"Now, this is vexing," I mutter in the air.

I was lying in my bed, wondering what my father had meant. I know he's busy at work, so I need to take some time to clarify this up.

It was approximately eight o'clock at the time, yet I was stuck in this situation till then.

Despite her concern, my sister did not interrupt me in my room. The light footsteps outside my door indicated her worry for me, and I know she's lurking around and wondering what my Dad was trying to express. I'm guessing she's going back and forth right now.

Still, my time is running out, and I'm not sure what's going on.

"Er, sister Irene."

As soon as I utter my sister's name, the footsteps started to fade away. And with that, I can tell she's perturbed by it.

"I know you're standing right in front of the door."

However, despite my persistent calls, she did not react even once. So I stand up, move through the door, and open it without offering her a chance to escape.

"Um, Sister Irene, what are you doing?" I quickly called out to the woman who was currently sprawled on the floor.

"N-Nothing." her voice cracked, and she had no choice but to deny.

"Nothing?" I locked my sight on her, but she swiftly diverted her look.

"Ah, er... I'm simply curious what you're up to."

"Hm, can I ask a question?"

When I asked her that, her eyes gleamed and shone. She seemed to be quickly regaining her cheerful demeanor.

"You want my help? What is it? I can help you with anything!"

Looks like I was correct. She's interfering with this situation and is captivated by it.

"No, you're getting ahead of yourself."

"Geez..." she laments, her mouth slightly frowning.

"Give me a break, alright? I was simply wondering whether our Mom said anything to you?"

If my Dad was preoccupied, I hope my Mom was not. She was the last person who sprang to mind to elucidate the situation to me.

For the most part, my Mother was amiable and kind, and she was mostly an identical image of my sister. However, she is overly convoluted, resulting in several identities, which quite unpredictable. Mom didn't meddle too much if she understood she wasn't involved. And when it comes to family and business issues, she takes them very seriously.

"Mom? I don't know exactly." she thought for a moment.

"You didn't receive a voice mail?"

"I checked it shortly when I came home, but yep, there are no recordings."

"I see..."

After that, I cut the talk short and returned to my room. My sister, on the other hand, seemed dissatisfied with our conversation. Her brows are intertwined, and her eyes show that she is irritated.

"Am I supposed to be left out?!" She scowled at me and I know she's staring at my back.

"If you want to know, know for yourself."

I didn't want to say anything to her since it would worry her. And because I don't talk much, it's a little tiring to explain.

I went back into my room, but before I knew it, my sister had gotten into my bed.

"Um, you know what, you're trying to become a busybody."

"I don't care, Hans, since this seems interesting to me." She gave me an unusual glance with a serious expression.

My sister didn't meddle in this too much if she knew that this was not interesting to her. That's why I hesitated to say anything about it before.

To be honest, she's a brilliant woman, but her actions cast doubt on that. She knows what she's doing and how to act. Though, she may be too self-centered at times. If she wants something, she will get it.

"What if I say get out in my room?" I said calmly.

"No, I won't."

"As expected from you. Well, keep your nose out of mine, and I'll go about my business and pretend you never came here in the first place."

"That's alright; Hans knows how obstinate I can be."

"You are actually."

She puffed her cheeks, but I didn't look at her any longer. Instead, I attempt to find my phone and call Mom. I suppose she's a little free.

As far as I know, my Dad and Mom work in different fields. They do, however, seem to be connected in some way. They always arrive home together, whether it's late or not.

"What are you doing?"

My sister curiously asked me.

She's sitting on the bed, making a bland face. She seems to be following my movements even up to now.

"As I said, mind your own business." I replied to her in a direct tone.

I don't want to complicate and explain all of my actions to her. And I'm sure she already understands what I'm trying to say.

"Fine, alright."

She isn't angry but she's persistent. She took my words and is now observing me.

Earlier, I didn't push her away since I know she's determined, so instead I let her observe me from a distance and don't ask any more questions. That was my intention from the beginning.

She's still on the bed and hasn't moved an inch. Following that, I saw my bag and went to grab my phone from it. I don't use my phone at school or in class since, as I already stated, the phone serves no useful purpose for me. In addition, once I went home, I always put my bag on the side since it was inconvenient to find it otherwise. And for better or worse, I always keep my room clean.

When I reached for my school bag, I discovered a piece of paper, specifically a black envelop.

"What is it, Hans? Is there something wrong?"


She's too perceptive even though I didn't react that much.

She continues to bug me with erratic questions, which makes me more wary. But my actions are not overt, yet she is fast to pick them up. I calmly reasoned with her, and so luckily she did not press any more.

I didn't open the black envelop right away since my sister was here. Simply, I don't want her to bother me. In any case, the envelop is identical to the one I received yesterday, but I know it's new since I get rid of the other.

But now is not time to think about this, so I take out my phone and look for my Mom's phone number.


As I pressed the call button, the ring was immediately heard.

"Um Hello?"

I say as soon as the phone stops ringing.

[Oh, Hans? Isn't it strange you called for me, no? Anyway, why did you call for?]

Why did Mom respond so quickly?

There are two reasons for this: one, she isn't busy, and two, she knew I was going to contact her. If I had to guess, she'd be waiting for my phone call.

"Er, I just want to know something if you're not busy."

One of my assurances is that I always say things, even if they are too apparent.

[No, not at all; your timing was perfect; did your Father explain it to you?]


[Don't be a fool, my sweetie; I knew you'd get it from the start, and I'll tell it again: grab Ms. Eve in the morning.]

That's not what I'm expecting from her. It stands to reason that if my father is aware of this, my mother is as well. I'd want to coerce her into spilling the beans, but she's forthright.

"Ah sure, I received from sister Irene, but what does it mean?" I directly pointed it out.

[Hm, by the looks of it,] she mused, [that's why you contacted me, is that right?]

It's typical for me to be stunned by her assumptions, but I wasn't. I know she's similar to Sister Irene in many respects, but Mom was much beyond, so I know how she speaks in an argument. She's quite intelligent and has a habit of talking in circles.

"Er, I'm assuming you're waiting for my call, Mom?"

[Well, I guess it is; I was expecting you to contact me tomorrow till morning, but you called sooner than I expected.]

Though she did not deny my notion.

[Anyway, I'm going to explain it to you.] She clears her throat and continues, [Me and your Dad have known the Principal in that school since we were in high school. We are not schoolmates, let alone classmates, but we share the same bond as if we were family.]

"Family, huh?" I mutter in response.

This is no longer surprising, yet the narrative seems rather incredulous. I had no idea what Mom was saying, but I can follow her words. On the other note, she sounds very enthusiastic about this.

[And to conclude, we establish the Family in the same way.]

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

This is clearly becoming perplexing, so I raise an ideal question. In addition, I'm very careful with my words since I don't want my sister to suspect anything.

[Family or Organization thing... that's what today's age calls itself.]

"So that's why we moved here for that?"

This was an inconsequential question, but in any case, I'd want to hear why we moved here.

[No, Hans.]

She instantly emits a severe tone that pierces my eardrum.

And by her words, it reminded me of the day when I was in that city. There were a lot of kids back then, playing around, and I was alone in one modest place where no one bothered me. But before I realized it, someone was there alongside me, which—

[Hans, I know you're confused, but we didn't move because of that; back then, I received a word from that person (Principal) that it was time for Hans to enroll in the school created by the organization.]

"Hn? Yeah, though you didn't consult me and sister Irene?"

[Your sister knew something about the organization even though I didn't tell her; you know your sister, right? I didn't confer with you since we're too busy and the paperwork have already been sent to the school.]

So sister Irene knew all along?

Since my Sister was watching me from behind, I didn't budge an inch. It never occurred to me that she was aware of the entire situation, even though she had no idea who Ms. Eve was.

"Um, I'm not concerned about the school, but what is that thing you're referring to?"

I didn't care where I was going to transfer, but what does that organization mean? After then, I'd like to know if sister Irene was cognizant of everything.

['That thing'? Ah, Family? It is an organization structure that creates and expands businesses. However, young people must contribute or else... No, there's no need for me to explain it to you.]

"Um, but why?"

[It is more than friends, so I assume you understand what it means; why don't you talk to your sister? Sure enough, she knows a lot.]

"A lot, huh? There is no need to hasten things."

[Well, that's up to you; in any case, there are certain issues we're working on with the Principal, so we can't help but meet.]

"Er, you're not going to tell me details?"

[That's for later; I think it's time to get back to work, so bye. Oh, and if you don't want to meet the Principal, she'll come to you.]

"To me?...Wait, hold on. Is Ms. Eve the Principal?"

[Er, didn't I mention it?]

"No, you did not."

[Well, there you go. Bye.]

The phone call had just ended, as indicated by the clicking sounds. But before I knew it, my sister had a grin on her face and was looking at me. I'm not sure what she's thinking, but it clearly can't be fun.

"So the Principal is Ms. Eve, no?" She glanced at me with a wry smile.

"You heard it clearly, right?"

My lips slipped in that instant, so there was nothing I could do with it.

"Um, I guess you want to know some things, Hans?"

"I'd want to skip school tomorrow," I blurted out, ignoring her.

"Hm? What did you say? No, you have to come to school; Dad will email you the location of Ms. Eve."

"Beats me."

I no longer care about the school, thus I need to step away from this.

"Hey! Don't snub me!"

"Go out Sister Irene, I want to sleep."

"It's not that late though."

"But my sleep is more important. And also to remind you, this is is not your room."

"...I know." She shifted her wavering eyes.

I'd like her to stay away because I need to think about this. And the envelope was still in my backpack. In contrast, I'm not sure what it means. I had no idea who was behind this envelope thing.

Anyone would suspects that if you find a letter, it perhaps was a joke or a prank. And of course, I'm concerned by that, since I'm not sure who this person is in the first place. But first, sister Irene must leave my room.

"Aright. You need to push me away right?" she suddenly let out a big sigh, "In your bag."

Hn?! How did she...

"As one would expect from my sister. You're extremely observant, but are you interested in it?" I questioned casually.

"Not at all; well, I'll go outside, but talk to me once you're done."

And by doing so, my sister comes out as thoughtful, which is unusual for her. She's no longer upset and has left me in my room.

"I suppose she's okay."

As a result, I'm constantly reaching into my bag and pulling out the black envelope. When I open it, there's a little message within containing:

Find me Hans Seid.

"What is this?"


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