Solo Apocalypse

Solo Apocalypse

by Unreliable

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic

An event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.

Evahn Wynst was no more prepared for the apocalypse than the next person. When disaster struck, it came swiftly and without warning, turning over the world in a mere instant. Order one moment, chaos the next. In an unfamiliar world, teeming with equal danger and wonder, he will have to find his place amongst the rubble. All while navigating a new and dangerous reality.

Luckily, he's not alone. He had himself. And himself.

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Easy 5 star, sad this isnt the authors priority

Reviewed at: Chapter 36

I only wish it was written even faster.  ha, not that it is too slow, i just cant get enough of it.

I still recommend you check it out.  Just know it is going to be a bit slow going.


not much else to say requires more words so here they are.


So far, some of the best RR has to offer. Congrats to the author!

The story is cerebral. The protagonist thinks through problems and leverages his skills in clever ways. The power jumps are deeply satisfying and well-earned which is something most litrpgs struggle with.

Now I'm annoyed that RR requires each review to be at least 50 words long and I'm inclined to vent. 



Nice good litrpging

Reviewed at: Chapter 42

A well written litrpg with some cool abilities and mysteries to the world, looking forward to reading more of it. The levelling curve feels a bit strange at the moment but I like the way the story is going. I like the action and how it's presented and I believe I will see more epic action in the future.


My favorite story on Royal Road

Reviewed at: Chapter 42

I am really enjoying this author's story and the way skills work and how these clone perspectives are stacking and enhancing to a degree that is not OP.  I would like to see believable romance and how the MC is going to improve.

These skills are one of the power sets I truly enjoy when written well and I think the author is doing really well at this.

Thank you very much!


Great originality

Reviewed at: Chapter 42

Full marks for originality. The first couple chapters felt like a bit of a slog mostly down to personal preference I think but after that the story really hits its stride and been pretty good so far. There's been noticeable character growth so I'm excited to see wheee the author goes with the mc


I like this story,  Pretty well written and coherent with a good premise.  The only negative I see is that it is not real active but hopefully this may change in the future.   The premise of a single individual capable of beiing his own squad explored in a new way. 



I like the characters and world building going on here.  I think the author lacks self confidence but shouldn't.  This story has legs.  Not sure what more to say here, but if you're considering it, give it a chance.  

Having word minimum requirements for a short review is unbelievably dumb and has resulted in this sentence which is a clear waste of everyone's time.

Freya Stone

Monsters and Clones - Oh My!

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

Ooooh! This is a fascinating premise and one I throroughly enjoyed. 

Style: 4.5/5 This story is written in first person perspective - past tense. LitRPG elements are written in bold and clearly stand out on the page. It’s brilliantly written and flows very well. The pacing and descriptions of setting and scenes are, in my opinion, perfectly balanced. If I had one complaint, it’s that sometimes the “I” becomes confusing, because he’s multiple people, but not. Hahaha. I’ve confused myself with it. It’s very clear with Second and Third, but “I” becomes a bit muddled.

Story: 5/5 I love this story. It’s really fun and intriguing. It follows our MC after an apocalypse has struck! There’s gore, tension and fear that bubbles through every scene. The MC has a fascinating skill that seems to be working out in his favor thus far, at least for the most part.

[Never Alone] is a really interesting skill for the Solo class. It says a lot about the independence of our MC and his personality. He’s in an apocalypse, so being alone and not having to rely/aid others is a genuine luxury.

Grammar: 5/5 Nothing to mention here, everything looks flawless to me. The author obviously edited the chapters before posting them. Tis very well written!

Character: 4.5/5 Our MC, or rather MCs are very intelligent. They are working through the world with care and diligence. It’s clear they are on a mission to survive and I’m rooting for them. Evahn(x3) is obviously greatly impacted by what’s going on around him and he’s willing to help who he can, but not at the risk of his own life. It feels like a genuine and authentic reaction to sudden monsters and death surrounding you. I appreciate his perspective in the end of times. My one gripe is that we don’t know a lot about his motivations. He hints at being well versed in trauma, that’s about it. Hopefully we can learn more about what’s pushing him to survive against all odds, maybe when it’s not so tense. Haha. 

Overall: I really enjoyed this story and I think others should give it a chance. It’s a clever story in that the MC and skills/classes seem very interesting to me. The writing is super high quality and easy to binge. Give it a go! 


I, for one, love this story. The system has some originality in how characters acquire their first skills, talents and/or spells. The main character seems to be a solitary individual at heart and his system-granted abilities reflect and encourage this. However, not everything can be accomplished alone and the protagonist appears to struggle to do what is best for himself as well as help what remains of humanity.

 The grammar, as far I've noticed, is impeccable. The characters are believable, each with their own unique abilities. The story is written in first-person and we're given a couple of point of view switches. We haven't got too many details regarding world building yet, so I'm looking forward to what the author has in store there.

 My one complaint is the update speed! It feels like we get one chapter a month, and it doesn't feel like we get much progress in them at all. I have to remind myself that authors got lives outside of providing me entertainment with their creativity, but this snail's pace in a story I'm legitimately enjoying is maddening.

Anyway, best wishes to Unreliable! I'll still be checking my follow list waiting to see Solo Apocalypse's next update.