True Insanity

True Insanity

by Omphalite

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Selfish. A tyrant. A madman. They called him many things but he ignored them. The man simply did not care what people thought of him. He did not care what they thought of the changes he was causing. He had one goal. And for that he was ready to ignore all morals. He would do anything for the betterment of humanity. He could only laugh when people who had once called him a genius and tried to make him use that genius for the sake of the world were now calling him insane for doing so. But when one tires of life, tires of fighting, ties of goals. The only thing left for him is to leave behind all that he has achieved thus far and move on. And so he did. But what lies after death? Was it heaven? Hell? Nothing? Or maybe... maybe it was just another life. If it was the fourth one... he hoped that this one would go easier on him.

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The Moon

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Call me crazy but I do think that our world needs that kind of guy to fix it up if you do not believe me here is an video that at least shows how corrupt we are:


I've been reading since around chapter five was released, and I felt that it's probably time for a review.


My opinion as of chapter 28: 

This is a beautiful story that truly engages the reader into the atmosphere that the author is trying to portray. You have a "Tragic" Hero at the beginning who is trying to make the World a better place with some unorthodox, some may even say evil, methods. However, the story stresses that these actions are 'required' because the MC is kind of rushed to change a whole world. Then the MC is tossed into a world full of evil. Throughout the story the MC is portrayed as someone who just really wants to help, and his altruism leads to some neat and entertaining encounters that are really quite enjoyable. The constant encounter of "minor antagonists" keeps you updated with how powerful the MC is and how he is feeling or how his attitude has changed over time. This all leads up to chapter 21, where the MC goes through a kind of enlightenment. The author beautifully describes the change and constantly makes me want to beg for more chapters. Although the grammar is not completely eloquent, the main purpose of language is to get the point across, which there is definitely no problem of that with this story (unlike some I have read). I HIGHLY recommend you at least try this amazing story. The concepts, setting, and story itself just seem to match my reading preferences! CHECK THIS STORY OUT!


This Isn't Getting Enough Love, So Imma Give It Some

As any writer can attest, improvements can always be made, whether it is stylistically or simple grammar. I, personally, think that the only irreparable part of any story is its capacity, and that is controlled entirely by the author's imagination.


<<<Style and Grammar>>>


Style? Sure it can be improved, but it's a heck of a lot better than the vast majority on RRL. Grammar? Same as before.




A consequence to having such an interesting and fleshed out main character is that many other character's development suffer. I can see this story going both ways, so be careful not to make everyone flat and two dimensional. Good job not falling into that pitfall so far.




Finally, and best of all, is the story. This really is a contender for the best fiction that I have ever read. The tale told is interesting and addicting, the chapter length is extremely agreeable, and update speed is good as well.


Keep it up. I'm very excited to see where this goes.


Great read for thoose that likes the "OP MC" type of fiction

Great fiction! 

Atleast for me who is one of thoose types that really enjoy a Overpowered MC as in he is Op from the start, and not some pussy ass where he is weak at first then slowly gets stronger and stronger until he can shit on anyone.


I also quite enjoy some of the plot twist *wink wink* that the author has made in this ficton, some of them completely suprised me and i didnt see it coming.


Again, great fiction, highly recommended for the same type of guys like - who enjoy a OP MC from start to finish.


One of the best storys at RR so fare...

It#s funny and nice to read. I like OP caracters so I like the story...


This story, has the potential to become my favourite one

I am a huge fan of the "gap" between what is expected of,perceived as  and what is reality

Old tyrant who hates humanity ushers an age of peace, can it get better? :D

Anyways looking forward to reading some good crack in the future :D


Short(Hopefully Helpful) Critique

So this is just a quick relay of my thoughts about a certain aspect of the story that could be improved.

This aspect being baddie. Popcorn Baddies(bandits,slavers,serial killers,etc.) are a ok-ish way of periodically displaying character strength. However, if the encounters with said Popcorn Baddies becomes too frequent, then they soon lose flavor. To resolve this, I would recommend creating a pyramid platform.

Ex. Big-Boss(Current Main Goal for MC) - Sub Bosses - Mini Bosses- Sub Mini Bosses - Minor Mini Bosses - Popcorn Baddies.

These different classification of baddies constantly implicate each other, which turns defeating even the trashiest Popcorn Baddies into potential plot progression.  

Story Ex. Recently banditry (x,y,z) has become rampant in the region. MC battles with bandits, reigns supreme, gains goodies, discovers hint to something/someone behind the scene, follow said hint and encounters(x,y,z) Minor Sub Boss, Minor Sub Boss, etc.

A pyramid structure also  allows for the MC to constantly progress while simultaneously working towards his end goal through a series of mini goals; this concept is good for building reader satisfaction and anticipation through the deconstruction of the pyramid from the ground-up which, if well thought out, can be quite thrilling. It can also help writing more complex and wholesome scenarios  instead of random encounters with Popcorn Baddies that have no real impact on the story other than displaying the MC's moral standing, or shallow battle skills. 


This may not be the top fiction on RR but I still enjoy reading it. Too much hate is being poured on this story. I mean guys, come on, don't like it ? Don't read it !


I'm writing this review because ass hats keep on giving low scores to this awesome novel.




Wise old penguin

A story where the MC is a death god, check.

He even picks up where he left off when he dies, check.

He's one determined motherf**ker, check.