Minecraft: An Odyssey

Minecraft: An Odyssey

by Lyric Drake 591

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In this story, our hero is thrown into a world he doesn't understand, and follows his exploits, attempts to survive, and learn what he can about this new world he is in. As a person grounded in science and reality, he has a hard time accepting this new world as reality, and is easily confused and confounded by the strange, bizzare, and impossible things that happen often and even normally in this new world, and the strange things of this world are either mind shattering... or his normal.

I am focusing on Webnovel, and while I might occasionally upload one of my chapters from there, go there instead of here if you actually are interested.

UPDATE: 3/8/22
I am pausing this book to go work on a few others.

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Lyric Drake 591

Lyric Drake 591

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