Solo Apocalypse

Solo Apocalypse

by Unreliable

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic

An event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.

Evahn Wynst was no more prepared for the apocalypse than the next person. When disaster struck, it came swiftly and without warning, turning over the world in a mere instant. Order one moment, chaos the next. In an unfamiliar world, teeming with equal danger and wonder, he will have to find his place amongst the rubble. All while navigating a new and dangerous reality.

Luckily, he's not alone. He had himself. And himself.

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Story worth following

Reviewed at: Chapter 30

Happily surprised by how good this is so far, I feel like the author isn't falling into typical tropes for this Genre. The MC has an interesting power set and I'm enjoying reading how he's using it to his advantage. The writing itself is really well done and feels like a mature author and not a early draft being done online. Looking forward to following this authors future chapters and seen where this goes.


Overall has great promise

Reviewed at: Chapter 23

Style: Easy to read most of the time, there's a few occasions when he uses his power, without it being pointed out and it leaves a little gap in the story, not a huge deal and easy enough to adjust and get used to 

Story: The MC has a unique power that I haven't seen before, and there's even a unique take on said power which is nice. Decent progression, maybe slightly fast paced but I can see it slowing down in the future. Not much has been reveled of the major plot yet but overall it's entertaining and keeps you reading.

Grammer: I haven't noticed any mistakes, it's pretty clean and well written. 

Charecter: MC has good development, great to see how he changes and adjust as things happen to him. Gonna be real interesting to see how he turns out a couple 100 chapters down the road from now. Haven't seen much development of the side characters. But considering this is a 'solo' story, it's almost fitting. 

Overall a pretty nice story that keeps you reading, not as good as some of the titans of this site but it's definitely up there. Makes me excited to see where the story goes. 


Flawless concept, flawed execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 33

"Solo Apocalypse" has an excellent premise and power structure, at least in the MC's case. Unfortunately, (beyond perfect English) that's all it has that can hold water at this point in time.

The author's writing style in isolation is interesting, easy to read, and descriptive. There is no issue with grammar. Sadly, perhaps owing to short chapter lengths and possible inexperience, the story feels stilted and pacing irregular. The characters, beyond the mc Evahn, are not fleshed out at all and feel like little more than cardboard cutouts. We spend too much time in Evahn's head(s).

Ironically, despite his recent gain of Telepathy.


Even he comes across as forced sometimes, returning to previous monologues over and over again. He does not speak of much of his past beyond dead parents and anger issues.

Evahn, despite the title of the story, desperately needs a supporting character to interact with. His selves are too melded to serve as good conversationalists...

In fact, I'm starting to think the author forgot a plot point issued fairly early on, where he left First with a group of survivors.


This story has some incredible potential; so much so I'm continuing to read it despite an inability to immerse myself in it. I want to know these characters better, I want to see Evahn push his hivemind to the limit. The pacing just doesn't let me. The hook is there, but there's no pull.

I hope to continue to see the author develop their skills as the story continues.


Going in, the title is underwhelming and misleads you into thinking this is just another one of the cookie cutter system apocalypse stories. But my experience so far has been anything but. There's this magnificence to the setting that sends you into a completely changed earth and it draws you in to understand more of what's changed while following an honestly relatable main character with unique and interesting abilities.

Nothing over powered but more well tailored. The side characters are well fleshed out and the mc feels the loss when one dies. There's actual trauma that comes from our mc interacting with this new world. You feel the change as events mold him and influence him into becoming more, or lesser for his choices. Really looking forward to reading more and understanding our mc and his new world. the grammar is decent but there are small errors here and there.

Overall this is a story that will have you constantly coming back for more, it will give you a new perspective into surviving and leave you questioning whether you could make the same hard choices as our mc. Seriously a diamond hidden with a cheesy cookie cutter title.  

Looking forward to more chapters, keep up the good work author.

Unholy Knight

I love it. The concept of his skills, his training montages against himself, his struggles, the vivid description of the gore, blood, etc. I can definitely see him as some kind of one man army in the future, and I can't wait to see that day.

I'll make a more helpful, advanced review later. Peace out.


Cookie-cutter setting with monotonous narrative

Reviewed at: Chapter 31

TL;DR The concept of the Solo class is fun, yet the execution of the story itself leaves a lot to be desired due to a dreadfully boring main character.

It's a cookie-cutter fantasy setting where the MC gets a powerful class and eveyrone around him acts like a clueless moron, NPC, or both.

The Story gets 2 stars because of the novelty of the class, and not rehashing the warrior, mage, rogue, healer archetype. Still, even though a Solo class is a novelty, there is nothing else distinguishing the story from other LitRPG apocalypse fantasies. I will not demand perfect story beats from an RR story, but at least give us something to draw the audience in.

For Style, it is a little trickier. The narrative is downright atrocious. Evahn, the MC, is our narrator, and his descriptions leave a lot to be desired. They are not so much unreliable as barren, and his view of the world does not elicit any emotion except for a feeling of monotony. There is nothing truly driving the main character onward and it can be felt in how he describes everything around him. Nobody truly wants to read about a husk of a human surviving an apocalypse.

Since Evahn spends most of his time alone, and since this is a story written in first person, his monotonous character does not carry enough weight to make me turn the page. The dialogue with other characters, when it comes, is also shaky at best and should have been cut and told in narrative at worst.

There are some misspelt and missing words, but nothing too major, so grammar gets 4 stars. It gets much better in latest chapters.

Overall, I leave 2,5 stars because of how the rating system works on RR, expecting that the author is an amateur and because the story is free. The rating on amazon would be much lower. All the best to the author.


I always review things based on enjoyability, ans this is one of few stories that is really enjoyable to me, thus a 5 star review. Only thing that was a slight minus in my books was the use of a hive mind tree type enemy, it's quite common to see these types in fantasy books and I'd love to see some more diverse enemies !


I am really enjoying this story so far. I wasn't sure how clone powers would come across.  They've always tended to be used by minor and/or unsavoury characters in fiction I've experienced before. I can happily say that this is a great new twist on it, seems fairly balanced at the moment too with significant drawbacks to counter the benefits. Will be carrying on reading this story and very much anticipate it's future.


Incredible potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 24

This is an apocalypse Litrpg, though much more extreme than some others, here there are barely any survivors and our main character has a very unique ability, which enables us to have multiple povs of the same person.

The style is unique because of the pov situation and the handling of the apocalypse. Some novels treat it like a pretty clear distinction between the pre- and post-apocalypse with the survivors having adapted quite quickly, at the moment it is still at the beginning, so that might still be the case.

Which brings us to the next point and the point where it might fail, or might succeed. The story is slow going, at least at the moment, with barely any days having passed.

Because of this character interaction was pretty sparse in the early chapter outside of the Mc talking to himself. At the moment it all looks good though. Another thing which might make or break this story is power progression. At the moment the MC has rightfully aquired a great deal of power, but how will it be in the future? 

The short chapters are also somewhat of a problem, though a minor and personal one, because I prefer longer chapters with more time between them, instead of short daily chapters.

The grammar had a few hiccups but was otherwise good.

All in all a very nice read with a bright future ahead, as long as it gets regularly updated I don't doubt it will be popular here. It reminds me of 'The Primal Hunter' a little.


One of the better stories in the genre so far.

Reviewed at: Chapter 29

I enjoy how the MC reacts to the trauma of an apocalypse. Seems more realistic than just immediately getting into min max gamer mode.

I can't wait to see more from the author and hope to see this story stay on the front page for a long time to come.


I need to have fifty words so I'm definitely rambling.