Hidden Beacons (Magical Transformation Progression Fantasy LitRPG)

Hidden Beacons (Magical Transformation Progression Fantasy LitRPG)

by FGC_Checkmate

Miwah is out for revenge. And it’s going to take a bit of teamwork and more than a few magical transformations to get it.

After her village is ravaged by a band of pillagers, Miwah comes across an ancient ghost on the boat of the very clan that destroyed her home. Being one of the few in the world born with Potential, she is given a necklace that allows her to activate her Purifier form that grants her enhanced abilities, a powerful weapon and a magical ensemble.

Now stranded in a busy port town on an island, she must team up with others with Potential to fend off the local gang, ravenous beasts and other threats that endanger the populace.

Hidden Beacons is a progression fantasy LitRPG. Art is done by whoareuu. Expect daily updates (for now).

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
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Table of Contents
90 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A Fateful Meeting ago
Chapter 2: Plans and Preparations ago
Chapter 3: Hidden Powers ago
Chapter 4: Not So Innocent ago
Chapter 5: Intro to Statistics ago
Chapter 6: It's All About Numbers ago
Chapter 7: Caught in a Trap ago
Chapter 8: Woman of the Woods ago
Chapter 9: A Joint Venture ago
Chapter 10: Woman's Best Friend ago
Chapter 11: Tough Memories ago
Chapter 12: Challenge of the Beast ago
Chapter 13: Rumble in the Forest ago
Chapter 14: Dead and Buried ago
Chapter 15: Homesick ago
Chapter 16: To the Bathhouse ago
Chapter 17: Ominous Presence ago
Chapter 18: The Art of the Deal ago
Chapter 19: Down at the Market ago
Chapter 20: Altered Offer ago
Chapter 21: Difficult Memories ago
Chapter 22: Anger in the Alley ago
Chapter 23: Looted ago
Chapter 24: Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 25: Spring Cleaning ago
Chapter 26: Don't Let the Mountain Crawlers Bite ago
Chapter 27: A Friendly Awakening ago
Chapter 28: Change of Plans ago
Chapter 29: Walking the Brillick ago
Chapter 30: Heading Downtown ago
Chapter 31: Reconnaissance ago
Chapter 32: Another Plan ago
Chapter 33: Unstable Stable ago
Chapter 34: Barroom Brawl ago
Chapter 35: Hunter's Awakening ago
Chapter 36: One Less Cutthroat ago
Chapter 37: Pep Talk ago
Chapter 38: Experience in the Bank ago
Chapter 39: Dropping By to Say Bye ago
Chapter 40: The Better Part of Farrowport ago
Chapter 41: Walk Through the Park ago
Chapter 42: Sweet Cherries ago
Chapter 43: Farrowport's Finest ago
Chapter 44: Old Friend Versus New Friend ago
Chapter 45: A Shot of Confidence ago
Chapter 46: Meet the Researcher ago
Chapter 47: Researcher's Recommendation ago
Chapter 48: Getting Equipped ago
Chapter 49: Locked and Loaded ago
Chapter 50: A Bit of Luck ago
Chapter 51: Hunter to be Hunted ago
Chapter 52: On the Run ago
Chapter 53: New Spell Test ago
Chapter 54: Not Enough Potential ago
Chapter 55: A Guard's Work is Never Done ago
Chapter 56: A Quick Examination ago
Chapter 57: On the Way to the Governor ago
Chapter 58: In Her Presence ago
Chapter 59: Not Quite Convinced ago
Chapter 60: Backup Plan ago
Chapter 61: A Brief Reprieve ago
Chapter 1: Bottom of the Glass ago
Chapter 2: Final Contact ago
Chapter 3: Narrita's Gambit ago
Chapter 4: Through the Marsh ago
Chapter 5: The Shack in the Marsh ago
Chapter 6: The Necromancer Witch ago
Chapter 7: Open for Discussion ago
Chapter 8: Once a Purifier ago
Chapter 9: Season of the Witch ago
Chapter 10: Looking for Flowers ago
Chapter 11: Pierce's Past ago
Chapter 12: A New Pair of Friends ago
Chapter 13: Predator on the Prowl ago
Chapter 14: Change of Plans ago
Chapter 15: Attack of the Rabbits ago
Chapter 16: Honesty is the Best Policy ago
Chapter 17: How it Really Works ago
Chapter 18: The Pact ago
Chapter 19: Dark Magic Show ago
Chapter 20: A Temporary Farewell ago
Chapter 62: Slim Chance ago
Chapter 63: Friends and Enemies ago
Chapter 64: Back to the Dregs ago
Chapter 65: In the Inn ago
Chapter 66: Smiling Faces ago
Chapter 67: Helping Hand ago
Chapter 68: A Private Tour ago
Chapter 69: Room Without a View ago
Chapter 70: Hostage Situation ago

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Solid story with great action!

Reviewed at: Chapter 3: Hidden Powers

Pretty interesting story with some uniqueness. A solid start that can get readers interested easily. I was hooked from the beginning with all the mystery. Now, it could have been better, there was a bit too much mystery. I got confused with the characters and couldn't understand what was going on.

I didn't catch any grammar mistakes which is something that's very hard to do. Quite a slow burn story.

I love the illustrations for each chapter, they are really detailed


As usual the author kills it with the action and bringing in good character art for the story. A solid start that sets up the darkness and much of the early character, world and plot details.

It is a realtively slow start for plot progression but as a long running fiction that is fine. Enough happens in every chapter to keep the story pusbing forward at a steady pace. 

Grammar and style are good.

Our MC doesn't have a blue box. It isn't important but I feel the loss. 


A solid work of action-adventure!

Reviewed at: Chapter 3: Hidden Powers

Solid action scenes, coupled with an interesting world make this a very fun read from start to finish. I can't speak of the system's complexity or depth yet but the author has done a great job integrating it into the story's setting.

Loved the author's consideration of feedback and his art drops as well.



So... I've never watched magical girl shows. Never read anything like them either. I'm saying this because I feel like there must be something I'm not getting here. 

Maybe I'm supposed to be primed that a transformation sequence is a big flashy thing, and build that in my mind all by myself. Maybe the villains occupying the first chapter are supposed to be cardboard cut-outs. Maybe the protagonist's confusion is not supposed to be read as a lack of personality. 

I'm sorry, that was mean. I just want to make it apparent that I am not the target audience of this novel. Again, I may just not get it.

Yet, I feel like the text lacks a certain complexity. It's a lot of single sentences. This happens a lot with descriptions of things and people. Action, as well, follows this stop-and-go. Like this. The text just doesn't flow.

At times crudely worded descriptions will add to this disconnect. People being referred to simply as “man” or other nondescript terms make it hard to connect with the story and its characters. Even the protagonist will often just be referred to as “woman”.

I watched the first episode of the original Sailor Moon, once. I remember that to have been not so good as well- and clearly, I am wrong, in some manner, there.

I don't know if I was at all able to put my finger on what bothered me about this one. It just seemed so empty to me. 


Hidden Beacons is an absolute blast to read through! Miwah is an absolute badass who isn't afraid to open up about her dark past. The world so far is incredibly charming while still having a darker side, and I love the Chinese wuxia-inspired themes and worldbuilding. Probably the best aspect of the story is the author's descriptiveness, especially with the fight scenes! The occasional illustrations are also a great bonus! All in all, an awesome read. If you like beautifully described tense fantasy/video-game inspired battles in a wuxia-inspired world, this is the story for you!

Pickle Reviews

The MC is on a violent revenge, with ghosts on her side? I’m in. Overall, this is a very good story if you like strong characters on their way to improve. It’s coupled with neat artwork, which are a big plus. The artist the author works with is very good. This was a fun read.

Style/Grammar score: Flawless grammar supports really well-written chapters. There is a good balance between the dialogues and the descriptions. Simple but effective worldbuilding matched with impressive fight scenes. Feels like a GameLit without the boring blue tabs (just one or two), but still heavy system dsecription. The editing is good, professional. Nothing much to say here that the form qualifies to top-standard quality for RR.

Story score: Pushed by fights sequences, the story itself is good. Miwah has to face choices, depending on morals. It’s going in a good direction and we don’t waste time diving directly into the plot. Good world buiding too. GameLit is not my jam but the story was fun anyway so far.

Character score: Miwah is a very interesting MC, more like a twisted magical girl blade- oriented. The story focuses mostly on her, and she delivers. The ghost seems to be quite directive. I’d love to see Miwah stand more. The side characters do shine during their ‘screen time’, a big plus regarding the world building.

Esbe Esi

This novel is not a progression fantasy, it definitelly is not Wuxia novel, a LitRPG elements are so sporadic and so vague that it is essencially pointless to have them.

It, however, is a very good story.

At least a whole Magical Transformation part do make sense in the story as it is essencially a vehicle to give the protagonist, an ordinary girl from isolated village, a power to fight. Occassionally, at least, since power seems to be on the timer, which is an interesting mechanic. Though, overlooked one, with a whole LitRPG genre I would expect timer to tick on the "screen" as the fight goes on, and have skills that extend it, but ... that's not really needed, story do work as it is now, and I enjoy it. It's just not a LitRPG.

Characters are quite likeable, and most of them seem to be quite decent and likeable people. Especially protagonist, Miwah, who despite her original motivation by vengeance strives to do the right thing, and be a good person. It's not even a revenge story. And judging from the artwork attached to this work, girls are quite hot too.

Only despicable people in the story are the villains.

For all intent and purposes this is HEROIC FANTASY. I don't know if there is a tag, but story itself does fit.

Overall, despite all the mislabelling, I quite enjoyed it, and I will continue reading it. I am not quite at the end. But so far, style, grammar, story and character seems good.

Give it a try.


A wonderful tale of, currently, two women finding their power to stand against evil in the world. All the while being followed by a spirit as their guide, a spirit guide!

The story is quite the slow burn, 26~ chapters for the first two days, which may be off-putting to some readers who want a faster progression. The release schedule of 1/day has mostly been kept too as well, only faltering with the last three chapters that were every other day.

There's not much focus onto the stat side of this story, you only see the stats three times in the current 39 chapters, so number crunchers and those who love to see all the numbers may feel disappointed. However, readers who enjoy lite-stats should feel fine in this situation.


Following a third-person perspective, we follow the views of mostly Miwah with some camera panning to the scenary around her. Some inner thoughts are explained to us, though only from Miwah so far, so it seems like a full POV on her and no switching to be had. There are very few time skips, sleep and two walking segments, so nothing is really glossed over.

The stat screens are shown in the typical RoyalRoad tables without much alteration to them. However, it does feel like the full array of stats and skills haven't been shown, so it may expand with time.


As the story is a slow-burn, it has taken quite some time to make any distance in the women's journey. It keeps with the generic weak-strong save the world from evil formula, starting off against thugs and bandits, but where it leads we don't know so far.

The story beats are generally solid with some world-building thrown in every so often, it helps when the two protagonists are from different locales so their conversations explaining where they came from make sense and inform the reader at the same time.

It does feel at times that events are forced, or decisions slip at times to allow for certain scenes to play out to the story and not to what has been shown before, though this is more of a nit-pick.


I noticed quite a few missing letters, some punctuation slip-ups, and even some pronoun misuses within the same sentences. The errors rarely made me lose my place, mostly just the pronoun mishaps, and the average reader should be fine going through the story.


The main characters all feel distinct and are enjoyable to read about, though I do feel that at times their emotions are dialled to an 11 and alter their characters too far away from their base states at times. One of my major gripes is with the spirit which will be explained in spoilers due to containing spoilers.

Yalch is explained to be centuries old, yet acts barely older than a teen at times. He is "cute" and often loud for how old he should be. He even ruins some plans with how low his wisdom is designed that it creates a weird dissonance with his age. He feels like he was made to be the "mascot" of the story, and I have a personal hatred for mascots, so other readers may be able to look past some of his negatives.


Overall, Hidden Beacons, sans the overly long bracket description, was a much better story than I had expected. The magical girl aspects are very minimal, to the point I would hazard to say it shouldn't have that tag in the title, but it may find itself more at home as the story progresses.

I wasn't going to initially review this story, but I enjoyed it to the point I felt it deserved one.

Rhea Bring

Fun and entirely too addicting.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Caught in a Trap

From the very first chapter this story shines through the characters and only grows better from there. It starts with a bang, is easy to read, and grammar was nearly spotless. I've not read many magic girl fictions, but this makes me want to read more.

Now then, main points:

~ Style. Well done with destinctive and vivid discriptions, flowing structure, and very easy read. There were a few chunky sentences, but they were few and detracted little from the story. Overall, it's very good.

~ Story. Addicting. Beware! Once you start, it will be hard to stop. Action is easy to picture and draws you in from the very first chap. Each consecutive chapter flows seamlessly into the next and is a fun binge read.

~ Grammar. Nearly flawless. Great job!

~ Characters. Ahhh, what do I say? I already love them both! Miwah is a perfect mix of flaws and action. Yalch is like a little conscience on her shoulder... but not. You'll see. The little guy is highly fun. Their conversations are enlightening and made me smile more than once. The characters shine in this and really made the entire story for me.

~ Special mention. The depictions are super cool. Really made the characters come to life in my mind. 

Overall, fun read with awesome characters. It's quite humorous at points and made me smile throughout.

Great job and can't wait to read more! 

Anthony and Leisel Volski

More GameLit than LitRPG, Hidden Beacons follows a young seamstress on her journey of revenge. Perhaps 'inadvertently' kidnapped by an unscrupulous clan, Miwah breaks out of the enemy's clutches with the assistance of a ghosty... thing. There is a dark undercurrent that hasn't quite made itself known, but the unnamed maggoty creatures seem like they're about to become a big problem for everyone. Maybe an even bigger problem than the current established Big Baddies.

Style is well defined and battle driven. Only real drawback for me is that some of the fight scenes and descriptions read a little too technical which is a bit world breaking for me. That and a couple slow-paced 'stats' chapters made the story a bit of a slow read in parts.

The story here is reasonably interesting. I don't get into magical girl stuff much but Miwah's unique attitude and Yalch's presence save the story from falling into mediocrity. A girl with newfound powers goes after a band of baddies who've wronged her. This is something I can get behind.

No atrocious grammatical issues here. You might come across the occasional typo or odd phrasing, but these points are easily overlooked.

While the characters portrayed here each have their own unique voice, some of the reactions and interactions fall a little flat to me. While it helps to better define the characters, some of Miwah and Tamma's early interations bother me. Why are perfect strangers always so eager to share their most vulnerable moments with each other?

All in all, the magical girl genre isn't one of my favorites by a long shot, but you can't deny that Hidden Beacons is well written and will definitely find its own dedicated fanbase. Come for Miwah's progression, stay for Yalch.