ethics is the field of philosophy that examines these issues.

If we answer these questions, we can generally state that 'bad' are things that bring people down or have a large influence that changes things in the opposite direction of what you expect; simply put, negative. When we say 'good,' we mean otherwise.

Though we can say it is wrong, it isn't precisely anything that bad, and even if things were right, that doesn't imply they were good.

If we dig deeper, I feel that wrong and right, good and evil, are non-existent but also existent. To be more specific, it is constructed by human minds to function as a rule (existent).

We humans have distinct viewpoints, with half of us focused on the 'process' of saying things good and bad, and the other half based on the 'outcome.'

But what precisely does it mean to be good?

You see, being good or terrible is determined by how you treat others, but not by how you treat yourself.

But what if we adopted a different approach? Is it preferable to be kind to oneself? Or is it preferable to be cruel to oneself for the benefit of others?

And if you suppose the answer is, that also depends on the people around you.

To summarize, we humans constantly prioritize others before ourselves. This thinking is widespread around the world.

And, if we think about humans, being selfish is technically a negative (bad) thing.

Ironically, people have spent over a thousand years thinking about what would benefit to oneself--about how to treat others kindly since they feel it will also help them.

In the first place, humans are still not great.

But we pretend to be nice; in essence, we act in a common way to appear to others to be a decent person.

However, claiming to be decent isn't nice either.

In other words, being kind to oneself is not a desirable option since others would perceive it as bad.

So, what exactly is being good?

In my opinion, there is no need for you to be good or evil. Just do what you think will benefit you, and only you, and not for others, since survival is crucial in the environment.

Although it is not explicitly stated; you can select 'for yourself.'

Take into consideration that the scariest decision you'll ever make, along with your life, is your fear of being alone and different.


I came to a standstill and glanced at a handful of people, all of whose eyes were fixed on me.

They're so silent it's almost weird and odd. I have no clue what happened. And it's still a few minutes before the end of lunchbreak.

Few seconds later, I ignore them and right go back to my seat. However, there was a specific unoccupied spot that anybody could see. And I immediately realized that my seat was not there.

"What happened to my—"

Unfortunately, my desk was missing.

I turn to face them, but they immediately avert my gaze. Sure enough, they know something about this. I've only been away a short time, and they already do this?

"Who did this?" I said calmly and deeply, but they still don't seem to notice me.

They attempted to ignore me as much as possible and pretended as if nothing had occurred.

"This is unsightly. You there..." I approached a female student near my seat and asked, "can you tell me what happened here? You saw that my seat wasn't here as well?"

Besides, my stuff was also missing.


"Huh, you're not even answering? Ah, before that, could you give me your name?" I said when she didn't respond.

"...Why do I give it to you in the first place?"

She looks at me sternly, as if she has no idea what has transpired.

This is too annoying.

How did they plan this out? Even my classmates aren't going to answer me?

Perhaps, she's too concerned that I'll do anything to her.

Hana was right, for the most part, I need to remember all of my classmates' names.

"It's unfortunate, isn't? But let me warn you," I said monotonously, "if you happen to be one of the perpetrator's accomplices, your name will be carved on the grave," my eyes piercing hers.

After I gave some warning, I let her be.

Hana wasn't even here when I observed, so the perpetrator was probably taking advantage of the opportunity to avoid being caught by Student Council.

It's remarkable that he did it perfectly considering how many students were present—no, without a doubt, all of these people are associated with the suspect.

I moved to the front and glanced at them one by one. I attempted to discern their emotions by staring into their eyes. I'm not particularly accurate at reading people, but this approach increases the likelihood that the suspect will try to waver his presence.

"Wanna play hide and seek, huh?"

My eyes move silently.

"If you want to play something, ask me directly, so our game isn't one-sided."

They were silent as if they were ignoring me.

Since my anger ultimately subsided after a few minutes, I decided to leave this problem alone. If I unleash my rage on them, it will be out of control. However, I swear that person will pay for this.

After a few minutes of frigid stares and silence, and because my desk had mysteriously vanished, I exited the classroom by myself. I can't be in the class with this state.

They didn't say anything for two reasons: one, they were terrified of the consequences, and two, they were paid by the culprit.

I'm very sure they were all aware of what happened there.

If they don't say anything, even if I force them, they won't, which wastes my time.

There are still a few minutes remaining before the class starts again. This time, I tried to ask someone in another class nearby if my luck was still there. In addition, I'm looking for my things, which are most important.

From there, I asked a few people, but my luck ran out.

This day was really unlucky for me.

After meeting that woman a few hours earlier, I assumed to myself that some groups would suddenly harass me too. It's more likely since I am not affiliated with any organizations.

As a result, I chose not to attend class and skipped the rest of the time. That's my preference since I need to retrieve my stuff as quickly as possible.

However, as I attempted to find a location where no one could see me, I came upon Hana, who was rushing back, not to my class, but to a separate building.

In this situation, I usually divert to find another place, but Hana yelled at me before I could walk away.

"Oh, Mr. Seid, excellent timing! Come with me! Student Council instructions!"

She screams as she approaches me.

"What is it?"

I said swiftly as we caught eyes.

"There was a certain student who requested that you be a witness."


It's strange.

"Yeah, we're having a meeting right now; could you perhaps spare us some time?"


And with that, I headed to the Student Council hall without understanding what had happened. I will also take advantage of this chance to report my situation.

"Oh Mr. Seid, good to see you again!" Secretary Lou greeted me cheerfully.

"Greetings, Mr. Seid; now that you're here, let us get down to business," stated the President.

I was taken aback by how solemn the atmosphere was.

There was a large, long table in the center, and I recognized all of the students who gathered here because I had met them today.

"As you are aware, Mr. Seid, a female student was discovered deceased an hour ago," Ms. Secretary remarked all of a sudden.

"Huh?" I let a sound of confusion.

It seems that someone had died, huh?

"Yes, that girl, Mr. Seid."

Responded the girl who sat with the President on the left side of the table. I recognized her because she was the only one who appeared out of nowhere. If I recall correctly, her name was...

"Ms. Auguron, do you happen to know Mr. Seid?" asked the President to her.

"Are you kidding me, Ethan? Who wouldn't know this man?" She replied, "and moreover, as I told you, he was in the scene."

"Ms. Auguron, we're friends, but please don't call me by my name while we're talking about anything serious."

"Then I'll repeat it again, Mr. President, I didn't catch them, but Mr. Seid may have something to say about the incident, no?"

By means of 'them,' she was referring to those guys who harrased the girl.

By the way, those guys were all here present today. But their heads and eyes are pointing downwards, and they are not uttering a single word.

"Indeed, Ms. Auguron, but may I question Mr. Seid about that?" He looked directly at me.

It seems like this incident is nothing new to them. In this case, it can't be helped.

"Erm, if I'm being honest, I caught those people."

I focused my attention on the folks who were suddenly gazing at me intensively.

"Is that correct?"

"Um, as you heard it."

"Then prove it, Mr. Seid. We need your evidence. I presume you're an honest person, don't you?" The President suddenly smirked.

"It's unfair to say that way, Mr. President," I answered, "but I don't have anything you can call proof."

It's true, I don't have evidence.

"Then it's pointless, isn't it?"

The girl who had been excitedly harrassing the girl before was suddenly cautious and suspicious. They began to stand up and attempt to return in class.

It's amusing to see her expression shift so dramatically.

"Then, Ms. Auguron, your subordinates appear relieved, huh?"

The President begins to speak again.

"Mm? To the Gale Family, they're a bunch of worthless."

Gale Family?

Mr. President grins as he asks, "Mr. Seid, can you elaborate on what you see?"

If I assess the situation, Ms. Auguron and Mr. President want me to assist them in resolving the case, which is why they summoned me here.

Furthermore, because Ms. Auguron worked for the same organization as the bullies, she was compelled not to confess in order to protect her own reputation.

Yes, reputation and not her subordinates since, like she said, they're worthless.

Ms. Auguron meticulously designed this trap for me. If I assume the entire plot, Ms. Auguron intends to make me an enemy of her organization because I confessed everything; and she subsequently wants me to join her group by owing her one.

What a brilliant strategy.

...Then, when it comes to this, I'm not sure what's important if I lied here. This is a serious matter anyway.

"Looks like you got me, no?"

I say this calmly to the two.

"Oh my, seriously, Mr. Seid? Don't overthink this," Secretary Lou said.

"Don't fool me. Anyway, we're wasting time, so if I recall properly, those two people ruthlessly kicked the victim."

I instantly stared at those two men.


"W-Wait what? What are you saying dude?"

"Hold on, how can you prove that? Don't you believe these are false accusation?"

Those guys instantly denied my assumption.

Ms. Auguron exclaimed, "Haha, these fools. The fact is, that's what I admire about you, Mr. Seid."

"Haha, honestly," Mr. President chuckles, "Then, Lou, look at their shoes and see if they have any blood or whatever in them," he smiles.

"Wait a minute, is this a joke? H-Hold on..."

"E-Eh? Give me a break..."

"You two fools, did you somehow—" the woman suddenly stopped.

"Mr. President, it's confirmed," Secretary Lou said after inspecting their shoes.

"I see. Well, Ms. Auguron, it's been verified, which is awful for your Organization, isn't it?"

"I don't mind; if you found them guilty, I wouldn't be able to do anything."

"Then, Dev and Hana, you know what to do with these people?"

"Yes," Hana said.

"Ah, what a pain." muttered by Mr. Crane, who had arrived close to the sofa. I assumed he was sleeping.

They quickly left the room, and no one knows where they went.

"Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Seid," the President says, relieved.

"I'm not trying to help; I'm just responding to you."

"I see. Well, if you need anything else—"

"There's one; you know, my seat mysteriously vanished and my stuff went gone; how could I recover it?"

"...Is that so? It's funny to believe you desire to recuperate instead of knowing who's behind it. About that... Um, Ms. Auguron?" He asks, looking at her.

"Yeah, we promised not to touch him for a week, but who the hell does this? It's very questionable and unusual."

"You see, Mr. Seid," the President said, "various groups promised not to do anything against you for a week, but somehow... I was too preoccupied with the Student Council and didn't notice it."

Against me?

"What a plan out there. It's very annoying to listen to all of you. You don't mean to come in my way for a 'week'? Then you aim to get rid of me in the end? Ha, it's a dumb thing to do."

"You're correct, but let me mention this, Mr. Seid; you are nothing more than a hindrance here at school," Ms. Auguron stated in a serious tone. "That's why we give you our hand to assist you," she continues.


I kept my mouth shut. Her statement was actually contradictory. If they want to get rid of me in the first place, then, do the hell they want. I will make sure that they reap what they sow.

"Hoh, you appeared to be at ease."

"It is. But I need to keep my calm in front of you. In any case, I will also emphasize that—I will decide on my own."

"All right, fine. Now that we're here, do you want to ask something? It appears that you have a lot of questions on your mind," she asks.

"Nothing, I'm leaving now," I told them as I attempted to exit the room.

Indeed, there are a ton of questions I would like to ask them. However, I think it's better if I leave this room anyway. I don't want to be indebted to them.

Additionally, I don't care about much in their lives.

"That girl was unfortunate, wasn't she, Mr. Seid?" Ms. Auguron pushed the words into me, "She still can't live up to this school somehow, and then, in the end, she ends her life regardless."

I stopped for a moment.

When she said, that girl, she was referring to the bullied female student. I met her just a few hours ago...

The issue is, when did it happen? Though it's stuck in my brain, I can't just ask her that.

"Well, she still grateful in you at the end, huh?"

Huh, How did she know about it?

"Hold on, were you still there, Ms. Auguron?" I asked.

"I foresaw, fufu~"

"Isn't your name ironic, Ms. Esper?"

"Hoh? I believe it is."

"Don't get me wrong, but I have a feeling you were present when we talked two alone; if so, what happened to that student afterward?"

If she exposes something, it will be quite a story.

"I'm not sure what you mean, Mr. Seid," she mocked.

In response, I greeted both of them and left the Student Council room, wondering where I might finally find serenity. As I have stated, I can't stay there.

Now, how will the Student Council conceal this case from the students?

Ms. Auguron didn't say anything about what she saw in the end, but I doubt she didn't know anything after the incident.

"Haa... Let's forget about it and find my stuff."

Since it's not my issue.

...That is why I'd always decide on my own.

If we make decisions for ourselves, often we end up regretting them. Regrets are the outcome of something that cannot be undone.

However, I am aware that maybe my sole regret in my whole life is that I did not chose to stand for the interests of others, but rather for my own.

Regardless, as a human, I accept everything that's been done.



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