My Children From Another World

My Children From Another World

by _Glasses

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

With souls and issues from a world very unlike his own, Rakta Velbrun must raise his children right, train their strange abilities, and keep the world from swallowing them whole.

A fantasy tale of a ex-adventurer father taking care of his beloved children in the wake of his wife's death. He must tend with noble politics, new enemies, old allies, and the realization that his children come from a world very unlike his own. 

New chapters infrequently (hopefully I'll get better with that again.)

Cover by KittraMcBriar

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Daddy Slice of life

Reviewed at: Dawn 8

An adventurer with magic becoming a dad and a lord. One of the best slice of life I have ever read! The concept is very original and very well executed.

- Style & Grammar
This is well written, no grammar, syntax nor style issues. The layout is good which makes the text pleasant to read. However, English is not my native language, so I may have missed some things...

- Story
I am a father so this family story touched me, and even tore my heart, during the first chapter. We are immediately concerned with the fate of the children as if we wanted to compensate for the absence of the mother, good job. By the way, what are the children fed with? There is no nanny accompanying them! The functioning of the magic seems diversified and interesting, it gives nvie to know more. The World Building is just like that with many magical species, intriguing noble houses, etc.

- Character
The MC is strong, brave, generous, tortured by the death of his wife, rejected by his family in law, so many things that give him personality and make us identify with him. His love for his children and the way he tells them stories makes him very likable.


Transmigration from the parent's viewpoint

Reviewed at: Dawn 37

Overall: This is a very engaging story about a father taking care of his transmigrated children. It is very slow paced but definitely worth a read.

Style: The style of this story is excellent. It is very descriptive and takes you into the main character's world. I could relate to the character's emotions and actions and the worldbuilding is very good.

Grammar: The grammar is good. I did not spot any obvious mistakes. Note though that I am not a native speaker.

Story: The story is great. It is about Rakta Velbrun, an ex-adventurer and hero in his own way, who has to take care of his children after his wife's death. His children have transmigrated into his world from somewhere else and he has to try to manage that. The story is very slow paced which is why even now the children are at an age where they cannot speak yet. However, the slow pace does not take away from the enjoyment of the story, for me the details make it even better. I like the way we get to know things by showing not telling with some mysteries remaining but never being too lost or confused.

Character: The characters are awesome. They feel very lifelike especially Rakta. Some others got an interlude from their point of view which made them even more real. I can feel with the characters. Only some parts seem kind of weird to me but that does not take away from my enjoyment at all.


Underated Gem; Unique Premise, Beautiful Execution

Reviewed at: Dawn 33

A story of the challenges and adventures of an ex-hero single father in creating a safe home for his beloved reincarnated triplets in a medieval world of magic, monsters and nobles.


Really loving the author's writing style. Concise and descriptive. They don't write wholelong paragraphs full of descriptions instead managing with shorter ones but still able to make the story vivid and immersive. It's the kind of writing where each word matters. Meaning; probably not good for skim-reading but very pleasing and not tiring to read.

The way the scenes are written is very smooth with acts transitioning into each other seamlessly. The thoughts, monologues and flashbacks are also put in short sentences and in a way that would not hamper the movement of the scene. 

The story-telling is also very pleasant in the way that it manages to make the readers empathise and synched to the mood of the scene. There's like this whole mood that shines the story in a warm emotional light that kind of pulls in you in into the story, makes you feel like you're there and gives you the feels straight into your heart.

In short, really emotion-driven and immersive.


So far so f-ing good. The development did justice to the unique premise.

Really love where the story is going and I can really feel it as the conflicts, questions and plot build up. The momentum and development is so far consistent and there's never a boring part in the story.

The elements in it also happens to be of my liking; territory management, family, friendships, politics and fantastical action. Simply superb


Every character is memorable and each have their own personality given their positions of importance within the story. They each interact with the main character and each one move the plot and influence the main character in their own way.

I also love the main character's personality and how it is expressed in the story. The backstories of important characters are also describe in a way that makes readers feel attached and empathise with them. Sometimes instead of a whole story we are just give glimpses that while short in just a few sentences, fleshes out the characters and make them much more 'human' and realistic. In fact, perhaps, it is exactly the brevity and conciseness of it that I find endearing which probably more subjective to the readers themselves.


Some grammatical mistakes and few typos but generally not an issue. 


Now just try reading it and see for yourself. It's really good writing, that I assure you. So even if it's not your cup of tea, it's totally worth the time reading.


Reverse-Isekai of Fatherly Proportions

Reviewed at: Dawn 38

If you're looking for something in the vein of Peerless Dad, look no further.

My Children From Another World follows Rakta as he attempts to care for his children in the wake of their mother's death, dealing with political intrigue and remnants of his heroic past that he would have rather left behind him. Of course, us, informed by knowledge gained from understanding isekai tropes (and, of course, the title) know his children are currently on their second life. That's the gimmick.

However, _Glasses puts a lot of effort in letting readers know that this story, despite riding on the back of isekai tropes, moves several steps away from them. What I was most impressed with, I think, is the setting and worldbuilding, which is woven into the story with an enviable amount of dexterity. The world is slowly introduced, and a more clear picture has emerged as chapters go on. Of particular interest to me are mentions of 'the Mana Wastes', which apparently cause mutations in its inhabitants, and there are other hints of interesting cultures and places that go beyond the cliches that proliferate most fantasy stories. It's hard giving an audience enough exposition without making it too little or too much, and I think a really good job has been done here

Rakta is a strong character; a potent combination of strength and kindness making him likeable, while the culture he lives by make him interesting. Beyond him, his heroic companions and shapeshifter maid are also defined clearly, if with slightly less potency than our Dadly protagonist. The personalities of the reincarnated babies have been laid out as well - which is quite the amazing task, given they're pre-verbal at the moment. Of course, we'll have to see whether they remain as interesting when they begin talking, but the quality of the story promises good things.

Grammar and style are pretty good. I don't have much to say on either of them, beyond the fact that occasionally, there are strange sentences that attempt to combine phrases which could do with a full-stop in between them. It's jarring, but I haven't noticed any cases in the most recent chapters, and it's not really a big issue.

Anyway, My Children From Another World is a very bingeable series that promises to get better as its title characters grow in age. I would check it out, if you're interested in any of what I just wrote.


Quite better than I expected

Reviewed at: Dawn 29

First, confession. For some reason I've been believing that I have to read 40 chapters, but when I finished Dawn 29 I went "What? No more chapters?" and checked the forum thread. So it was 40k words and I went past it lol.

Nevertheless, moving on.

As the review title says, I went in hoping for silver and found gold. The worldbuilding is sufficiently clear without becoming overwhelming infodumps and it was relatively easy to understand what's going on. The story flows fluidly and before I knew it I reached the latest chapter (Dawn 29, as of writing this). Well done.

Style: The story is written in first person view which frankly isn't my favorite, but it still delivers anyway. My only gripe is occasionally it was hard to tell who was speaking. An example is this paragraph from Dawn 27.

“The woman was a hag,” I tensed, “A vile crone from the darkest parts of the forests that promised freedom from illness and death for the people of Alwur. All she asked for in return…was for the Lordess Velbrun to provide her annual tribute.”

I needed to do a double take because it turned out that the lines were spoken by the other person instead of the protagonist. Other than that, the style is fluid and easy to read.

(EDIT) Grammar: I recently had a new personal reviewing policy that grammar score is always full by default unless I notice multiple egregious errors, so now you have a full score in this aspect.

Story & Character: Plot advancement feels a little slow, but I understand that the story as a whole is still in early stages and therefore the focus was more on introductory stuffs. The characters feel unique, each with their own personality, goals, and traits. Heck, even the babies, despite not being able to speak yet, manage to display unique personalities through attitude and actions.

Overall, I say this is a pretty impressive work worth following.


This is a fresh take on the "Destined Heroes" trope.  It is engaging without being trite or superficial.  The relatability of the main character is done well enough that the setting is secondary and the world building needed for fantasy settings can be skipped.

This is a good example of what I like to call speculative fiction.  If this continues as it has, I look forward to more.

Freya Stone

Emotional Excellence

Reviewed at: Dawn 5

I like to think I’ve read a good amount of books both on and off RR. This one is up there with one of my favorites, honestly. It’s a glorious story and one I will most definitely be keeping up with. Thank you, Glasses for giving this to us for free!

Style: 5/5 The story is written in 3rd person perspective/past tense. Those remain consistent throughout, making the story flow incredibly well. Time is broken up with page breaks. There is nothing more needed as the new scene is clearly decipherable with context.

Story: 5/5 It’s tragic and beautiful in ways I wasn’t expecting! The MC is tasked with raising three infants alone. The first step, getting settled in a new home, proves difficult in itself. The hints at lore and exactly how special these children are is laid out in little morsels which build intrigue. It’s an emotional tale that makes you read with your heart as much as your eyes.

Dialogue scenes feel natural and effective. Simple slice of life scenes feel like they build the world and characters perfectly. Fight/tense scenes are well paced and exciting. The balance between all variations of scenes is something I, as a wanna-be author, is envious of. 

Grammar: 5/5 There was nothing I saw that was out of place or immersion breaking. Glasses has clearly taken the time to polish this story. 

Character: 5/5 Rakta, our MC is a strong character. Both mentally and physically. He’s got a great head on his shoulders and an immense sense of duty to his children. He’s brilliantly crafted and in only 5 chapters, I feel like I know exactly who he is.

The children are glorious in their own ways as well. How one makes infants interesting, I don’t know but this is book a master class on it. 

Overall: 5/5 It’s brilliant. That is all. Read it. Please, it’s worth it. Fall in love with the family, like I have!

Also - it should be noted that the cover art is stunning. 


Really good Isekai novel from the perspective of the parent of the Isekaied. The history is interesting and the people have plausible flaws and strenghts, not the Unbreakable mindset. You can their strugles and how they resolve it as the history develops. 

Nice writing and worldbuilding as well. All in all a good novel, the only dowside is the Hiatus and the author always go on them, so i don't know if it will ever be finished. 


Great story, interesting characters, fast pace!

Reviewed at: Dawn 22

I'm honestly shocked that it took me 6+ months to discover the story! Did I miss it when it was a rising star? Was it somehow, cursedly, never arising star? It absolutely should have topped the list for a while!


The story starts with serious drama right from the first chapter, and it keeps things moving. I really think the only negative I have to say about this story is that the author uses the very tried and true method of having there be little things which you're curious about which keep you wanting to read more in order to find answers. Some people don't enjoy being left waiting for answers for too long, and while I feel like the author certainly had some things pay off quickly, there are definitely some questions still on my mind.


But the fact that I care, that I feel a bit of frustration over this, is it testament to the authors skill at weaving a story with interesting characters and interesting events that I've grown invested in. I don't want to say too much about the characters, but the main character is definitely a competent warrior and in my opinion, his overall situation definitely elicits pangs of sympathy from me. I'm eager to see more development with the children, though I understand that this sort of thing is better if it isn't rushed, and several of the supporting characters have also caught my interest. Overall, an excellent cast!


Before I neglect to mention it, the grammar is solid; I have seen a couple very minor typos, but not very frequently. Compared to your average RR work, 5 stars, for sure. Just shy of professional published book level. This is important to me, because poor grammar does take me out of a story. Now, back to the more exciting parts of the review!


This story has hooked me harder than the vast majority of series I have read. It helps that the author has a polished style. They know what to focus on to set the scene, keeping things moving while still giving the reader the right information to picture the scene. It feels like the narration style fits the character, which is an impressive feat which most authors don't pull off this well. And I do want to emphasize quickly, while I may have highlighted how there are some questions which the author is taking their time in answering, the overall flow of the story is fairly fast-paced. The main character (and sometimes his children!) find themselves going from one situation to another with haste in these initial chapters. It's a fast tempo, for sure, with more details about the world and the MC's history being revealed slowly along the way.

So in conclusion, definitely an excellent read! However, if you absolutely, positively cannot stand a little bit of mystery in your story, then this story might drive you crazy. But as for me, I'm hooked.


An Isekai... from the other side

Reviewed at: Dawn 11

Dragged from another world, reincarnated into a place of magic and wonder... This is the story of the father of a triplet of isekai protagonists. With all the apparent trappings of a destined fate of great influence upon the world.

The story is still in its infancy, only 11 chapters as of writing this review, but it shows a great deal of promise. The characters are interesting and whatever plot is happening (despite the protagonist's own wants for peace and quiet) seems to be slowly churning ahead.

There's certainly a past and a world out there, the major and minor characters appear to have been presented for the most part, and I for one can't wait to see where things lead.

If there's a drawback to be had, it's that it feels as if it's rushed, events happen one after the next. It's more of a personal taste than anything else since the narrative will likely slow down once the "true" protagonists of the story have grown into characters worth deeper exploration.

One of my possible concerns is whether the story intends to stick to the adventurer father the whole way or will eventually lead to a PoV switch. Both prospects feel tricky.

In the meantime, I'll sit back and watch as the ex-adventurer father of the (apparent) isekai trio does everything he can to keep them safe.