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Chapter 1 Act 1

The sun is about to rise, but my mind is already awake before the sunlight captures me.

"...Ah I want my sleep." so I thought.

Currently, I'm here in my room, and my eyes are already awake before I knew it was already six in the morning. I wanted to sleep but my mind is keeping me awake until late night. And right now, I'm starting to feel the heaviness coming from my eyes.


I don't want to get up, and I don't have the plan either.

I'm not the person who stay up all night playing video games, watching movies, anime or drama. I'm just an ordinary highschool boy who value sleep more than anything else.

However, today was different, and I don't know exactly why.

After some thought, I decided not to get up on my bed and have some proper sleep.

There are a few people out there considered sleep as their number one priority, or it's just me?

Sleeping is one of the important needs in order for a human to survive. Therefore, sleeping is one thing I considered my most precious thing. In addition, it is not ideal for me to wake up early in the morning.

Seconds past before I heard some loud footsteps coming from the stairs. And then with a thud, the door just slammed, causing a tinnitus directly to my ears. I'm aware what is going on around here but I keep my eyes closed, as if I was sleeping. From there, I knew that there's someone will enter my territory to declare a war. Now it is getting a little bit annoying.

"Hans, get up!"

As expected. She enters my room with a loud voice, and happily waking me up. My name is called repeatedly but I refused to surrender.

What's wrong with this woman?

"Hans, I know you're awake. My instincts tells me, you know?"

...Wait what, she knew? Girls are really terrifying.


Hah...What a pain...

Since I know that she won't stop until I'm awake, I decided to get up and try to fake my drowsiness. It can't be help since she is my older sister no matter what. She knew me after all.

"Hoaah..." as I yawn, "the sun is up, right Irene?" I asked her but she didn't response to it.

Irene Seid, she is my older sister by two years and now she is currently preparing for college entrance exams.

I heard from her classmates that she is popular among the boys and girls in her school, although I'm not interested with it.

'Her beuty makes her to stand out even more', as her classmates emphasized her appearance.

From what I 've heard from the rumors, she is also an honor student who stays at the top. Though it is surprising for me that she maintain her grades until she graduated from high school. Welp, she is my older sister.

No matter where you look at it, she seems happy about her life.

Still I admired her, I guess. We are alot in common but she is somewhat opposite to me in many ways.

After giving her a fake morning greetings, she just glared at me and then she speaks confidently.

"Hey Hans, don't joke around. I knew you're awake from the start. You just want to be spoiled by this older sister of yours, right? Tell me, tell me..."


How amusing what my older sister made fun of herself. Of course I don't get flustered by her wierd imagination. She's just like a child mocking an older man. Wait what? Who is older by the way?

"That's ridiculous," I answered.

"I know you're a tsun tsun so I don't mind it," as she don't paying attention to my words.

I don't want to argue with her anymore so I keep my mouth shut. Her reasoning gives me a headache.

Now that I am fully awake, I decided to get up on my bed and prepare some breakfast. I don't want to be make fun of by my older sister anyway.

I'm just about to stand up but my sister called me again.

"By the way Hans, are you alright?" She asked me directly.

After she said that, the flashbacks get into me. But I don't feel anything from back then. It is like I remembered and forget it in instant. Why did she asked me by the way?

"I'm alright," I answered indifferently.

There's nothing to be worried about. It's sounds unreal for my sister, but that's what I have felt.


Irene stared at me. And from the looks of it, I can tell what she's thinking about.

"I'm really alright, you know? Don't concern yourself to me."

I really don't feel anything from back then since...

I have indifferent feelings after all

Let me clear, I am a person with feelings. I experience joy, anger, loneliness even fear, but after experiencing some emotion, it's just like I don't have anything in particular to be interested with it. I'm not attached to it even if it is happy or not. I'm not cherishing my emotions and to the extent that I am stuck being indifferent. I don't care what's on the past and what will happen next. Due to this effect, my face is acting being indifferent too. I don't understand my situation but I grew with these feelings.

To sum it up, my feelings is indifferent to my emotions.

Apparently, my family didn't know about my situation, as if it is like normal to them. And yes, my sister didn't know either and up to now she is still worried about me. However...

"I'm glad I have Irene as my sister."

Before I knew it, the words already slip in my mouth. But I'm not embarrassed about it. I'm just telling the truth to abash her.

"---Hmm? W-What did you say? I'm not embarrased here. Y-You look embarrassed little brother. To say such embarrassing things, huh," she teases me but I can see her eyes are getting flustered.

Now, look at you

Thereafter, she clears her throat and make a serious face to clear things up.

"Ok I think you are alright. Well then get up and go to your school, it's already past six so get hurry. It is your first day right?" she said.

And now I know that this is the reason why I stayed up all night thinking what I'm going to do.

"Um yes, I better get hurry," I replied with a lack of excitement.



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