Nothing in particular happened during school hours. Just idling my notes, and not paying much attention to the class' lecture. Same as before as my recent school days.

I'm relieved that nothing out of ordinary is going on at the moment,

That's what I thought.

But eventually, after the last seconds before lunch break, this what happened.



I'm not sure what is going on, but there's a lot of uneasiness in the students, or it's just me? The air seems heavier than before I entered the room.

There's nothing I can do about it, and as a result, I decided to pay a visit to the school's cafeteria. I'm a bit interested about the food that they will serve.

When I first came here in school, the food captures my eyes the day back then. It is in my mind the whole time when I enter the school gate. The food looks extravagant in appearance, but surprisingly, the price are affordable especially for the students.

The plan is to escape this heavy environment, so I stand up as I muster all of my strength and rushed towards the exit door.

Subsequently, I made it to the cafeteria.

As I make my way to order some food, I heard some remarkably stories from the students.

"Hey did you hear the rumors? There's a new transferred student..."

"Oh, yeah. From what I've heard, he is a male student from a prestigious school."

It appears that rumors are spreading like wildfire.

"Yeah, I heard that too. Class-1 students are lucky this year. Now I'm a little interested if he's handsome."

--Why the heck they are gossiping about!?

The only transferred student in this year is none other than me, and that is certain. Thus, their idle chat is what makes me uncomfortable.

"I know, I know. Wait, did you hear that a student from Class-3 is making a fuss about."

The group of girls in the cafeteria's front row are sharing some uninteresting stories from each other. They are just so oblivious to their surroundings that they may be overheard gossiping by other students. Well, girls are extremely active during this tête-à-tête conversation and that is a fact. It's not that I'm interested, so I'm simply forgetting what I've heard.

Right, I have to act like normal like I used to.

After about a minute of being on the line, I sat down on the place where perhaps no one can even bother me. I placed my food and my tea on the table and begin to dig in.


Basically, it is indeed delicious to what to be expected.

Conveying my emotions is my problem afterall, which is why my face appears indifferent.

"It's great, I guess."

After taking my first bite, I suddenly felt that someone has been staring at me from the whole time. I didn't react instantly but I acted normally to deceive this person who keeps an eye on me.

It will take time, but they will come here...

And that is exactly what happened.

"U-Uhm, sorry for interrupting but do you mind if we sit here?"

I looked up to them while taking an another bite. And from what I have in my mind, they are the one who staring at me the whole time.

"Hm? Well, I don't mind," I answer them.

They seated in my front without any concern or any hesitation coming from their face. I wanted to isolate myself from the crowd but it can't be help since many students were using this cafeteria.

Surprisingly, these two girls are from my class, which is a little suspiscious to me. And based on my observation, they don't appear to have any specific motives, yet.

There was no proof that this was a set-up, neither a coincidence.

Should I ask them directly?...No, it's unnecessary. From the moment they came here, I was immediately staring into their eyes and perhaps they just wanted to eat like normal.

"..." *silence*

"..." *silence*

However, after a couple of minutes, I can sense an enormous discomfort within the atmosphere coming from these two women. There was no one else tried to talk since we know that it is just a bother. Probably half of it is due of my presence?

This looks troublesome...

This situation is nothing I should care about. Right from the start, I don't intend to start a conversation here with them since we perceived ourselves as strangers. It's natural to feel this way, though.

After a minute, I finished my food and ready to get on to my feet. My instincts tells me that I should go right now.

They looked surprised but I didn't bother to say any more to them. There will be no benifit to me if I stay there much longer.

The remainder of my break will be spend on wandering around the campus. Following my feet from wherever they go. I spend a couple of minutes, and as expected, there's not much to see from this school. But who knows if there is such a place in this---

"Can you please stop bothering me around, Mr. Kayvin? You're getting ahead of yourself!"

"Huh? What are you talking about? I'm just protecting you from those rumors circulating in our school, right?"

"I don't care about such pathetic stories. You're making it even more complicated. Just stay away from me instead."

I came to a halt after I heard some loud voices, five meters away from where I'm standing. And luckily, I managed to conceal myself from the ongoing dispute between those two.

It looks like that they were completely unaware of my presence so I am fine from being caught on the scene.

There were no students in this area. And it seemed to be such a big deal if anyone else to hear this. If it is such a big news, I'm afraid that I may be get involve with them. Therefore, I decided to try to get away as fast as I could.

My peaceful life is not worth trading for such event.

After I had successfully escape from an odd situation, I started to analyze from what that is all about. Their faces are unknown since I hid myself to them, however, I'm certain that 'Mr. Kayvin' is a male student and the other one is a female student just from their voices.

That is the limit of my information therefore my conclusion aren't clear. Well, it is their problem and I'm not a nosy person to begin with.

I reached my classroom and their on point, nothing had happened. The class just ended peacefully without any hitch. I clean my desk as usual and decided to go home aftermath. Joining a club is just a pain so I always prefer to go home early.

As I headed towards the door, someone with a female voice just called me by my name.


She didn't getting flusttered or what, but she called my name like we are friends from the start. Obnoxious people have started to approach me, which is a waste of my time.

What a cheery person.


"Err... U-Uhmm..." she then grab my shoulder and try to whisper into my ears, "can we talk in private?" and not a single sound will be ever heard from the room. It's just me whom she is talking to.

Eh? Why the heck did she ask me that?

"Private? No, It's good if it is here, right now. Tell me what is it?"


Sometimes, people tend to misunderstand the meaning behind my words since I'm speaking indifferently. Though, this is a different matter. I intend to withdraw anytime if I sense anything peculiar motives from her. There is no way I misunderstand this situation.

However, it is impressive that this woman isn't taken aback from my repulsive statement. If someone told you to leave, most of the time, we leave right away considering the situation. Even though this is a different approach, she knew already my statement, and still not turning her back at me. Again, I refused to talk to her privately. I did tell her the truth that right now is a good opportunity since almost of my classmates are already left the room.

I plan to go home right away but it looks like there is much stuff to do here.

As far as I can remeber, we didn't see each other before so it is certain that there's something else that she wants to talk with me to.

"Now what is it? Is it necessary for us to go in private?"


A moment of silence before she starts to talk again.

"Hmm... Er... Well... I... would like you to join our soccer team, is it a no?"

This isn't right.

Right of the bat, that was not the reason she was talking to me. It's obvious that she mean something else.

Now if my memory is right, she sits right next to the front door. It didn't appear to me that she wanted to talk since we're far apart from each other seats.

On the other hand, she's not flusttered by my looks so perhaps she is serious in recruiting me on the football team. However, if this isn't true, I guess she's impressive given by her superb acting skills.

She's kinda cheerful and a dependent person from what other expect her to be, and it is after a couple of seconds meeting her. Her eyes are telling me the truth... most likely.

"Why me? And speaking of which, you don't also introduce youself to me."

"Oh, sorry I forgot," she panicked a little bit, but she manage to release her stress right away, "hupp...pheew... My name is Lisa Hollows, I am currently the assisstant manager of the soccer team, nice to meet you."

After giving me a brief introduction, I'm just wandering why she called me by my given name.

"As for why I'm trying to recruit you, it is simply because I knew you play soccer before, right?"

"Hold on, how did you--"


A voice suddenly appeared at the room.

"'re late. Our captain keeps calling you."

A male student from the other class were just appeard right at my back. We're just about the same height, 176 centimeters. Given his athletic appearance and the fact that he know this woman, it is possible that he was soccer player. He called the name of this woman which is in front of me naturally.

But then he looks at me with a disgusting look.

He must be an idiot.

"What do you need?" as I muttered to him.

"Huh?! Oy, oy, what's wrong with your eyes? You want me to kick your as--"

"Just to remind you," I stared at him as my eyes filled with bloodlust, "don't start a fight with me, or else you'll regret it."

After I say that to him, he suddenly grab my shirt and he tried to hit me on the face. As expected, he is reckless. I can easily defend myself since my hands are free. Furthermore, I have previously studied martial arts and am prepared to fight with anyone.

And so I thought, he is just a complete idiot. Those people who are arrogant are not gonna win with their foolishness.

"Wait a minute!"

As this woman beside me interrupted the scene.

"Stop it Levi, go back to the clubroom! I will follow you after, got it?" she stares at him intently.

This man cannot resist her orders, as I assume. Hence, he let go of his hands and just walk away without saying anything.

"Tch..." as he clicks his tounge.

Apparently, this man was in loved with her. What I mean is that, he likes this woman in front of me. Who knows what's their true rationship is. It's just an obvious assumption. From the way he looked at me, he seemed to be an arrogant person from the start, but he seemed to care for this woman, so I played with him just a bit.

Wait is this woman dense? Is she that dense to the extent that she didn't question him from doing it to me?

"Uhmm, I'm sorry for that."

"Don't worry, I don't really care."

"He is arrogant anyway, please forgive him."

"You don't need to be concerned about that, I'm not harmed anyhow.

Well, if he tried to mock with me again, I will try to hold back a little bit. However, it is hard for me to hold back in a fight. To be precise, I am not a good person from what you might expect.

"If that so, I'll be on my way now. Please contact me if you are willing to join the club, I will be glad though."


She walks away just like that. She invited me but she didn't push me to join. What a clever move.

"She will be glad, she say? Hmmm, it starting to get a little bit messy on this year again. I'll try my best to avoid getting engaged with them, however, it looks like it can't be help. Sigh, I want to sleep after I get home."

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